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  1. Yes, Ernesto Barron. Barrons Landscape 331 267 9364 Very very close friend, totally honest, integrity hard worker. Totally bi-lingual. Lived in Kansas all his life. Father who taught him also works with him. Also knows landscaping. Has his own truck and tools If you need more recommendations. PM me. Thank you
  2. I have a very good friend, mexican lady in her 40's who is looking for work, full, part or temporary. She is VERY honest, reliable and hard working. She lives very close to the Chapala Haciendas but can also take the bus to other areas. PM me if interested or call Ernesto her son in law from the U.S whom she lives with and is totally bilingual and he can give you more info . Thank you Ernesto: 331 267 9364
  3. Sandrita, are you still looking for someone to help for 3 weeks? I have a very good mexican woman friend in her 40's, hard worker. She just finished a temp job caring for a sweet girl with a disability. I can get you a recommendation from them if you are interested.?
  4. Palvela: I sent you a PM. Many many years ago there were no permits or licenses. A man of integrity didnt need them. I understand today it can be important. Our dear friend: Jesus (Chuy) Jiminez 331 048 5343 has the utmost integrity.. Will give you and estimate and stick to it. If you need anything different he will tell you first. Totally built the house next to us. Has done many many projects to finish and add on to our house. Built our aljibe, wall, added on upstairs, tons of plumbing. Built a huge mansion in west ajijic. Does it all and has his license for electricity, plumbing, iron work, construction. Everything. Builds a house from raw land. Family works with him. Comes when he says he will. I recommended him to many, one lady had problems with the current one never returning. She used Chuy and raved about his work, quickness hard work and price. If you dont use him, I hope you find someone good. Saludos
  5. It costs $4.99 US but you can use XOOM and have as much as $2000 US sent from your bank to Elektra. Go in with a copy of your passport, I.D. address, Clave number Xoom gives you and have your money instantly 9:00-9:00 7 days a week. We use it alot if the ATM's are down. If you are a first time user it may take a day to verify your bank but after that the money is always ready immediately and you will receive a text to your phone telling you it is ready. Your bank will not debit it until after you have picked up the money. Then when you pick it up, you will receive a text saying the transaction is complete. You can pick it up at Walmart too but lately they do not have the money so we switched to Elektra. Yes it is cheaper at a ATM but in a pinch, or buying a large purchase, it is great.
  6. Maincoons, thank you so much for the help. Gracias
  7. Thanks to everyone that posted. You have given me many things to think about and I take them seriously. Thank you so much again
  8. Thank you everyone so much for taking the time to give advice on this. I really really appreciate it and will take into consideration everything that was said.
  9. ok, yes thank you for your advice. Yes I was wondering how you liked Texas.......hope to see you guys again !!!
  10. Hello RVGringo !!! This is Barbara !!! Yes you had a lovely home, and saludos to your wife. We thought to sell our 2 story as we are getting older. ALL our friends are in Chapala. Love Chapala. Thank you so so much for your input. It is invaluable. Yes one lot we looked at our builder said he would have to bring in other dirt to put on top.
  11. yes we just talked about that yesterday. When board members change, pass a law that is terrible....people move....housing prices drop.....maybe
  12. ok, thank you so very much for all this information. MANY things we like about it. Maybe we just freaked out when we saw all the "rules". Have talked to several that live there and they love it so that is why we looked at a lot. Yes, we live in Riberas. Want to get away from the traffic. Thank you very much again.
  13. Were thinking of buying lot in Chapala Haciendas. Read their phamplet on Rules for building, regulations and behavior laws. Question: Seems so restrictive. Maybe its just me but it seems like i would be living back in the U.S. Do they really enforce all those rules? If anyone lives there, please I would welcome your input.
  14. Thank you so very much. We have good insurance and are compiling a list of very good doctors. We really dont have one particular one that we use. This is great information. Thank you very much
  15. Like the old saying goes here. "The cobblestone streets here have caused more damage by far than any cartel !!!" In the states with all the shootings for no reason I have a license to carry a weapon but here i have no desire whatsoever. The tranquil life here to me is like the 1950's in the U.S. Yes, be wise and yes be cautious as living anywhere in the world but we love it here and would not want to live anywhere else.
  16. yes, for years we had to return to the states, one time for 5 months. just go to the machine pay with cash and each 2 months it will take the credited money from the surplus. It worked perfect and no problems. You can also look online from canada or the states to monitor it.
  17. Rafael, 331 216 5892 we use him always. He will negociate. $500 a day usually. Ask for discount if weekly,
  18. we were just there yesterday. Saw lots of wheelchairs but dont know if they were rentals. Been to many zoos in the U.S. Too Hot or cold, cement slabs, lots of walking could only endure 2 hours. Yesterday were there 5 hours. So nice. Best zoo Ive ever been in. Simply beautiful. Dont miss the african safari. ride in a big truck, feed the garafes. In the monkey cage little tiny monkeys actually can pet. Will jump on your shoulder and try to search in your purse...so cute. Ride the train to avoid walking alot. The sky lift is so relaxing and can see things that you would not normally see. Just a great zoo and the hamburgers are pretty good.
  19. Yes Ernesto Barron is from the states. His father works with him and he is totally bilingual, in fact has a kansan accent...lol....does lawn care and even huge projects. Very hardworking and totally honest. very dear friends
  20. Chuy Jimenez 331 048 5343, hard working, honest
  21. Yes you have to drive very very defensive. For example In the U.S. you can generally expect that people will drive by the rules, people passing on the left, stopping for stop signs, stop lights etc. But here the rules are "optional". We have also hit many motorcycles passing on the right and people not stopping for red lights. So whatever you do be on the look out and expect the unexpected. We have mostly mexican friends. It is little like the "wild west" which in many ways is good. People take justice into their own hands because many times the law does not. We have a good friend who was a member of a neighborhood watch. If a mexican man was beating his wife consistenatly, he was warned, then if he did not stop, he was taken out into the woods and i wont tell you what they did to him but he was never the same. He was able to work but disabled in a way. Weve seen, when the law does not meet their responsibility, the people will. Anyway, we love it here, yes take personal responsibility for everything
  22. Chuy Jimenez - Construction 331 048 5343 A great friend has done tons of work on our house. TOTALLY honest and hard working and Reliable. Can build from raw land. Plumbing, Electricity, Iron Work, foundation and total Construction. speaks English. Great prices Thank you for your consideration
  23. Hello Apachewoman: I tried to pm you but for whatever reason i could not. There are 4 mexican women total. Yes i will ask them if they would be interested and get back with you. Thank you for your offer. I will contact them now.
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