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  1. What a terrific idea. Seems like a great initiative for the new Mayor's wife. What does Harry B. think about the logistics? SunFan
  2. Just heard from a close friend who crossed the border at Laredo Weds nite around 6:00 PM. Took him 13 minutes he said. SunFan
  3. I'm embarrassed. I'm on the LCS Board and didn't know they provided that service. I imagine that's handled through the Optician who visits there each week. Thanks SunFan
  4. My wife just had cataract surgery on both eyes and now has 20/20 vision, Lucky duck. To whom can we donate her many pairs of old eyeglasses. I know they have value but can't remember where to donate them. TIA SunFan
  5. You're upper middle income and you're surprised? This was a tax cut for the "middle class" was it not? From an uninformed Canadian SunFan
  6. But jonnyintruble one never trolls for bass or river trout. What a character! Sunfan
  7. The obvious tools for delinquents is to stop garbage collection and trickle their water supply. Obviously that doesn't work too well on lot owners. The other step that seems to yield results is frequent, regular and persistent contact to collect past fees. Interest is added to past due accounts. A lot of work but it yields results. The Chula Vista Board was advised several years ago by their legal counsel that the courts would only award outstanding fees for the past two years. That means suing members to collect becomes a trade-off with legal costs. Property sales require outstanding fracc fees be paid before ownership can be transferred. Welcome to Mexico. SunFan
  8. I live in Upper Chula Vista and can comment on that Fracc. 24X7X365 POTABLE water supplied by two wells and 4 holding tanks. Water is checked for bacteria daily and tested by a Guadalajara lab quarterly for Mercury, Arsenic, heavy metals, etc.. . Wells are 200 meters deep. Stable, competent Board of Directors for the past 8 years Full compliance with Mexican financial reporting requirements (facturas, payroll benefits, etc.) The Board works tirelessly on morosos. Low default rate Fiscally prudent. working to build the contingency fund Works with owners on building code adherence Transparency Current Concession agreement with the municipality. Most of the properties are sited on bedrock on the mountainside. One fault line runs North of me by about 600 meters. Some outstanding views over the lake in Upper CV. Easy access to many restaurants, the Libramiento, Walmart, Superlake, iShop, Pancho's without driving thru Ajijic. Hospital soon to open at the south side of the Careterra at the foot of Chula Vista The residents of course are some of the nicest folks in all of Lakeside I do hate those cobblestone roads
  9. Mainecoons got me going with his post about inherent corruption and entitlement exhibited by the local municipal government. I don't normally agree with his philosophy but in terms of his rants about favoritism and blatant corruption I support his mission. I've lived in Mexico (Lakeside) for seven years now. I've traveled to dozens of towns in many of the states. No matter how poor the town, how little wealth or how desperate the state I have never seen road infrastructure as badly neglected as here at Lakeside, particularly Ajijic. Even the poorest towns and villages I've been in have sidewalks that aren't battle worn and streets that aren't a Chiropractor's dream. Lakeside is wealthy. Look at the homes. Look at the cars. Look at the wages. I live in Chula Vista. The Fracc provides it's own services at homeowners expense - water, road maintenance, street lighting, garbage collection, maintenance. The owners still pay municipal taxes. As a former Fracc treasurer I would estimate Chula Vista puts a million pesos a year into the Chapala coffers. In return the only service residents receive that I can think of is Policing. Ouch. There are at least twenty Fraccs at Lakeside. Many have the same Concession Agreements that Chula Vista has with Chapala. What on earth is the municipality doing with those millions of pesos? OK I know the answer. SunFan
  10. I also supported the bench project. I live in SAT and it was probably a year ago I was last on the Ajijic malecon. I do believe in supporting our community however. SunFan
  11. This from TOB Placed the order in the Ilox office on March 8. Staff in the office said installation would be 2 months. Guys show up today (March 16) to do the installation. And although I didn't get a call or email warning, I can be very flexible for better internet speed. The guys didn't speak much english but we managed just fine. They were done in an hour and a half. Now happily getting 39.2 down and 9.5 up. Feels like warp speed. I signed up for the phone/internet package "Doble Full 40x30" for 399p per month. I used a US credit card for the repeating monthly charge.
  12. I'm hearing rumors that ilox is hooking up new subscribers ahead of those who prepaid a year ago to get things started, That would be a piss-off for those of us who were promised earliest service. SunFan
  13. That's a Hell of a lot of propane being used. Up until a year ago I had a BBQ, clothes dryer, stove and water heater and filled up every two months for about 1,800 pesos. I replaced the water heater with solar and the stove with electric leaving the BBQ and the clothes dryer. I got almost a year out of one propane fill up. SunFan
  14. Dra Candy is my Dentist for the past 5 years and I am very satisfied. Sunfan
  15. I dropped into the ilox office yesterday to inquire about the timing of installation. I'm one of the 300 prepaid accounts. I was told they're just finishing up La Floresta over the next few weeks and should be moving East in about a month. SunFan
  16. Yes I was on their Board in the past (2013/15) and have first hand knowledge. Water is Chula Vista's almost unique feature at Lakeside. A real plus. Potable water 24X7X365 and not at spa temperature. SunFan
  17. Have been doing so for 7 years. The water is tested daily for chlorine and every 3 months by a lab in Guadalajara for heavy metals, arsenic, bacteria etc..
  18. STI installed a 150 liter unit that is unable to provide water hotter than 44 degrees C during the winter months. It services half my house and covers the kitchen, laundry room and two guest rooms. If I have guests I have to turn the propane back on. I can compare the STI unit to another one I had installed 7 years ago that continues to provide far better results Ron told me they engineered the units to have fewer tubes to reduce overheating and venting. I suspect they reduced the number of tubes so they could be price competitive but as a result engineered an ineffective product. SunFan
  19. Good luck with STI for solar water heating. I'm a dissatisfied customer. SunFan
  20. I live in Chula Vista, We have our own well system separate from SIMAPA but we charge the same usage rates to our residents. Our usage is measured monthly. I do have an irritation system and a pool. I estimate irrigation accounts for half my water usage. I'm embarrassed to say I will pay approximately 9,000 pesos for water this year. Embarrassed because of the irrigation consumption and because the water supplied by our wells is potable and a shame to use for irrigation. SunFan
  21. I got my mail there this morning at about 9:30. SunFan
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