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  1. jrod...thanks for your post. I am observing everything Charley does and have set a goal to make up my mind this weekend. I am learning toward the SitCo medium chair which would allow Charley to squat and lie down. Check out the YT videos if you have time. I will let you know this weekend what I decide and promise to keep you posted. Thanks for your support and interest.
  2. Thanks for the link. Charley only has one back leg and that is very unstable. She is unable to go on walks now and has difficulty going up and down the back steps. Does your dog have both legs?
  3. My 7 year old rescue Boxer has just been diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and I am doing research on dog wheelchairs. To complicate things, she has only 1 rear leg so her ability to continue to use the one rear leg is rapidly declining. If you have a dog in a wheelchair would you please PM or respond to this post and give me any thoughts or information or your experience with them? Charley and I would appreciate your help.
  4. A lot of the photos are terrible. In a bedroom there is a photo of a bed. Who is buying a bed? In the search engine there is a keyword box. If you click on the listing and find the name of the property and then search by that name is does not work. The whole thing needs a re-work. With the growing RE market here it does seem someone would get on board and find a way to remedy this mess.
  5. I have been here a long time and i do know some realtors that are very conscientious and serve their clients well. Then then there are those that are retired folks and do RE between games of golf. The listing company of the property is one of those companies that takes forever to get anything done.
  6. MLS is awful here. Their search menu is a joke.
  7. About two weeks ago a house down the street from me went up for sale in West Ajijic. The listing has not appeared on the realtors website nor is it on MLS. Does it always take this long to get the listing up? If I were an owner I would be upset.
  8. I like him. Very professional. Took time to explain things to me. Speaks English. I ended up having two injections and it was handled with great care. They have a sterile room where you suit up to prevent any contamination and the doctor explained the procedure step by step. I was impressed by the extent of caution in preventing any contamination that would effect my eyes. Having had an awful experience having an injection in a local doctor's office this was a huge relief to find a doctor with such high standards.I will continue to see him.
  9. I have an appointment with him in about two hours. Will give you a report. It is my fist visit with him.
  10. I have had this happen 3 or 4 times. Now I usually have someone go with me and stand there while my groceries are bagged. Twice i took my receipt back and talked to the cashier used but she denied it and said there was noting they could do.
  11. The US Consulate web page with the passport renewal services in Ajijic has been down since last Thursday. After trying to call them it seems that they will not let the computer put a call through to a live person with a question about passports. I need to know to whom the bank check should be made out to by the local bank. I know the amount and that it has to be in US dollars. I just do not know who. Has anyone a record of the name of the payee so I can get a check cut tomorrow? Thank you.
  12. There is a man who sells poultry at the tianguis in Joco.
  13. I am under the care of Dr. Rios. I wanted to talk with him about the drops. Thanks for the info.
  14. Some time ago someone posted the name of eye drops that would shrink or prevent cataracts. I have run a search but cannot find the post. If anyone is familiar with this please post. Thank you.
  15. Do you know how to apply for a HAM radio operator license for a native Mexican in Mexico? Thanks.
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