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  1. This thread would be half as long if the only posts were anwering the OP's question.
  2. "Evangelists in indigenous villages refuse to pay ." Kudos to those people. Maybe if enough people struggle into the 20th (yes, I said 20th) century this "charming custom" will go away. Along with burning witches, magical potions, etc.
  3. I'm not talking about any original intent from 500 years ago. Do people really get up at 3 in the morning to go to church just because there's explosions all night?
  4. Fireworks are those colorful things in the sky. This is just noise.
  5. If the OP came from US or Canada, no. Not even close.
  6. "Why does this job even exist in this day and age. Would it help if this Gringo instructed his contractor to order rocks already broken to size. But would this mean the Peon then has no work?" Where do I start? There is no such thing in Mexico as a giant machine whose only purpose is to break big rocks into small rocks, in order by size and shape. Understanding that, how do you think the rocks will be broken so the contractor can order them by size, etc.? Probably the same guy who is breaking the rocks on the job site will be somewhere else breaking rocks to be shipped.
  7. Assuming that your bank will accept a 18K dollars charge for a used car in Mexico, they probably won't act as a guarantee the way you want. One top of that, the seller would have to pay a 3 per cent or so fee to the credit card company, so, no, it's not going to happen.
  8. I'm way late to this conversation, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? No, they don't call, they don't text, they don't show up. It's all part of that wonderful Mexican culture I keep hearing so much about.
  9. Fax? Just because it was fro 11 years ago doesn't mean you have to respond in kind.
  10. Deposits in the US are insured by the gub'mint. Wells Fargo didn't just steal the people's money right out of their accounts, as happens frequently in Mexico.
  11. "P.S.I am sure I was a target driving an expensive very fast import" Ya'think?
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