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  1. yes, thank you so much,,,,read about distilled water,,,put it in,,,called Jaime and will see him tomorrow. Thank you so much for your concern and help...i love this age of the internet,,,,getting advice is so much easier,,,thank you
  2. Thank you so very much for everyones valuable information. Mother had a stroke, had to return to the US quickly.. and had to stay 5 months. Not thinking when we left and did not disconnect batteries. Read and watched youtube videos to buy good 12 volt charger at auto zone which we did,,,,followed instructions on how to charge up each battery but we were not successful,,,,so,,,,will see Jaime....thank you so very much for everyones input.!!!
  3. Does anyone know someone that can work on golf cart batteries? Thank you so very much !!
  4. it is March 26, is your husband already here? I just saw your post....send me a message as i think i can help
  5. DFW guy, it is March 26. have you already come down,,,just saw your post...would like to help
  6. Brad, did you ever find a place to stay? boswelltb@yahoo.com
  7. Please come support the Bomberos for Karaoke at La Bodega on Calle 16 de Septiembre #124 in Ajijic this thursday the 29th at 6:30. Local singers performing..
  8. thank you everyone, a sweet lady with the spay and neuter found our little white poodle with the pink collar,,,thank you so much to the spay and neuter volunteers!!!
  9. lost white shaved poodle rescue dog,,,,pink collar,,,August 27th 7pm behind Guadalajara pharmacy,,,small wound on her side,,,,boswelltb@yahoo.com
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