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  1. I have various assets in Mexico, such as houses, which I want to leave to m y Mexican family. I am going though a notario to do this and all seems straightforwrd.  I also have a home in the US, in W. Va., which I want to leave to my biological childen in the US. The notario advises me also to have a US  will dealing specifically with this house. I presume that I need to get a will under W.Va. law for the house only and make sure it does not revoke all previous wills, which might mean the Mexican will. I can't be the first person Lakeside to have this situation. If anyone can tell me anything that I might need to do, I would much appreciate it.





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  2. Iwould like to buy an Alexa Echo and use it to listen to Amazon music here in Ajijic. In the States by subscribing to Amazon Prime you get Alexa access to Amazon music. I have read online that Amazon now allows streaming videos in Mexico. Id this true? And is Alexa access to Amazon music now possible?


    Many thanks.

  3. I have the twelve-/inch iPad and have found it to be nothing but trouble, odd since my previous iPad and two iPhones have been flawless. The chief problem is that I am visually impaired, PC for  half/blind, and need the magnifier. Frequently the screen freezes up and will not magnify. If I wait fifteen or twenty seconds often it will again work. At other times the screen does not freeze but the magnifier does not work. This and similar problems makes a large investment nearly worthless. Does anyone know about this?

    I bought the thing at Apple in Guad, it did the same things, I took it back under warranty and they gave me what was obviously not a new iPad but a different one, and it is doing the same things. 

    I communicated with Bob Mitchell who suggested a workaround that sometimes helps but usually does not.



  4. I have reset a couple of time, both by button/pushing and going to iTunes. Didn't  help. On the web I find that many people have the same problem. Since it occurs on two iPads with widely different serial numbers, a manufacturing slip/up seems unlikely. That leaves either a badly written OS, which Apple would have fixed by now, or bad hardware design. My previous iPad, the nine-incher, worked flawlessly.

  5. My iPad of some years having been stolen, I bought the 12.9 inch iPad at the Apple store in Plaza Galerias. Although I knew that extended warranties were usually not worth the price, I nonetheless bought the Apple warranty, Apple Care I think it was called. I expected the new iPad to be like my old iPad but larger. On using it, I discovered that the screen frequently froze and that on-screen buttons often did not work.

    I took it back to Apple, which kept it for several days to run diagnostics. They then gave me what they said was a new iPad, though it had no box or documentation. It also froze up often. Given that I need to use the magnifier frequently, this freezing makes it almost worthless.

    Two questions: Does anyone know anything about the screen-freezing problem? Apple has usually made good products. I am surprised by this.

    Second, has anyone encountered problems of honesty at the store? The extended warranty is tied to serial number, and of course the “new” iPad, which clearly isn't, has another serial number. This is clearly unethical.

    Thanks for any information anyone can give me.

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