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  1. Sounds like something that would only happen to me. I had to laugh. SunFan
  2. Embarrass politicians and they will retaliate. They don't get mad they just get even. SunFan
  3. Guess I'm a "real fool" Harry but your suggestion is naive. SunFan
  4. That road had problems from day one. The contractor obviously cheated on construction and was never held accountable. Patches (as they are doing) will not work. The road safety can only get worse. I laughed a couple of years ago when a large pothole developed near the Joco entrance/exit. The solution for a couple of weeks was to paint a white circle around the hole. SunFan
  5. Haven't paid more than the 48 peso administration charge in over 8 years and i have a bunch of kilowatts banked, 22 panels. I calculate it paid off after 4 years on CFE charges and now I'm offsetting propane costs as well. ...and solar water heating as well of course. SunFan
  6. You'll love the induction cook top. I switched to an electric wall oven and induction cook-top two years ago. Now I can get a slow simmer and very accurate oven temperatures. Now my only propane use is for a clothes dryer and my BBQ. My last tankful of propane lasted over one year. Of course I have full solar installed 8 years ago. SunFan
  7. I searched the topics on Chapala.com but couldn't find anything relevant. I want to clean the scum that has built up on our tiled shower walls. I've tried he commercial sprays at Costco and Home Depot but nothing really seems to do the job well. I believe the tiles are either granite or marble. Any suggestions please? TIA SunFan
  8. Peter I know you're not a mean man but that was a nasty comment when people were only trying to show respect and reflect on what Rolly meant to them. SunFan
  9. This coming Thursday, August 20th would have been Rolly's 89th birthday. He is not forgotten. SunFan
  10. I find AT&T coverage spotty. For example there is no signal at S&S Auto on the highway in Riberas. Go figure. SunFan
  11. Potable water from 2 wells 24x7365. The water is tested for chlorine level daily and lab tested for bacteria, heavy metals, arsenic et.c. on a quarterly basis. SunFan on a quarterly basis
  12. Oh well. As long as they're accumulating those Kwhs somewhere. I'd hate to think they were lost and not going towards heating AMLO's hot tub. SunFan
  13. I just got my paper CFE bill for the two months to August 3rd. No credits are shown though I know I have them. My AVISO IMPORTANTE box in the lower right on the back of the bill doesn't refer to "bolsa de energia" at all. SunFan
  14. Bastards. Thanks for the heads up. SunFan
  15. The first time I saw this list I kicked the slats out of my crib. SunFan
  16. I'm told there is now a Dengue Fever vaccine available at Lakeside. Does anyone know about its efficacy? SunFan
  17. Had something similar happen to me a couple of years ago. The CFE meter reader didn't record the second reading and I didn't get a credit for any electricity sent to the grid. Fortunately I had a credit built up that covered the usage for that period and I wasn't billed. I would hate to have fought CFE to get a credit. Good luck with your case. Keep us informed. SunFan
  18. Great news. I'm actually looking forward to my next CFE bill now. SunFan
  19. Just got my Telmex landline back after a ten day outage. Telephone calls to their helpline were dropped and the office closed. Their website finally delivered a fix. SunFan
  20. Makes sense to me. I've been wondering why my Beagle keeps staring at me. SunFan
  21. In my 9 years down here I've never seen a foreigner (or AC) win in a labor court. Be very careful and don;t ignore the situation. SunFan
  22. I have a couple of days work accumulated - new taps, replace bar sink and tap, leaking faucet and so forth. Can anyone recommend a good plumber. I'm in SAT. TIA SunFan
  23. Thanks Pedro, I'll take a look. I need a few geraniums. SunFan
  24. Maybe why only 40% of Mexican cars/trucks carry insurance. Make sure your collision coverage is up to snuff. SunFan
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