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  1. Seems like if you have been doing everything you can to avoid COVID, you wouldn't catch the flu.
  2. Yikes. I stand corrected. My Ludditemobile doesn't have such a new-fangled device.
  3. You have batteries on your tires? Fan-cee.
  4. You'll still get a pocketful of 5 peso coins as change.
  5. A history of deadly pandemics throughout history. Make of it what you will. https://digg.com/2020/most-deadly-pandemics-death-toll-coronavirus-visualized?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email
  6. Driving a car around in the US with Jalisco plates is going to be noticed by the local police. They're smarter than you think and after a while you'll be getting stopped with questions about the plates. At the least.
  7. If your car was built to conform to all (ALL) US standards, that will be a good start. But you better be able to prove it. I brought a car in from Canada and it took two days, much paperwork and phone calls, fees, duties, etc. I can only imagine what it will be like bringing a Mexican car in.
  8. My old modem was showing signs of trouble, so I went on Mercado Libre and ordered a new one. Turns out I ordered a fiber optic modem. It has the jack for the phone line to plug into, and also a skinny one for the fiber optic which I don't have. Seems like it should work with the phone line plugged in, but no. The "internet" light does not light up and the laptop can't find it. Is this thing supposed to work with or without fiber optic or did I just waste 12 bucks. That's American, so it's pretty serious money. BTW, I know it's supposed to be "fibre". I'm not French. Anyhow, anyone has ex
  9. I will be flying into MEX via Aeromexico, should be landing at terminal 2. I think. I only have a one hour layover (I hate that) to board my international flight to JFK. Should also be terminal 2. I think. Is there an immigration desk there and where is it? Any help is appreciated.
  10. I thought IMSS got rolled into AMLO's new master health care plan.
  11. This thread would be half as long if the only posts were anwering the OP's question.
  12. "Evangelists in indigenous villages refuse to pay ." Kudos to those people. Maybe if enough people struggle into the 20th (yes, I said 20th) century this "charming custom" will go away. Along with burning witches, magical potions, etc.
  13. I'm not talking about any original intent from 500 years ago. Do people really get up at 3 in the morning to go to church just because there's explosions all night?
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