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  1. In and out the airport for a pick-up this afternoon - no problems - no signs of any protesters or additional police presence.
  2. I never closed-out this thread with a summary; sorry... The large Truper store on Periferico near Tlaquepaque has no public access. I found another huge, brand new Truper place, maybe 10 miles to the South, but that too is not open to the public. They are just distribution centers. So, back to Ajijic to order the welder from a local Ferreteria. No problema - just have to pay ~50% deposit and wait 4-5 days. If you want to see the English Truper catalog (without prices): https://www.truper.com/eng/
  3. I have an 11 o'clock pickup tomorrow so I hope not
  4. I recently bought a 4' x 8' sheet of pegboard from the lumber yard opposite Soriana. I think the price was 350 MXN. It was the soft tan colored stuff rather than the hard faced masonite. Hole spacing is 1" x 1". Home Depot do not stock pegboard but they do have the a limited selection support hooks. If anyone finds a place lakeside that sells hooks for 1x1 pegboard let me know!
  5. There is a large Truper distribution center on the Periferico near Tlaquepaque. The Mexican guy who told me about it assured me it was open for public retail business. When I appeared reluctant to believe him (we were looking at google street view at the time) he called them and they assured him I could purchase items there. Anyone ever been there? Av. Del Bosque #1243, Tlaquepaque. I'm looking to purchase electric welding equipment and other metal working items.
  6. Truper have 9 distribution centers in Mexico, one being in Guadalajara, but I'm guessing the public have no access to it.
  7. Are you sure Google knows? Have you checked?
  8. Multiple reasons for my retirement here in the Lakeside area but since the OP is asking for a single "main reason" I would have to choose the local people - their warmth, kindness, helpfulness, smiling faces, etc
  9. Is there a big Truper store, maybe in the Guadalajara area, that sells the full line of Truper tools and equipment - everything that is illustrated in their extensive catalog? I know I can order stuff from our local hardware stores Lakeside which takes the best part of a week to arrive here but it sure would be nice to see, touch and examine the quality of items before purchasing...
  10. What about installing a couple of automatic rewinding 20 meter hose reels? Costco are selling them (Flo-Master). We have a 4 zone sprinkler system but not all areas are covered so we have 4 hose reels to cover the remaining areas and all the plant pots. The hose reels provide on demand water for the entire garden and patio areas and are so easy pull out, lock in place, and rewind. I too got tired of hauling heavy hoses around...
  11. "Street View -Jan 2017" Just found out you can look a views from previous years and compare images from the pull-down menu in the top left corner. Cool...!!!
  12. The little valve that screws into the stem is okay. The rubber air valve stem is leaking around base. It makes bubbles when I add washing-up liquid around the base. No water leaks so maybe it's just the rubber valve stem that's perished. I've got 2 new auto valve stems from AutoZone but they look slightly larger than the existing valve stem in the tank. Of course, these valve stems are designed to be installed from the inside which is impossible on this all welded tank!
  13. The original Amtrol ALT-62 (WX-251) 62 gal. water pressurization tank installed in our casa in 2003(?) is ready for replacement. It appears the internal diaphragm may be the problem judging by the slow air leakage around the valve stem of the air inlet port. Who might sell these things lakeside? It's a simple enough change so I would replace it myself'.
  14. You can use your US credit card at all of those stores. The thing to remember about Costco is that is you use a none Costco card in their store you pay a slightly higher price for each item. Haven't found that to be the case when buying from their website.
  15. Thank you bdmowers! Francisco may be at good starting point...
  16. I think I need a gardening consultant to talk to our gardener (he speaks no English) about the watering schedule during the dry season. Currently, it takes him 3+ hours, 3 times a week to water just 1/2 of our garden. I do the other half in 40 minutes! We have a good Rain Bird sprinkler system which I have programmed to run 3 times a week in the morning before the he arrives at 9:00 AM. Some plant pots and certain areas must be manually hand watered so we have 4 retractable, 20 meter hose reels to cover every point in the garden. I turned up the water pressure by approx. 25% a few days ago to make the watering go faster but all that's done has made him clamp the hose more to restrict the water flow. Some days water flows freely down the street at noon. It's too much water being wasted... I speak virtually no Spanish except through the google translate app on my iphone but this app struggles to translate the gardener's dialect so communication is very difficult. I don't want to lose this guy because of his extensive knowledge of the house from the time it was built, which was long before we arrived in Ajijic. Any recommendations?
  17. Looks like I need to replace some of the spray nozzles in the sprinkler system. Can anyone suggest a good place to buy in the local Ajijic, SAT, Chapala area?
  18. Having recently moved to Mexico, I'm trying to work out the Christmas bonus for the maid and gardener. Could someone confirm this is the correct formula, please. No. Weeks Worked x No. Days Worked per Week x Rate per Day (Pesos) x 15 Days (Aguinaldo) / 365 Days example: For 6 months (26 weeks) a gardener worked 5 days a work @ $350 MXN per day 26 x 5 x $350 x 15 / 365 = $1,8710 MXN This would be rounded up $2,000 MXN
  19. $750 MXN H2Olé in the Bugamvilia plasa breezeway $866 MXN EL MUNDO DEL AGUA 500m west of H2Olé When I questioned the guy at EL MUNDO DEL AGUA why his identical product was 15% more he said it was related to the USD exchange rate.
  20. Looks like one of the two ultraviolet bulbs is out on the water purification system. They are 25.5" long. Where can I purchase these bulbs?
  21. The airport was extremely congested this morning at 6:30pm! Dropped off guests from the right hand lane, close to terminal doors, then HAD to turn right with the rest of the traffic flow and head back past all the car rental places. Slow, but traffic kept moving - allow at least an extra 10 minutes extra and maybe more for other times in the day. Thanks for the your comments ednet94.
  22. Came past the airport last night heading south from Guadalajara around 6:30pm. The road into the airport was 2 solid lanes of traffic which spilled out onto the main Chapala road causing further congestion. Anyone know of any current issues at the airport? We have guests leaving around 8:30am tomorow so just trying anticipate and last minute problems...
  23. Seriously now, I have been living down here for the last 5 months and I have never experienced so many completely overcast days strung together (3). Also, in that 5 months, I can only recall 1 day when it rained and drizzled nearly all day. I see on the "Lake Chapala Mexico Weather" page the average rainfall for November is .30" and we've now have 1.38" so far this month which is more than 350% over average! I assume, then, this is not typical "dry season" November weather. In fact the entire year has been a wetter than average year...
  24. Although I live on the north side of the carretera, where the noise does carry upward from the village centro, I must admit there are no bars or eventos near. So, I can understand ezpz's point of view about over-the-top noise when it's next door. I have been awake here until 3:00am some mornings listening to what I thought was "loud" music but I know there's another level (or two) above this. I'm reminded of an incident a few years ago, having to spent an unplanned night in the Caribbean in a very seedy hotel, where a group of local people stacked as many huge speakers as seen at a Black Sabbath concert. When the music started I could feel the sub-woofers shaking the bed in which I was trying to sleep. The windows and items in the room were shaking and moving around. Strangely, I fell asleep (exhaustion!) at the height of the cacophony and awoke in the next morning thinking I'd had a nightmare! It was certainly an experience but once in this lifetime was enough...
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