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  1. To be more specific..... Will American/Canadian airlines, restaurants, sporting events and other venues that insist on proof of vaccination accept the hand written Mexican vaccine confirmations or do they require government issued passports with QR codes? Thanks. SunFan
  2. I've been waiting over two months for my second dose to be added to my vaccine certificate. No luck and of course the site prevents me from sending in another scan of the second doe hand written receipt. I want to travel NOB. Will my two hand written vaccine receipts be accepted at border crossings and at NOB venues requiring vaccine certificates? Does anyone have actual experience? SunFan
  3. Have you got an address? I love their shirts, wear them almost every day. Comfortable, generous fit, many colors, wear very well and are almost wash and wear. SunFan
  4. Have they tightened the residency rules recently? My wife and I got both our shots in GDL in May and June and used ID from SAT. SunFan
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've ordered CR2016 batteries and a watch case back removal kit from Mercadolibre. SunFan
  6. Now why didn't I think of that?.....don't answer. Thanks guys. SunFan
  7. Yeah, if I'd been bright enough to ask him not to screw the back onto the case. SunFan
  8. I have a Bulova Precisionist watch with a dead battery. I tried my go-to guy at the Wednesday Tianguis but he didn't have a replacement. Can anyone suggest another local source? TIA SunFan
  9. Lakeside has lost a great leader. Howard was key to the success of the Lake Chapala Society and Democrats Abroad as well as an all around positive person. I'll miss your smile. You will not be forgotten. SunFan
  10. Sandy (full disclosure - he's my neighbor) and Daniel are great guys and worthy of our support. They've devoted more than a decade to growing their business and they make a great product. SunFan
  11. Incredible website mexbound. Many thanks. How does it work? How much effort do you need to maintain it? SunFan
  12. So what would happen to a Snowbird with a car who didn't come down last winter? Will they face a fine when they go to update their registration? Or if one buys a used car that's been stored for a couple of years and tries to get it registered? SunFan
  13. I'm having the same problem getting my second dose recognized. SunFan
  14. So YOUR post with the ear mask cartoon was not a comment on Covid?? SunFan
  15. "... endless covid fear mongering and BS from the media and this board." You forgot to disparage Scientists, Doctors, health care workers, billions of concerned individuals and Government. Millions of deaths; tens of millions (soon to be hundreds of millions) of cases and you suggest Covid is an overexaggerated issue not worthy of strict support of preventative measures such as masks, social distancing and vaccines. You make fun of our concerns for safety. As the chief moderator on this board, a position of influence and responsibility, you use this platform to spread what I consider reckless innuendo. Today one in ten Americans have been affected, some with lingering conditions. Well over 600 thousand deaths. Think how many family members and friends are left behind to grieve and cope and yet you continue to trivialize the seriousness of the pandemic. This is not a game - first/ second amendment rights arguments, infrastructure bills - this is life and death as well as the recovery of world economies. SunFan
  16. 1967 Austin Healy 3000 Mark 3 convertible, white with red leather. Three liter, straight six. Ran like a dream with little maintenance. I watched in horror as the body disintegrated with rust in Canadian winters. Memories of a then bachelor. SunFan
  17. Amen. I've lost my patience with anti-vaxers. They're extending the shutdown, crippling businesses and individuals trying to recover and limiting my remaining few years of blissful retirement. SunFan
  18. Chuck sure looks worried about something. SunFan
  19. Completely agree. Couldn't be easier. SunFan
  20. I have a Kaffir lime tree about 6 years old. Healthy but still less than two meters tall. I never considered the leaves. How do you use them? SunFan
  21. Unusual rain pattern as well. Many days it has rained all day instead of the normal late evening or early morning cloudbursts followed by sun during the day. SunFan
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