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  1. We just arrived and are interested in basket weaving and pottery. Are you still having class?
  2. I am new in Mexico and use translategoogle for all my needs. It goes both ways, translate from English to Spanish or reverse. Just put in the language you need after you open it and it works like a charm and even has a button to press to HEAR the words. Excellent. In your search bar, just put in translate google. K
  3. Holla! I would like to recommend Linda Oropeza in Lake Chapala area for teaching Spanish. She also speaks perfect English and French and very personable and easy to work with. She will teach at the level you need. I am a beginner and go twice a week and am studying colors, numbers and verbs. She also has conversational Spanish. She lives a few blocks from the bus station in Chapala. Her business phone: 376-756-3772. K
  4. My ATM card is not working when I swipe it at the ATM. I need to go into the bank and speak to someone who can speak English. Who do you suggest and which bank? I am right in Lake Chapala by Beer Garden. All help is appreciated!
  5. Bank that speaks english in Chapala

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