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  1. This reminds me of our first exploratory trip to lakeside 8 years ago. We flew Aeromexico though Mexico City. When we unpacked at the Neuva Posada that evening I discovered a video camera I placed in checked luggage was missing. I commented to my wife that at least they didn't get my laptop that was in the same suitcase. They got the laptop on our return flight 7 days later. Lesson leaned SunFan
  2. A great idea to recognize Bud's many contributions at Lakeside. SunFan
  3. David's passing was sudden and unexpected. He had such an enthusiastic joy for life. He and his wife Anne have made great contributions to our Lakeside community. He will be missed. SunFan
  4. That's been my experience. One dealer price. No discounts (well they may throw in floor mats). Same price at all dealers. You must have the car serviced at the dealer you bought the car from or the warranty is voided. How's that for consumer protection! SunFan
  5. Are there any updates on Senior Peterson's delivery status? TIA SunFan
  6. Should I be writing off my January order with Alex Peterson? SunFan
  7. Hope you're better on computer systems than on telecommunications. SunFan
  8. Still not answering my question. No internet connection, no phone calls, no smoke signals, just the receiver sitting there picking up the satellite broadcast. I know of no way Shaw knows where your receiver is. SunFan
  9. Please tell me if I'm missing something but how can a satellite broadcasting a unidirectional signal receive any information about the receivers that are picking u the signal? What does "geo-location" have to do with the transmission/reception process? TIA SunFan
  10. Post your request on the insidelakeside,com forum as well to get more responses. SunFan
  11. Seems like someone didn't want to issue or couldn't issue a Factura. SunFan
  12. BDMOWERS Would you have an address or directions to the fabric store? Sounds interesting. TIA SunFan
  13. Its not a scam. Its a religious sect with a promotion to send you using disaster preparedness as diversion. SunFan
  14. I live on Jacarandas Privada. My whole house surge protector (on two phases) protected all my electronics during the most recent of many CFS screw-ups. SunFan
  15. The LCS Exec Director was asked on Weds. by the Mayor's office to assemble "community leaders" for a presentation on Friday on his plans for renovating the highway and intersections in Ajijic. Dale Palfrey was there so there should be a Guad reporter write-up. The same presentation will be given to a wider audience next week. If that's elitism so be it. SunFan
  16. I'm a little out of date but I kept Koi in Canada for 15 years. It was a great lesson in Chemistry, Fluid Dynamics, Biology, Physics and Meditation. I'm not aware of any aquatic plants that suppress algae? Its a matter of good water quality - pH, TDS, ORP. Chlorine. SunFan
  17. I have a jug of toner that I just brought down from NOB.


    You're welcome to a free refill if you can do it yourself.


    George Radford

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