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  1. As an owner I feel Chula Vista is well manged and well directed by it's Board. SunFan
  2. You mean all those countries that have some of the highest standards of living in the world? SunFan
  3. Rumor has it the new hospital and Walmart are getting fiber from TelMex. SunFan
  4. Or Laura's Garden Center in Riberas beside the 7/11. Its used as a soil amendment. SunFan
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YnIKTvLoDA Oh My G! It lives! SunFan
  6. Chula Vista uses two wells and four holding tanks. Water is tested regularly by a Guadalajara lab and is certified potable right from the tap. We are metered for billing with a graduated fee per cubic meter. SunFan
  7. Hear Hear! Many thanks for all your efforts. I doubt I would have had the fortitude to endure all your challenges. A tremendous service for all the Lakeside residents including the naysayers. SunFan
  8. I'm assuming individuals who live in Fracs where access is available using CFE poles can simply apply individually. Thanks for all your work on this Tom. SunFan
  9. Maybe next time it will no internet, but phone. SunFan P.S. Is it at all apparent that I have a deep-seated and well deserved hatred of TelMex?
  10. I guess a lot of people in Ajijic got a taste of TelMex service over the last few days. No competition......no pressure. Anyone care to invest in a competitive service? Sunfan
  11. I note that CFE changed my meter reading date last month by a week. That screwed up my first attempt to calculate how many kilowatts I actually consume monthly and by billing period. Any one else experience a date change? SunnFan
  12. We're in the fourth week of a six week kitchen renovation. Oh Lordy. We went with quartzita (quarried quartz) for our counter-tops because its harder than granite and just as colorful. We purchased from Marmoletti just off the Periferico in Guadalajara. Huge selection. Ask for Alejandra Aceves. We selected two different slabs. The one for the island has a "leather" finish which adds even more interest. $65,000 pesos. We paid three times that amount in Toronto 12 years ago for the same quantity. Our contractor for the installation is Fabian Rojas Perez. PM me for contact info if interested. SunFan
  13. Look on TOB for a post btby Spencer M.. SunFan
  14. I can't believe there aren't more people Lakeside who suffer from TelMex's indifference and can afford to prepay for first class internet service. I remind folks Shaw disappears in less than two years and if you can't stream now to get your NOB shows do you think TelMex will be looking after you down the road? What a shame if we loose this opportunity. SunFan
  15. If you read the comments it almost seems as if all the naysayers want the Ilox project to fail! SunFan
  16. I used mine yesterday without incident. SunFan
  17. I used mine yesterday without incident. SunFan
  18. Its the only way to get competent internet service. TelMex will not respond if they sense no competition. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting for others to get the job done. Sign up with iLox. SunFan
  19. Tom Why another copy of ID and residence? That was sent with the original application? Do they value a photocopy more than a scanned and emailed copy? SunFan
  20. I have a Tangerine that bears prolifically in late summer. No insect or bird problems.....so far. The tree is about 3 to 4 meters high and is pruned annually. Good luck with yours. Now can you help me with a Tomato virus that destroys me gorgeous starter plants? SunFan
  21. I just ordered this little gem yesterday. https://www.fisherpaykel.com/us/kitchen/cooking-appliances/cooktops/36-5-zone-touchslide-induction-cooktop.CI365DTB2.html I have solar panels so the little bit of electricity is actually going to be cheaper than my existing gas stove. I will unfortunately be unloading about 20 pieces of Paderno stainless steel cookware that ain't magnetic. SunFan
  22. I'm in Chula Vista. Probably at the end of their build out. I just paid my deposit at the Bank this morning. I sure hope we reach that 200 hurdle number. I'm desperate for an alternative to TelMex. SunFan
  23. tkessler Tom Just got the TV Rey (parent company) contract and deposit remittance form. A little light reading to say the least. Is there a way we can get translation to serve all the potential clients. I would contribute to the cost. SunFan
  24. We got a very thorough written report from Brad Grieves six years ago. Don't have his contact info handy. SunFan
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