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  1. in Riberas a wonderful small one bedroom in a compound with enclosed area for car. Wonderful neighbors, I think about $400 US a month all bills included. Ill PM you with the number
  2. Yes Barrons Landscaping Ernesto the son, totally bilingual. Lived all his life in Kansas. Demetrio his father. Taught his son Landscaping. They do excellent work and good prices, honest and hard working. Not just mowing but big projects also. Have their own truck and equipment. They just finished a huge sod project. And have other workers if they need them. Barrons Landscaping - 331 267 9364
  3. ok, great. I just talked to GDL as they called me. sending me email with form i fill out and attach my ID and she says its done....sounds easy......hope so....thanks for all input.
  4. ok, thank you for your input. I consider myself better educated.
  5. You say i have no clue about the culture or the people. You dont even know me. You only know a few sentences that I posted. I know there are good and bad in every culture. Can you not be so quick to judge others and their motives based on a post? I feel that lacks mercy towards our fellow man. Its ok to say the French people are a wonderful people. Or Americans are a wonderful people. I realize there are bad people in every culture. That goes without saying.
  6. yes, you are right. It was bad judgement on my part to try to be funny. I have looked at it and i dont feel that i am paternalistic or a racist. My children are adopted, one black and one hispanic and i dont think i have ever felt superior to anyone.. But thank you for your observations I want to be humble and really listen to your view about me because that is how we grow as a person.
  7. Oh please dont misunderstand my post. I absolutely LOVE this country and the MEXICAN mindset. The gringos might not appreciate this but I didnt explain I was just trying to be funny. I think all the rules in the U.S. are insane. That is why I love this country and the culture. Many run the red lights because it is early in the morning and no one is coming. I see NO problem with that!! If there is an accident, people take responsibility usually. It teaches people to own up to their mistakes. When there are many many laws in a country I feel that people tend to blame others. Then the la
  8. yes i knew they dont want you to try them on but we go to walmart so early and i said to myself I'm trying this on whether they like it or not. I grabbed 3 boxes, went to try them on cuz no one is ever attending that early in the morning. I did buy them. Yes that is crazy. Our boobs are just all different.....I dont think they will wrestle you to the ground and grab your bra!!! The law says stop at red lights, they run them while the gringos stop. The law says get a drivers license, we have many mexican friends who have never had one. The law says pay your property taxes, many of our m
  9. border of San Antonio and Riberas poured down 30 minutes also.....love the rain !!!
  10. Do you guys have a "Chow" dog? And your wife is about in her 30's? If so we know of you. If not I can give your number to her as she is from Russia and might like to visit also.
  11. Every 3 months for 4 years we had to go back and forth to texas to care for our mother. We had 3 dogs, 2 of them were mexican street dogs. In the 17 crossings back and forth we were never once asked for dog papers.....so funny.....We usually stay in matahuala, Las Palmas, but have stayed at many motels and hotels. We tell them we have dogs and will pay a little extra. Weve had good luck, some places say no. The only advice I have is start looking for a place to stay the night at 4:00 because sometimes it might take a little while and you dont want to drive at night. Although at times we
  12. Chuy Jimenez Construction - builds from raw land. Knows roofing, electrical, plumbing, iron. Honest, hard working. speaks english 331 048 5343
  13. thank you. yes i edited it. His card does say Uber, so I put uber on the post. I didnt know that you contact uber just through an app.....so sorry......hes a nice guy....responsible...speaks english...just thought id help him get some work. Thank you for educating me.
  14. Here is a good guy to take you where you need to go: Speaks perfect English / available 24 hours a day. Sabas 331 066 1636
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