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  1. we used xoom for years to get money every month from our U.S. bank to walmart here in mexico or you can have it sent to Elektra or a bank here. Walmart is great as they have a higher limit or elektra....the banks have too much red tape and long lines. Anyway, we switched to REMITLY recently because they usually have a better exchange rate. It has worked great for us. That is how we pay bills and buy groceries because using a debit card always charges us and international fee
  2. So funny, every 3-4 months for the past 3 years we have had to return to the U.S. to care for mother. So weve crossed about 15 times. Before we had our permanent of course we did it differently but when we learned that with our Permanent visa we MUST go into the INM before crossing and have them sign the paperwork being careful to write PERMANENT on the paperwork, then when return to Mexico to return that paperwork or we could LOOSE Permanent status. Well, we had to go in December in an emergency rush as mother in law needed us. Got in long line in car to cross at Reynosa on a friday night,,,,yuk...and thought oh well we just wont do it right this time. Family health was too important. So when we returned back to mexico we went into INM and explained that we didnt do the proper paperwork, apologized and asked if they could show in the computer that we had returned to Mexico and would we loose our permanent status? The guy in charge said "the only way you can loose your permanent status is if you commit a terrible crime" and "you dont have to stop each time and do paperwork. The green Permanent card allows you to move back and forth across the border freely". So, we did ask him to stamp our passports to show we had returned which he did. So.......does anyone have any input on this? Or is it just like in the U.S. govt employees dont communicate with each other and no one really knows what the rules are?
  3. wonderful, thank you so very much CHILLIN and SM1MEX. that was so very helpful and we will make an appointment.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good Internist. I think i cannot tolerate gluten with the physical effects i am experiencing. A doctor that leans more towards natural and alternative medicine would be good too, as i dont want to have pills thrown at me, which has already happened, an antibiotic that did nothing, I just thought if its possible to diagnose it for sure, The diet is working somewhat but thought it would be good to get a "professional" opinion. I did a search here and didnt find anything, so if anyone has any input i would be so very grateful !!!
  5. yes i totally agree and yes I am a "mattress" person....lol...i only have a very small amount in multiva for a certain reason....i dont like banks and never have.....
  6. yes, it seems to be for the common Mexican. Maybe that is why they offer no fees, which is the way it should be. Yea for the common man. Imagine telling our forefathers that when they work, they need to go give their money to someone else to hold for them. Then when they want to go get some of their money to use they will have to pay the person to use their OWN money....crazy...but a fact we "modern gullible" people have grown use to......(you can probably guess i feel the same way about insurance)....and i do use both institutions so i guess Im one of the "gullible"....lol
  7. yes, we loved them and went in to open an acct. Their computer would take my husbands passport but they tried many times to enter mine. It would never take it and they dont know why. They were so sorry. So we had to go to Multiva. Anyway, we may try again later.
  8. ok, great i have looked there but not alot so will keep looking. Thanks
  9. ok, thank you very much everyone. I really appreciate it.
  10. I know Guadalajara has several big Used car lots. Can anyone recommend one? Need a small used VW pick up or Nissan, totota or other. Thanks in advance
  11. we just ate there today on the way home....quesedilla, sausage and chicken are delicous...the gate was open...no charge...maybe because it was saturday....we ate one other time....gate was open
  12. i have telcel and everyone in the states call me fine. And if they cannot they can always download WHATS APP and call all over the world for fee
  13. I have a widow friend who is looking for a rental in Chapala because it is cheaper. Can you tell me where i can find Ronnie and his list of rentals? thanks so much
  14. Yes, a good difference in price. This one Matias was highly recommended by my good middle class mexican lady friend...I dont know about regulations but she just gave me his number and I called him. He was here at the house in riberas right on time, got us there in about 35 min. knew ALL the potholes as goes alot. We paid him when he let us out. We always tip. He has a young family and works hard. Even takes people to PV, Mazatlan, far places. Has another car and has another driver. Then when we landed back early we texted him and he came early. We probably could have just grabbed a taxi at the airport to come back and not waited for him, but we are "capitalists" lol and like to promote new businesses.
  15. went just yesterday. Taxi in Chapala quoted $350 from Chapala. Got an uber, $300 but we gave him $400. took us and picked us up in Riberas. Great guy, speaks enough english. If you want his name ill pm you. Family guy worked in computers in GDL 17 years, wanted to get out of the city. Brought family to Chapala. Has 2 good cars. Gets you there fast, put tell him to slow down if you dont like fast. He even came early when our plane landed sooner.
  16. oh forgot to tell you ....it is Bellon, Andre Bellon in Riberas, speaks english. We had heard good things about him and so far they are true.
  17. Satisfied absolutely. We have GNP, one of the best with the best hospitals and choice of doctors, even covers accidents in the U.S. only one deductable per illness. $220 US. per month, age 59 and 63. If something happens we just call the insurance agent, he makes all the calls for us even goes to Guadalajara with us to arrange everything. Have not had major problems yet. But know first hand the quality. Had eye lenses replaced in the states. Saw doctor for 2 minutes before surgery. Husband had done here in GDL, doctor spent 2 hours with him talking and explaining, gave cell. Spent considerable time taking prescription for eyes. Cost one third the cost of mine in the states and he can see MUCH better !!
  18. There is also a lady who sells essential oils in both chapala and ajijic tiangus. There is also a store in chapala, alot cheaper than reiberas. I think spraying apple cider vinegar will kill it too and alot cheaper
  19. ok...cool....thank you I didnt know that....thanks again
  20. Lost my keys this morning, Friday November 17th on the small malecon before coming into Chapala. If anyone finds them i would be so very grateful. 332-055-6255
  21. ours sure is not expensive. August last year we went down and paid $1800 because we knew we would be in the states caring for my mom for 5 months.....it has been a year and 2 months and our balance is still 0......
  22. Tom and Jan, This is Terry and Barbara....Sooooooo happy for you, yes Rocky is a special dog !!!
  23. RV Gringo yes you are good !!!! You know this place like the back of your hand. I was just there today passed by and told myself to remember the name,,,,je je
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