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  1. I've talk to the local Mexicans about the noise and a typical response might be, "What noise?". I think they are far too polite to say, "If you don't like the noise, go home Gringo!". As for laws, I've learned that Mexican Laws are just a set guidelines or suggestions. Example: Look at the driving habits around here...
  2. I lived out in the corn fields of Ohio for almost 30 years with nothing but crickets and coyotes to listen to. I now enjoy listening to Mexican life in the village; cohetes, bandas, parties, etc. This is what I came to Mexico for...!!!
  3. Anyone know where I can purchase a few fireworks for a small celebration? I'm not looking for any "artillery" shells (cohetes) just decorative rockets and maybe some roman candles...
  4. While doing a little research on this creature the name "asp" came up as an alternate name. Venomous Asp Caterpillar
  5. I have one of these Puss Caterpillars alive in a container in my bodega right now! The gardener gave it to me saying he thinks he may have been stung by it! We live in Upper Ajijic...
  6. What kind of storage units/facilities are there around the Ajijic/Chapala area that could store a smallish amount of furniture, tools and general household belongings. Looking at moving to Mexico and shipping some of our stuff down from Ohio early next year. Any info on monthly storage costs would be particularly useful. Any one have any experience/insights?
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