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  1. The Croc was looking for a shot of Poutine. SunFan
  2. Is there generally a deductible to consider in addition to the premium cost? SunFan
  3. Here is the contact information for the person that collected our bees. His story was very interesting. So far he has saved nine hives from being destroyed. Apicultor Name: Faustino Martinez Phone: 333 201 6315 He relocates the hives. SunFan
  4. LCS loves to get books. They'll reference them to their Library to add content and sell duplicates or books that just can't be accommodated. Book sales help support LCS. SunFan
  5. I have no statistics that detailed. My point is its not only foreigners who find fraccionamientos an attractive place to live. SunFan
  6. A survey of the eight Fraccionamientos at their meeting on Tuesday revealed approximately half their owners are Mexican. I wonder why they're hiding behind the walls and gates? SunFan
  7. See tomorrow's Guadalajara Reporter for Dale Palfrey's article. SunFan
  8. No. It's expressly for fraccionamientos. The law governing Condos is much more precise and stricter in terms of managing operations and finances. SunFan
  9. This was just discussed in detail at the inaugural meeting of the Lakeside Fraccionamientos Association. Eight major fraccs were in attendance as well as an attorney who represents three of the Fraccs. SunFan
  10. A Fraccioamiento is an A .C. and as such one cannot be forced to join. However don't expect free services - garbage collection, water, etc. and when you try to sell and the purchasers discover the house is required to pay a penalty to rejoin that may be an issue. People who don't pat their fair share of living in a Fracc are termed morosos and are not thought kindly of. SunFan
  11. Seems like things are still up in the air for international travel. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/22/covid-vaccine-passports-everything-we-know-so-far.html
  12. I don't think the handwritten slips are of any value internationally. They are easy to forge. SunFan
  13. I've had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and neither show on the site. Guess I won't book any flights to Canada just yet. SunFan
  14. I had the strangest out-of-body experience yesterday. About 1:00 PM I drove from San Antonio to West Ajijic. All the traffic lights were out, even through Ajijic. The only one working was just East of Superlake. Traffic was smooth. Cars stopped for pedestrians to cross as soon as they approached the curb. Cars trying to enter the highway from North or South were let in immediately. I wonder how long this dream will last? SunFan
  15. I have to say the last three days that I drove past, in both directions, all the drivers were most courteous; stopping to let traffic from all directions pass. Yes it was faster than when the lights were active. SunFan
  16. Everyone knows it starts June 14th @ 4:53 A.M. SunFan
  17. I hope you left some shots for those poor souls like us at the back of the alphabet. Congrats. Hope I do as well tomorrow. SunFan
  18. OK I'm not taking any chances with this dose! In addition to the Expediente de Vacunacion and the Comprobante de Vacunacion and the CURP and the Permanante Visa I'm bringing copies of my Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, High School Diploma, University Degree, Marriage License and just to be sure I've got a roll of self-adhesive Hologram stickers. Anything I've forgotten? SunFan
  19. Mopsy is referring to the "Expediente de Vacunacion'' being required as well as the handwritten Comprobante de Vacunacion. SunFan
  20. Thanks Mopsy. I printed my "receipt" but I see the vaccine specifics from my first dose a month ago are still blank. Guess they haven't been updated yet. SunFan
  21. I'm not sure what the "record of vaccination" is. Is it the original application completed months ago or the handwritten record of the first inoculation? TIA SunFan
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