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  1. OK I'm not taking any chances with this dose!

    In addition to the Expediente de Vacunacion and the Comprobante de Vacunacion and the CURP and the Permanante Visa I'm bringing copies of my Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, High School Diploma, University Degree, Marriage License and just to be sure I've got a roll of self-adhesive Hologram stickers.

    Anything I've forgotten?



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  2. 2 hours ago, Mopsy said:

    NO IT ISN'T. See the comment I made above. I was there today and experienced this. You do have to have the one you got, but you also must have this. It's a lot faster if you already have it in your hand and don't have to wait for them to print it out for you. I know because I had not printed it out.

    Thanks Mopsy. I printed my "receipt" but I see the vaccine specifics from my first dose a month ago are still blank. Guess they haven't been updated yet.


  3. 1 hour ago, Mitch said:

    I have used Ajijic Body shop ( west of Waffel House ) three times, the last time being very recent and always very pleased with their work.

    Echoing Mitch. Just picked up my car from them last Tuesday. Their quote was low enough that I didn't bother to get others.

    They claim 4 coats of paint and 4 coats of clear coat.


  4. 15 minutes ago, lcscats said:

    It is off LaPaz in San Antonio.  Go to 367 La Paz and look to the left and that street is Privado La Mora.  Post office, Google, etc etc don't know where Privado La Mora is. It is a cul de sac street.


    Many thanks. I should have known it's just like street numbering system here.


  5. I just received a misdelivered package of seeds from the Post office addressed to someone on Privada La Mora in San Antonio Tlayacapan. I'd like to drop it off to the intended recipient but I can't find the street on Google Maps or the Tony Burton maps.

    Can anyone give directions please?




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