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  1. One year we took our little mexican children friends to Mirasol. They really had a blast and we saw many others. Does anyone know if Mirasol still hands out candy as our little friends really want to go again?
  2. Dont know if im allowed to ask this on a Realtors webboard, so i understand if its deleted. But just wondered if anyone out there is really happy with the realtor that sold their house and got a good price. Thank you in advance
  3. He is a nice fellow, so young, about 32. We had a meeting with him to get permission to operate our food trailer. He approved it so we were grateful. Several of our mexican friends who know him speak well of him.
  4. Apachewoman: I have lots of mexican friends who are very good cooks. And they could use the work. The problem is transportation. But they could take the bus to your house. If you still need one I can propose it to them: Questions: 1. Do they have to speak english? 2. What would you pay? 3. How many meals prepared per day? Thanks
  5. yes, i randomly discovered them by going to Kyak and they came up. I expected to go with Voloris but TAR was cheaper, and straight non stop flight.....
  6. Well, we always got our tires at the goodyear in Chapala, but the OUE store in west ajijic now has them and they are cheaper. Are going there soon.
  7. We paid for our Mexican friends to come here from Durango. They said it was good. No complaints. cheaper that most
  8. The store OUE I think it is.....the one in West Ajijic kind of across from Dental Express has rugs. Some are expensive but made very well
  9. wise decisions, thanks will remember this. Yes girl from GDL told me also in GDL they are suppose to wear helmets also.
  10. Ferret: thank you for using him. Yes he is young and strong....i remember the days....
  11. We are so glad you were pleased with the work and so grateful that you gave him a try. Thank you for your kind words.
  12. Well im glad you found one......Coppell usually always has them displayed on the beds on the second floor i think, all sizes....maybe all the gringos coming back are snapping them up....well glad you slept better
  13. Walmart has not had the egg shell. We have them on all our beds but have to pay dearly....go east from walmart, look to the right and you will see a mattress store. They have them and also Coppell in Chapala has them.
  14. Hello Jistime: Just give him a call (331 267 9364) and he will be happy to come by and give you an estimate. He is like family so im speaking freely for him. He lives right here on the border of San Antonio and Riberas so he is very close to you. Thank you for considering him.
  15. Thank you so very much. We are trying to make a life here and we do love it. I am a gringa and we have a 2 year old son. Thank you so much for using Ernesto. He is such a hard worker, when he doesnt have landscaping he works construction with Chuy Jimenez from 8am to usually 7pm hard labor so he is not afraid of hard work, something that every wife appreciates.....lol...he has always done what it takes to feed his family.
  16. Hello, I am the wife of Ernesto Barron. He is very knowledgeable on landscaping. Him and his father both worked with a landscaping company in Wichita, ks. They also had done their own work on the side. I am so greateful for your kind words! Thank you. -April Barron
  17. Awe that is so nice of you for your kind words....this is sputnik....Ernesto is working at my house and works so hard. We are planting a garden and he works so hard. His father and mother are moving here from Durango who actually taught him landscaping to join him in his business. They are very knowledgeble and their work ethic is what is so important also and honesty. Anyway, thank you for using him.
  18. I agree. Most of our friends are mexican friends born and raised here. One is an expert construction man, can build a home from raw land, electricity, plumbing, everything and he always says, BUY land.... build your own house,,,much cheaper....and dont pay "gringo" prices for this land......their "mexican" priced land can be found, word of mouth. Dont fall for this high priced land marketed to your white faces.....If everyone would do that the prices would fall significantly.....But i guess if you have millions to spend on a house, more power to you.
  19. Thank you so very much Eric but these people are mexicans here. They could never afford that. They are looking for rent for not over $2500 pesos which is about $133.00 US. Those are out there and the mexicans know them. It is basic living, no frills and they are use to that. But thank you so much for your response anyway.
  20. thank you yes ive called him, he says to walk the streets and ask various people which ive done. Thank you for your input and i will continue to do that.
  21. Im helping a Mexican family find an apartment or house at Mexican prices in Chapala. Very responsible. The Plaza del Toros area and Las Redes area have good prices. Can be found at $1500 to $2500 pesos. I know Mexicans also read this board. If anyone knows of a place we would be so grateful.
  22. yes, dollar store on the plaza in Ajijic and also in Chapala several stores on the east side of the street after the plaza. If you want to look in chapala, let me know and i will give you more details
  23. Hello New Jersey: We have an excellent cement man. Built our wall and now building our aljebe. 40 years experience, honest and very very hard working. Jimenez Construction, Chuy 331 048 5343 He does everything, builds houses from raw land, plumbing, electricity, iron work, solar... he speaks pretty good english, but one of his workers grew up in Kansas and is totally bilingual, Ernesto: 331 267 9364
  24. hi Camille. My husband i have had tmobile for 8 years and the past 4 years here permanently. It works here. You just have to: dial #766# then "send" then turn off the phone for a few minutes then back on. They told me that redirects it to one of the cell towers here. If that still does not work, you can manually direct it. I direct mine to the telcel tower. It is hard to explain here, so if you want to PM me I think i could walk you through it and maybe that would work. Anyway i am willing to try and help you. If you want I can send you my phone number. Or you can call 1-505 998-3793 for international help. Barbara
  25. There is a young Mexican actually raised in Kansas. So his English is perfect and he also speaks Spanish. He has BARRON LANDSCAPING. He doesnt just mow lawns but also builds fountains and other landscaping. He is honest and hardworking. Has all his own new equipment and has a truck. And is willing to drive to Joco. Ernesto Barron 331 267 9364
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