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  1. Computer dead - possibly PSU. I have extracted the 1T. hard drive and need to extract a few files from it ASAP. Can anyone Lakeside do this for me - maybe burn onto DVD, flashdrive, etc?
  2. I can't get my Mexican credit card or debit card to be accepted for payment. Also my U.S. credit card is not accepted. Think I go and talk to my Mexican bank. Something like this has happened before!
  3. I'm looking for a shop/retailer that can supply the crossbars, mounting brackets and a cargo basket for a 2021 Ford Escape. Amazon MX and Mercado Libre MX have some but not not all the parts I need. I know all the required part numbers. Where can I purchase Thule equipment locally or in the Guadalajara area?
  4. It seems to be a requirement when selling a house in Mexico. Realtors keep asking for a recent CFE and Telmex bill with a RFC number referenced. Telmex was easy, just logon to your account and add it yourself. Had to go into CFE in Chapala today and have it added to their bill but it was very easy and only took a few minutes!
  5. How do I get my RFC number added to my CFE bill? Do I need to go to their office in person?
  6. Maid: Suspended for 2 weeks with full pay - reassess after this period. Gardener: Still working full-time 30 hours/week. He wanted to stay home - he lives next door.
  7. On all our pre-retirement visits (4) to Ajijic my wife and I rented a car at the airport and drove all over the place from Guadalajara centro to Manzanillo on the coast and back. Looking back I would do the same again. Also, we walked many miles around the streets of Ajijic, San Antonio, Rancho del Oro and even up into the mountains. Driving is a little different here and can be somewhat stressful at times. If you feel confident driving in unfamiliar surroundings do consider renting a small car...
  8. When driving west, you can drive down the bicycle path to avoid the topes...!!! No, no, no I would never do that, but being a frequent driver of that stretch of road I've noticed it's becoming a common, and potentially very dangerous, practice...!!!
  9. Yes, maybe, but it could also have some criminal intent, such as someone looking for potential property break-in opportunities.
  10. About 6:00pm last night (Friday, January 4) a medium sized drone was sighted above the Calle Emilliano Zapata. It was moving about slowly then became stationary in front of my house. I could see a red light on it. Very suspicious I thought, so I went to get my camera and a zoom lens but it was gone 30 seconds later. Should this be cause to call the police? I think drones are cool things to have, but, snooping around neighborhoods does not seem an appropriate use for them!
  11. By my calculations, during October, the lake has been rising at an average of .66 inches (16.7 mm) a day. Right now it's slowed down to an average rise of .39 inches (10 mm) a day. Source: https://www.ceajalisco.gob.mx/contenido/chapala/chapala/comportamiento.html
  12. Chapala Med is asking for a deposit before they can order any shots then it will be 1-2 weeks for delivery. Last year it cost $350 MXN at Chapala Med.
  13. Does anyone have an insight on the best place to get a flu shot and how much it might cost?
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