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  1. ok Dostortas. I sent you a reply. I just called my friend and if she cannot for whatever reason, I have 2 other mexican adult women friends in our church that are awesome, kind loving and patient in their late 30's early 40's. I hope we can help you as disabled people are little angels from heaven...that are here to teach us to be unselfish and giving!!!
  2. I have a mexican friend in her 40's who has worked as a house cleaner for another mexican woman for 5 years. The boss paid her a horrible wage, not even the average and she worked 6 days a week, with no time for even lunch. And treated her in a condescending way. And she endured these conditions because, as you know work is scarce. Do you need a house cleaner, or cook or help in someway? She lives in Chapala but would be willing to take the bus which is 7 pesos each way to riberas or Ajijic as she lives in Chapala. PM me if interested and thank you so much in advance.
  3. She was seen in Mirasol at 9am today Monday Jan 21st, heading towards Ajijic
  4. until you get a new debit card you can use XOOM and have money sent from your bank to walmart (and other places) and pick up immediately $4.99 fee for up to $900 US.
  5. ok, yes i read that article and it is in the works, thank you so very much !!!!!
  6. A great friend of ours totally bilingual Barron's Lanscaping has his own truck and own equipment. Excellent prices and very hard working. Was getting so much work that he had to turn some people down and felt very bad for that. He just returned from helping his father move here permanently to help him. His father taught him the business and they are very very good. So if anyone needs a good Lawn man that is reliable and honest, please call him. Ernesto and Demitrio Barron : 331 267 9364
  7. Lost my black and white huskey, red harness, striking blue eyes. In Chapala, seen yesterday near Soriana. If anyone sees her please please call me: April 331 518 6851 331 267 9364 thank you so much
  8. went on gas hunt this morning. Going again in 10 minutes, can anyone tell me who has gas? Thank you so very much. It is not for my "fun"...lol...it is for mexican friend who does work with truck and equipment to make a living. thanks
  9. The riberas pemex only had premium yesterday...dont know about today
  10. Brian and Allison Ristola: 747 200 1429 and they have Whats App: brianristola@gmail.com and they are on Trusted Housesitters . com They are a mature couple in their 40's. I found them on this blog but they are listed on Trusted House Sitters and have as many stars as you can earn. We just returned from the states and they watched our house and pet. They are EVERYTHING and MORE than has been said about them. I came home to find my house just as people said: "Cleaner than I left it for them" (that was humbling) They stayed with us some more days before their next house sit and when they left, i did not have to do one ounce of cleaning!!! Our dog just loved them!!! They will always be the first ones we ask from now on. They have become great friends.
  11. Hi, i dont know exactly what he charges, it sounded really low to me. I dont know about land scaping but he did tell me one guy told him "i cant pay you that low a figure and gave him more. He probably charges some things by the hour and others by the job. I know he does have 2 big jobs hes working on besides regular mowing. Anyway, he of course comes out to give you an estimate.
  12. Hi Sandrita, Ernesto Barron. He is from Kansas, a mexican and totally bilingual, moved here and does it all. Not just cuts the grass but landscaping as well. He has very good prices, hard working and totally honest. We just returned from Kansas where we met his previous boss and an elder at his church and he told us he hated to loose him. The company had done a job and Ernesto told the boss he was not pleased with how something had turned out so Ernesto went back on his own time and redid it. He and his wife are our dear friends. They lived with us for 4 months until they got on their feet and they are just wonderful. He is going in a week to get his father and mother to move here and help him as he is so busy. His father taught him the business so he will have more help now. He is getting many calls. If you want more information I can tell you alot more about him. He has his own truck, it is white with his name and number on it, and his own equipment. Thank you for considering him. Barrons Landscaping -331 267 9364
  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to opt out of Part B online? My 65th birthday is coming up and I read that 2 months before which will be August I MUST opt out in order for the $130 to not be deducted from my soc. sec. I read that, in the past, they send you a letter and you sign and return but ive heard that it can be done online now......so......if anyone knows, your response would be greatly appreciated !!!!
  14. just a note, for 4 years we traveled to the states and back here every 4 months to share taking care of my mother. We had 2 dogs, one US dog, one Mex street dog. Thats 14 crossings. NOT ONCE did any checkpoint US or Mex ever even ask to see our papers let alone look at them. So funny. But im told flying is very different.
  15. Chuy Jemenez. VERY good friend, VERY good plumber, electrician, iron works, everything to do with building a house from raw land. Honest, hard working. PM me if you want to know more. Hes done lots of work for me. Not just a worker for me but a very dear friend. Ive recommended him to many. He has very good reviews on here from people who have used him. Jemenez Construction 331048 5343
  16. My husband said he gets them at any of the Ferreteria's
  17. One of my best friends, yes he does it all, a very good electrician, plummer, iron worker and can build houses from raw land. Built the one next door to me. Has fixed my electrical problem and many others. Several good reviews by people on this webboard about him. And totally honest and hard working. Chuy Jemenez 331 048 5343
  18. One of my best friends, yes he does it all, a very good electrician, plummer, iron worker and can build houses from raw land. Built the one next door to me. Has fixed my electrical problem and many others. Several good reviews by people on this webboard about him. Chuy Jemenez 331 048 5343
  19. Starting Feb 1st, My good Mexican lady friend is looking for work. She is in her late 30's. She works now very long hours and walks very far, even pregnant, for a Mexican family. She is very hard working. I want to help her find a different situation. The baby is due Dec 7th. She would bring the baby to work. She lives in Chapala and Chapala or Chapala Haciendas would be ideal to come work there as she could get the bus but she is willing to come to Ajijic or anywhere in between chapala and ajijic. She speaks no english.
  20. Jesus Jimenez, Chuy our very dear friend, does it all, construction, plumbing, electrical, iron work, roofing...everything. Builds houses from raw land. VERY honest, VERY hardworking. Built the house next to us. Has done alot of updates for us. Built many houses. There is a great recommendation on this website by a lady. She was very very impressed and grateful that he was all we said he was. Jimenez Construction: 331 048 5343
  21. wow, im learning so much. Thank you
  22. awesome. thanks so much gringal !!
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