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  1. we got ours in one morning about 30 minutes,,,,but hired a mexican guy $150 pesos per hour to speak for us as our spanish is limited. Took Passport, perm. visa, proof of residence CFE bill and thats about it. Paid nothing except to the guy. If you want his email I can send.. He helps gringos with things like this.
  2. ok, thank you so very much,,,no we dont need a space at the rv park,,,we were thinking to open one but researching. Thanks so much
  3. ok thank you so much everyone for all the world of information...this is so different from when i was young and had to go to the nearest library and who know if you could find the information we needed....thanks about the rv park. I was curious if 50 amp were even available....
  4. ok, thank you so very very much. I am going to give it a try. Thank you so so much as we have to go and come to the states and lately Mrs. GPS is nuts !!!
  5. wow, thanks Ron. We have a Garmin GPS with Mexico maps and lately it has been wrong so i was figuring i need to update it. Well, i was told i had to contact Garmin and pay $100US to do that. But others have said i can do it myself....i am not techno savvy so I have not done it. Thank you for the encouragement. I am going to try it. It sounds like you have a RV.? Do you think an RV park would do well at Lakeside? Just curious
  6. My husband is an excellent counselor,,,,he can tell you his credentials if you are interested. Weve been married 34 years and i dont know a better listener, loving and kind friend. 332 116 0389
  7. ok, great, yes my husband always says you get what you pay for....my husband is nicknamed Sputnik because he will be 60 this year and born that year.....wow that you watched it !!!
  8. hello pappysmarket,,,,penny wise, pound foolish? Ive heard alot of sayings but never that one....what does it mean??
  9. ok, thanks to everyone for all the valuable information. I really appreciate it. It was so helpful.
  10. ok, thank you very much....ishop referred me to one in Riberas $1900 pesos,,,,,so i screamed all the way to chapala and found one there across from spencer the lawyer for $900, made and appointment but will continue to look for one cheaper
  11. Does anyone know where a notary Public is to verify my signature? I know a Notario here is a lawyer but a notary to notarize documents is different. And also, has anyone had any experience with a notary not being accepted in the U.S. with his seal on a document? Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  12. you may already know this so forgive me if you do.....we have been told that to find alot cheaper land,,,,ask around with the mexican community....many of them when they want to sell will not even put up a sign but are willing to sell...if land has a realtor sign usually it is marketed to "gringos" to get bigger bucks for it. We found our house that way and got a real deal 68K US.....
  13. oh my goodness,,,that is hilarious !!!
  14. yes, dont know if its true but i heard that more guadalajarans are moving into lake chapala area than gringos right now..
  15. wow, thats interesting....ok, thanks
  16. REC thank you so very much for all those considerations. Buying insurance is very new to us so I am definately learning. I really appreciate you taking the time out to write all that to us !!! KYLE did you buy the one that has the $3 million US for each illness?
  17. ok thanks Natasha,,,ive heard good things about him too...thanks
  18. ok thanks Natasha,,,ive heard good things about him too...thanks
  19. great advice JBearll,,,,,I will do just that....thank you
  20. Thank you so so much Chillin and El Saltos....I really appreciate all that information. I wrote it all down and will inquire. Went to the GNP english website and they have many policies to choose from. Im starting to do my research. It is so great to have you all lots of advice. thanks !!
  21. have been reading alot and the average cost of a bypass heart surgery in the US is from $80,00 - $250,000. US In Mexico mostly under $80,000US....so why do I need a policy that pays up to $3million US?
  22. have had very very very little experience buying health insurance as could not afford in the U.S. But common sense tells me just like a car salesman, will try to sell you the most expensive first?
  23. no the $220 monthly premiums is US dollars and the $3million that they will pay up to for each illness is US dollars
  24. yes, we watched a youtube video and that is what it said to do
  25. Need advice from people who have been here longer than us and have been to the hospital. We are looking into private insurance, GNP, old establlished Mexican private insurance. Premiums $220US per month for $3 Million coverage for each catastrophic illness. Just seems $3 million is alot for Mexico? We are 59 and 62 and in good health. What about 2million or even 1million? If anyone has input, it would be greatly appreciated !!
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