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  1. For sixty years I lived with wall-to-wall carpeting but I would probably not consider installing any around Lakeside. Bugs, insects and other creatures getting under the carpet would concern me. Also, the amount of dust in the air, especially in the dry season would require vacuuming every day, perhaps? I guess in a high-rise apartment, carpeting would work. What I do like about wall-to-wall carpeting is soft, quieting effect. Too many hard surfaces makes these Mexican houses very echoey (sp.). Just thinking out aloud...
  2. I finally found the lockup cage in Walmart - on the very end of one of the aisles! Can't believe I'd never seen that before...
  3. "Why?" Ha,ha. I assume you're referring to why I changed the battery myself... I guess, "once an Engineer, always an Engineer".
  4. I didn't see any at Walmart, San Antonio... San Antonio AutoZone: Duralast, 560 amp, 4 year warrenty $1,639.90 - $250 core = $1389.90 pesos. I changed out the old/new battery myself at the store.
  5. Need a new car battery... My intention was to purchase one from AutoZone. Does anyone have an alternative suggestion? Also, like NOB, I assume the old battery is exchanged for a small discount, yes?
  6. I would consider a large amount in excess of $3M USD are we on the same page?
  7. Just got back from HSBC. No waiting, but at certain times it did seem to get quite busy. Both the manager and the other rep spoke excellent English. What really blew me away was the their knowledge of the global marketplace, investment options and international currency accounts and how to connect them! Maybe it's the international community lakeside that drives this kind of knowledge. I was very please with my experience today
  8. Thank you cstone! Globally, I've been with HSBC for 55 years (with a few name changes) without any problems!
  9. Said to my wife when I posted this that someone would probably give a totally useless response! I doubt if Banco Multiva could integrate my other global HSBC accounts in different currencies!
  10. Can I expect to find any English speaking customer service reps at the HSBC bank opposite Walmart? I want to open a new account there but I don't think my Spanish is quite good enough if any technical question arise.
  11. Just registered 2 people at TEPEHUA TREASURES Hidalgo Avenue #98. They really need a poster displayed inside the store and maybe outside too.....
  12. After one year of walking the back streets of upper Ajijic with 2 female cocker spaniels I have had no problems. The street dogs approach, have a quick sniff and wander back to their territory. There are a lot of very young children about, especially in the evening, and it is my belief that the locals ensure dangerous dogs are not allowed on the street.
  13. After struggling for a long time last night, my wife finally just bought tickets through Ticketmaster using a U.S. credit card. As Hoolia mentioned above, click on the OTHER COUNTRY button and everything works like a NOB transaction.
  14. My wife and I were hoping to see the Andre Rieu concert but right now we can't book tickets on Ticket Master! I think it's the US MasterCard credit card that is not being accepted...!!!
  15. Since it's a summer concert I was thinking of a white open neck dress shirt and black blazer - not sure if a tie is appropriate...?
  16. Having never been to the Telmex Theater in Zapopan, I was just wondering what the dress code might be for a light classical music concert in Guadalajara?
  17. Heard a boom from Upper Ajijic. Electricity went out for a second then back on. I seem to have all 3 phrases operational here.
  18. I'd like to explore the produce for sale at the large seafood markets in Guadalajara. A Google search reveals numerous places but does anyone have a favorite that's relatively easy to drive to?
  19. I'm hearing a lot a good things about Pinto's. Might go and get a spare pair of bifocals from this place...
  20. Thank you everyone for the feedback. After a year of driving to and from Tonala, Tlaquepaque, Costco, Home Depot and a few other places around Mexico I think I now have enough confidence and Mexican driving experience to tackle Guadalajara - with my wife spotting!
  21. Anyone have experience driving their car into the Guadalajara Centro Historico district and parking in a public parking lot? If so, where do you recommend? Walking a few blocks is not a problem...
  22. It was Saturday, I was desperate and Pinto Optical was closed unfortunately!
  23. I got them fixed here. Probably the worst $100 MXN I have spent in Mexico! It took the guy 1 hour to fix them using far too thin nylon and now the glass is loose and could easily drop out! I cannot recommend this place...!!! Sam's Club used to fixed them for free while I waited, NOB.
  24. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I might get my eye glasses repaired in the Lakeside area? Just need a new nylon lens band retainer - 3 minute job at places NOB.
  25. Weird comment above...!!! I thought this thread had established that pegboard can be purchased Lakeside at the lumberyard opposite Sorriana...!!!
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