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  1. Jimenez Construction 331 048 5343 speaks alot of english but if want total english Call Ernesto at 331 267 9364, Chuy Jimenez built the house next to us from raw land. He does it all, plumbing, electricity, solar everything. It is a family business with over 50 years experience. Has done alot of work for me also. A personal friend so i will confirm his honesty and integrity, short lunches, no breaks, long hours and always cleans up afterwards. If you have any questions about him you can call me. 331 055 6255
  2. I am in Riberas, use Telmex, speed of 7, teach english online to chinese children. They require speed of 20 but a little less might do. So sorry i dont know the download and upload speed. I heard about a new fibre optic internet coming?
  3. I work online and need a faster internet, about 20. Does anyone know of a new high speed internet company? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know of someone that does U.S. taxes? A phone number or email would be great. Thanks so much
  5. It is amazing, no matter what the written law is, no one seems to agree. At the border we were concerned about loosing our "permanente" status as mother was sick in states and did not cross correctly. The officer when returning said and I quote: "the ONLY way you will loose your Permanent status is if you commit a horrible crime"...so who knows???......As they say "laws in the U.S are LAWS, but laws in Mexico are OPTIONAL...." ha ha
  6. All of your input is so very helpful. thank you so very much. That all helped alot !!!
  7. Just getting ideas as what to pay a landscaper, Im sure it is different as to size and the amount of plants but if some of you could tell me your size, mowing and weeding and about what you pay it would help me alot. Thanks for any input given.
  8. yes, have crossed there many times in the past. And wanted to continue using it as It is simple and easy and our family lives in Midland Texas. The only problem with it that now we have avoided is the road from there to south was horrible. Many potholes and had 2 tires blow out. And it is a toll road!! We stopped using it 2 years ago for this reason. BUT if they have repaired the road it would be wonderful, so if you do decide to use it we would love to know your experience, because that is the way we would always go. Thank you
  9. ok, I am not tech saavy for posting pictures but will get a young person to show me how. In the meantime I will take a foto and put on the bulletin boards around town. Thank you for the advice.
  10. The dog was roaming the same street for 6 months and almost run over. I went up and down the street talking to all the mexicans yes because i would not just snatch up a dog. They ALL said he was born on that street but no one wanted him. One family pitched in to feed her but didnt want to take responsibility. Another really liked her but could not keep her. It is a busy street and she would lie down underneath the cars and nearly hit many times. So i made the decision to find her a safe home.
  11. Not a puppy but young Ridgeback mix needs home. Found on street. Fixed, clean and well behaved. Sweet dog. boswelltb@yahoo.com
  12. absolutely would never do this. Friends, hes a mexican, she a gringa even signed a lease and the owner told them to move as he wanted the apartment for his daughter. You never know what will happen down the road. I would not do that in the U.S. and certainly not here.
  13. awesome. I totally agree. I came to Mexico to get away from all the LAWS and oppression. I love Mexico. If people want it to be like the U.S. then please please go back to the U.S. Please dont try to change it.
  14. i totally agree....we have a very good mexican friend that has a golf cart, stays on the back roads, isnt concerned at all about plates. In fact all the mexicans i see that ride 4 wheelers NEVER have plates. I would not get any either but with my luck, mine would be confiscated !!! lol Guy wanted to charge me $277 US.....haaaaaaaa
  15. yes, that is so true. I just felt so sorry for the workers, but maybe my own pride got in the way.....
  16. If anyone has a golf cart and has bought the plates, can you tell me how much you paid and who you hired to do it? Thanks so very much
  17. so true. I was in walmart several months ago, a tall gringo was in front of us paying and when they handed him his change, he said in a loud obnoxious voice "dont you have any bigger damn bills?!! Both the register lady and the sacker lady just looked down and smiled and he arrogantly walked away. It was obvious they knew he was angry but with such maturity they just smiled pleasantly. I was so embarrased for him and apologized for him. The bible says "a fool speaks all him mind"
  18. Ok, thank you all so much. I love this website for all the helpful people. My spanish is adaquate. Thanks again so much. I didnt know about soloautos
  19. Im looking for a pick up truck, at least extended cab. Ford F-150, Dodge, Toyota, just no chevy. If anyone knows of one i would be appreciative or any advice about where to look? Thanks
  20. Jimenez Construction 331 048 5343 Builds house from raw land. Does everything. VERY reliable. HONEST. Will paint. His name is Chuy. Entire family involved.
  21. His Name is Chuy Jimenez. 331 048 5343. He has awesome integrity, Father taught him, Just build our neighbors house from raw land, plumbing, electricity everything. Father works with him, brother, father in law and others. My number is 332 055 6255 if you have any questions about him. Thanks Terry
  22. Dont know if I'm allowed to tell people about this on this website but we know a man and his family that can take raw land and build a house or whatever is wanted. He does it all. Very reliable, high integrity and good prices. Weve used him alot and continue to. He is also our great friend. And he speaks sufficient english.
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