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  1. Pastor aleman muy grande para criar gratis con tu hembre.  Proteccion de nivel 3 de pelo largo de checoslovaquia con papeles.  Puedes tener cacharros si quieres.


    German Shepherd. Very large to breed with your female.  Protection level 3.  Long haired from Czechoslovakia with papers.  You can have some puppies if want.

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  2. On 9/10/2016 at 7:17 PM, hensley said:

    We use the Mariposa crossing also.

    Hi Hensley, I tried to PM you but it said you cannot receive messages.  Our friends are coming also from Oregon and I would be so grateful if we could get your instructions also and I will forward to them.

    boswelltb@yahoo.com     Thank you so very much









  3. Yes Barrons Landscaping  Ernesto the son, totally bilingual.  Lived all his life in Kansas.  Demetrio his father.  Taught his son Landscaping.  They do excellent work and good prices, honest and hard working.  Not just mowing but big projects also.  Have their own truck and equipment.  They just finished a huge sod project. And have other workers if they need them.

    Barrons Landscaping - 331 267 9364


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  4. On 6/26/2019 at 8:25 AM, chapalence said:

    Be patient. The last email inquiry I sent took a week or 10-days to be answered, but they do answer.

    I canceled Part B by filling out a form, writing a note, and emailing scans back to the FBU unit at Guadalajara per their instructions. 

    ok, great.  I just talked to GDL as they called me.  sending me email with form i fill out and attach my ID and she says its done....sounds easy......hope so....thanks for all input.

  5. 4 minutes ago, slainte39 said:

    Apology accepted!

    Just remember there are many, many Mexicans who read this board but don´t post because they don´t feel their command of the English language is good enough.  I am one of the few exceptions except for a few naturalized citizens like bmh.  Even more difficult is for them to understand your attempt at humor that comes across as flat as a pancake.  Mexicans who have a fair comprehension of English love reading these boards to get a better understanding (sometimes curiosity driven) of all these foreigners who have relocated here and to learn about them. Paternalistic or "better than thou" attitude is not hard to come across to Mexicans from even what you consider trivial or trying to be funny.  I speak up because i want the Mexicans to like foreigners and accept them and when I see that´s not happening, I raise the issue.

    My family is mostly bilingual with Spanish being their first and preferred language, and some follow this board, just to improve their understanding of things that identify the culture NOB, and a few say they wouldn´t be bothered with some of the garbage on here.

    True, that some people living in Chapala who travel locally between villages, do not bother to get driver´s license or maybe insurance because of the difficulty of going to Guad., or cost, or whatever, but just over the hill is a metro area with 6 or 7 million people and millions of vehicles from motos to camiones de doble remolques and they for the largest part by far are licensed properly.

    Too much of the foreign populations idea of Mexico and Mexicans in this area is based on their perceptions gained from a small area of small pueblos, when less than an hour away is a huge thriving metropolis that more genuinely reflects  the more realistic Mexico.  It´s like comparing a small town in southern Missouri to New York, Washington DC. Chicago. LA,  and on and on. Almost all Tapatios would laugh at you ideas about people without licenses, or knowing what predial is, or some of your other remarks.

    ! México es much mas que un calle residencial en Chapala o Ajijic ¡


    ok, thank you for your input.  I consider myself better educated.

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  6. 1 minute ago, bmh said:

    you are paternalistic when  speaking about Mexicans and that s a form or racism..more positive than the ugly one but it grates on my nerves big time.. I am Frenc and when I go to the  French forum I hear the same BS... oh the French are so happy they know how to enjoy life and on and on..it is all paternalistic  and offensive. people are people no matter what their culture or nationality.. nothing is perfect in any culture. You may not realize it but all these generalizing statements are a sign that you hav no clue about the culture and its people .

    You say i have no clue about the culture or the people.  You dont even know me.  You only know a few sentences that I posted.  I know there are good and bad in every culture. Can you not be so quick to judge others and their motives based on a post?  I feel that lacks mercy towards our fellow man.  Its ok to say the French people are a wonderful people. Or Americans are a wonderful people.  I realize there are bad people in every culture.  That goes without saying.

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  7. 1 hour ago, bmh said:

    Sputnik you were not funny and you were the worse offender. We were talking about bras nothing else.. You are a gringo , like it or not and , Mexicans are people like all of us no pont tellng ust how wonderful they are. Some are good and some are bad.. that is realty all over the world.. You are being very paternalistic another way of being a racist and looking down on people and you do not even realize it. 

    The bra thing is obviously a store policy and has nothng to do with the law.. 

    yes, you are right.  It was bad judgement on my part to try to be funny.  I have looked at it and i dont feel that i am paternalistic or a racist.  My children are adopted, one black and one hispanic and i dont think i have ever felt superior to anyone..  But thank you for your observations  I want to be humble and really listen to your view about me because that is how we grow as a person.

  8. 10 hours ago, slainte39 said:

    We are such a miserable country of miscreants, aren´t we.  A lot of us (Mexicans) stand in line for hours at 5 different locations in Guadalajara to get or keep our driver´s license or stand in line to pay the predial every year.  I don´t know hardly anyone who isn´t Mexican and I don´t have many friends or relatives that fit your descriptive mode.

    Many Mexican property owners don´t know what predial is???...…..hard to believe!!!!

    "they run them while the gringos stop"...…...Boy!!!....what did we do to deserve this angelic wave of immigration?

    Oh please dont misunderstand my post.  I absolutely LOVE this country and the MEXICAN mindset.  The gringos might not appreciate this but I didnt explain I was just trying to be funny.  I think all the rules in the U.S. are insane.  That is why I love this country and the culture.  Many run the red lights because it is early in the morning and no one is coming. I see NO problem with that!!  If there is an accident, people take responsibility usually.  It teaches people to own up to their mistakes.  When there are many many laws in a country I feel that people tend to blame others.  Then the law suits come.  I also dont agree with property taxes.  Paying them means you never really own your home.  You are paying rent.  In the U.S. we paid $4000 a year so at least here it is so much better.  And NO, many gringos are FAR from angels in fact we are getting out of our current neighborhood and moving to Chapala where all are dear Mexican friends live because we are so tired of many of the gringos trying to change this area to be more like the U.S.with all its laws.  Please forgive me for giving the total wrong impression!!  I am a "guest" in your wonderful country, and am so sorry that in trying to be funny about trying on a bra i gave the wrong impression.

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  9. yes i knew they dont want you to try them on but we go to walmart so early and i said to myself I'm trying this on whether they like it or not.   I grabbed 3 boxes, went to try them on cuz no one is ever attending that early in the morning.  I did buy them.  Yes that is crazy.  Our boobs are just all different.....I dont think they will wrestle you to the ground and grab your bra!!!  The law says stop at red lights, they run them while the gringos stop.  The law says get a drivers license, we have many mexican friends who have never had one.  The law says pay your property taxes, many of our mexican friends dont even know what that is.  Now if they ignore those laws, trying on your bra to make sure it is a good fit is WAY more important that those laws......lol.....

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  10. 2 hours ago, Pax_Orbis said:

    My wife's native language is Russian.  She also speaks English, and a little Spanish.  She would like to meet people in the lakeside area who speak Russian, and with whom she can meet for an occasional coffee, breakfast, or lunch.  Please contact us by PM; email to PaxOrbis@icloud.co;, or call (332) 954-2945.  Thanks.

    Do you guys have a "Chow" dog?  And your wife is about in her 30's?  If so we know of  you.  If not I can give your number to her as she is from Russia and might like to visit also.

  11. Every 3 months for 4 years we had to go back and forth to texas to care for our mother.  We had 3 dogs, 2 of them were mexican street dogs.  In the 17 crossings back and forth we were never once asked for dog papers.....so funny.....We usually stay in matahuala, Las Palmas, but have stayed at many motels and hotels.  We tell them we have dogs and will pay a little extra.  Weve had good luck, some places say no.  The only advice I have is start looking for a place to stay the night at 4:00 because sometimes it might take a little while and you dont want to drive at night.  Although at times we had to so we just stayed behind an 18 wheeler to lead the way...lol

  12. 19 hours ago, Apachewoman said:

    Please share any recommendation category


    MATERIALS(brand name)


    Thanks so very much.

    The RAINS are coming!😏


    Chuy Jimenez Construction - builds from raw land.  Knows roofing, electrical, plumbing, iron.  Honest, hard working. speaks english

    331 048 5343

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