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  1. There appeared to be only one shelf in the plywood storeroom with, maybe, 20 sheets of peg board, all the same: 1/4".
  2. Cincy

    Almond Flour

    Super Lake do have it - Bob's Red Mill brand. Crucial ingredient for Bakewell Tart...!!!
  3. In and out the airport for a pick-up this afternoon - no problems - no signs of any protesters or additional police presence.
  4. I never closed-out this thread with a summary; sorry... The large Truper store on Periferico near Tlaquepaque has no public access. I found another huge, brand new Truper place, maybe 10 miles to the South, but that too is not open to the public. They are just distribution centers. So, back to Ajijic to order the welder from a local Ferreteria. No problema - just have to pay ~50% deposit and wait 4-5 days. If you want to see the English Truper catalog (without prices): https://www.truper.com/eng/
  5. I have an 11 o'clock pickup tomorrow so I hope not
  6. I recently bought a 4' x 8' sheet of pegboard from the lumber yard opposite Soriana. I think the price was 350 MXN. It was the soft tan colored stuff rather than the hard faced masonite. Hole spacing is 1" x 1". Home Depot do not stock pegboard but they do have the a limited selection support hooks. If anyone finds a place lakeside that sells hooks for 1x1 pegboard let me know!
  7. There is a large Truper distribution center on the Periferico near Tlaquepaque. The Mexican guy who told me about it assured me it was open for public retail business. When I appeared reluctant to believe him (we were looking at google street view at the time) he called them and they assured him I could purchase items there. Anyone ever been there? Av. Del Bosque #1243, Tlaquepaque. I'm looking to purchase electric welding equipment and other metal working items.
  8. Truper have 9 distribution centers in Mexico, one being in Guadalajara, but I'm guessing the public have no access to it.
  9. Are you sure Google knows? Have you checked?
  10. Multiple reasons for my retirement here in the Lakeside area but since the OP is asking for a single "main reason" I would have to choose the local people - their warmth, kindness, helpfulness, smiling faces, etc
  11. Is there a big Truper store, maybe in the Guadalajara area, that sells the full line of Truper tools and equipment - everything that is illustrated in their extensive catalog? I know I can order stuff from our local hardware stores Lakeside which takes the best part of a week to arrive here but it sure would be nice to see, touch and examine the quality of items before purchasing...
  12. What kind of storage units/facilities are there around the Ajijic/Chapala area that could store a smallish amount of furniture, tools and general household belongings. Looking at moving to Mexico and shipping some of our stuff down from Ohio early next year. Any info on monthly storage costs would be particularly useful. Any one have any experience/insights?
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