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  1. Deposits in the US are insured by the gub'mint. Wells Fargo didn't just steal the people's money right out of their accounts, as happens frequently in Mexico.
  2. "P.S.I am sure I was a target driving an expensive very fast import" Ya'think?
  3. "Is that a euphemism for die?" It's a reference to the Monty Python dead parrot skit.
  4. The only thing you can do if you have squirrel problems is to make one of those videos showing how smart squirrels are.
  5. Well, I wondered how a notice for found dishes would get 33 responses.
  6. Look closely and you can see Federales in uniform filling up their buckets along with everyone else.
  7. If they are disbanded and a new plan is formed, the rules for either will be out the window.
  8. Combining IMSS and SP is like tying two rocks together because you think then it will float.
  9. Here's the conversation every time there is a new administration: Incoming Pres/Gob/Mayor/whatever -- "We are going to crack down on all corruption! No more!" Outgoing etc. -- "Sir, do you have an idea just how much money you can get?" Incoming etc. -- "Never mind"
  10. You pays your money and you takes your chances. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/you_pays_your_money_and_you_takes_your_choice
  11. Did you read the OP's post? How else would you describe it?
  12. So a 660 pesos hotel in Mexico City was not up to 4-star standards. Hmm. Who'da thunk it?
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