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  1. bought a chicken the other day,,,,smelled really really bad,,,,went and told the employee.....i needed another one so asked to tear open and smell...it was fresh,,,,but it is turning me off buying chickens there unless it is the package of pilgrams pride frozen breasts. Anyway, where is the place you all talking about next to S&S auto??? Do they sell raw whole chickens??? thanks
  2. Also, there is a little computer store next to Tepehua Treasures, the Bazaar in Riberas on the lake side of the Caraterra. His name is Rueban. He is a gringo but also speaks spanish. He is great as far as I can tell as he has repaired our computer and seems to be very knowledgable.
  3. thank you RickS....i guess i ought to read the dates....lol....thank you
  4. Hi Andi: We have a very very large service german shepherd and now a little street dog. Every 3 months for the past 3 years we have had to make the trip to texas. We have never once been asked to show our papers regarding the dogs. Not even the mexican one when entering the U.S. But of course we could in the future. We have stayed many times in the No Tell hotels which some are very very nice. We pull in far enough away from the office go in and pay then pull into the garage. Some people have even seen our dogs but have not said anything. Yes, Mexico is a little more challanging traveling with dogs but like the above post mentioned, things are changing.
  5. El Bazaar, in Riberas, next to Computer store on South side, just west of Tepehua Treasures
  6. I didnt see Todo Bueno on north side of Careterra in riberas, next door to hammers and just west of S&S Auto. Great Prices
  7. si pollo polvo es muy rico !!!! (dont know if i said that right, just practicing,,,je je)
  8. oh thank you so much everyone...some of you are hilarious.....im looking for a 4 wheeler, or cuatrimoto....Chris Gruenwald i was trying to call you but im still "dumb" about the phones. From my home phone, i tried to dial your number and it was a recording.
  9. I am looking for a used 4 wheeler. Any suggestions of where to look? Thank you so much in advance for any advice
  10. id never been stung or bit by anything until a few years ago i was stung on the finger by a wasp. hurt like heck and remembered id read about apple cider vinegar extracting or diluting the venom. so immediately submerged my finger in the vinegar and immediately the pain was gone !!! Dont know if it will work for a scorpion but i have it in the fridge just in case. Thanks for the heads up about the Cynoff. Im getting some today.
  11. sputnik

    Need Basil

    I have a HUGE plant in my yard and cannot possibly use it all. You can have as much as you want. boswelltb@yahoo.com I get out every day and could meet you and give it to you. I live in Riberas
  12. Bazaars, garage sales with truly garage sale prices. No wonder the mexicans in Texas love our garage sales and thrift stores there. Here it seems you pay "new" prices for "used" stuff. But I can live with it because I'd still rather live here, its a wonderful place.
  13. a place i can go at 5am like McD to drink coffee
  14. what is her limit on rent payment as i know of a place im thinking it is around $700 US
  15. oh wow, thank you so very much for all the valuable information and the photos !!!! Everything helped alot.
  16. Please give advice and thank you in advance. Ready to buy a washing machine. Can anyone tell me what water filter to buy, not for entire house but just for washing machine. And where to buy it? Thanks so very much
  17. Does anyone know where a notary Public is to verify my signature? I know a Notario here is a lawyer but a notary to notarize documents is different. And also, has anyone had any experience with a notary not being accepted in the U.S. with his seal on a document? Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  18. weve crossed many times, have used the no tell motels but never know what you get. We have two dogs. Have stayed at Las Palmas in Matehuala three times, 2 sneeking in dogs. BUT yesterday tired of sneeking. Told lady have service dog and another. She told a guy we have "macotes" Pets and where to put us? He said in the back. It is wonderful, park car right by door, garden right behind you. Another couple from U.S. had a big Labrador, Not a service dog!!! So evidently recently they allow them. $56 US. More then the no tell motels but you know what you are getting. Also Walmart right across the street.
  19. im really not trying to be sarcastic....but you wanted a "definitive' answer. I dont think "definitive" is in the spanish language. That is why i love Mexico !!!
  20. Dont know why they care about foreign cars when mexican laws are optional. We asked two policemen why so many mexican cars dont have current registration. They simple said "ellos no hacen" and they were not giving anyone a ticket. We are permanent residents and bought a new mexican car. The dealership said the registration each year is "optional". You dont have to do it if you dont want to !!.....so funny....who would WANT to pay taxes?!!! haaaa......
  21. yes, talk to Andre Bellon....he is highly recommended and sells one of the best insurance policies in Mexico. He is also a diabetic. It would be worth at least talking to him. We have heard great things about the other people that are mentioned on this board.
  22. my husband and I for years even in the U.S. sleep with one of those "box square fans" walmart about $15 US. there is a low speed, medium and high. It works as "white noise" We live in Riberas fairly close to an event center....when the music is loud we simply turn the fan to the high, face it to the wall so it doesnt blow right on us and we dont hear a THING !!!! Sleep like babies !!!! Especially if we put it close to the bed and our ears.
  23. debbie. The young mexicans told us this many years ago and this is what we do. They send money down here all the time to their family and trust me they know the cheapest ways. We did this for 2 years while we lived in the states and sent money here to the workers to finish our house. Never ever a problem, unless Santander bank runs out of money,,,ha ha...can send to Elektra too but Walmart has been much much easier...they always have money... There are online money sends....we used Xoom for many years, now have switched to Remitly because it gives a better exchange rate. You can use Economy (18.66 exchange rate at walmart in 3 days) or Express (18.55 at walmart in seconds). Sending $400 and below is a fee of $4.99. Sending $500 and above there is no fee at all. The maximum you can send is $800 U.S. per day. Sending It is so easy to set up. Just send from your husband, an address in the U.S. and a bank or credit union there and send to you and type in an address here. Or vise versa When you go in to pick up the money, you take your passport, the Reference number that they send you online and write down your Mexican address. And Walmart has alot better hours than the banks. People can say negative things about Walmart, but it has been a blessing for us. It is so easy, have been using it for 6 years. If you want to use it and have any more questions, feel free to contact me
  24. Tom Bien,,,we live in Chapala,,,,6 years,,,have had tmobile 7 years,,,kept it because have to go to states alot and are helping son with phone service...yes, tmobile has great prices compared to verizon and At&T.....their satilites are not as good as At&T but they are getting better. When we are here in mexico sometimes calls get dropped or dont go through so we just try again. Yes we love all the free calls and text to canada and the U.S. Our 7 yr customer service experience with them is so much better than any other cell service.
  25. yes, we know Luzma too. But met her after used other guy. She is so nice !!
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