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  1. Its time to buy a new(er) car again. The last time I did it in 2016 I wrote a cheque for deposit to my Bancomer account. Took forever. Can anyone recommend one of the new electronic transfer services and what they might charge. My loot is in a Canadian bank. Thanks for any recommendations and advice. SunFan
  2. What does one do with the leaves????? SunFan
  3. Hmmm. I've had two lime trees, again from Cruz, for over 6 years with no disease problems. A Persian and I can't remember the other one. Worst issue I've had is keeping up with harvest. SunFan
  4. Other than being horrifically slow to deliver mail I've never had a problem picking a package up from the Chapala office. SunFan
  5. I got mine at Cruz (Vivero San Antonio. ) Just South of SuperLake. SunFan
  6. Jamison, Will your modem by any chance support VPN software? SunFan
  7. When I swithed to non-resident tax status eight years ago the gross individual income level at which it became beneficial to pay the flat 15% non-resident tax rather than resident rates was about 42,000 Can. I don't know what it woud be today. SunFan
  8. I too haven't met an Orchid I haven't killed. I follow all the advice about light, watering, fetilizing, temperature but nada, never a second bloom. SunFan
  9. Now that you mention it I've had several brief periods where the bandwidth dropped below 3 mbps. Lasted maybe 5 minutes. That's in SAT. SunFan
  10. Taxes are not as high as the IVA. They are on a sliding scale with a max of I believe 7%. SunFan
  11. That's an understatement. ilox phone is unreliable and basically useless. SunFan
  12. Very good and necessary advice. The recaudadora will be looking for a fair market price for the car for tax purposes. They have a list of values. SunFan
  13. Lucy, the office manager for Chula Vista, can provide you with the file on your proerty. You may find lots of interesting goodies in there. Because of the distance involved they couldn't use the camera until they got within range. They dug about six holes trying to trace the pipe, including breaking through concrete on the patio by the pool which they repaired. It took all day. We were somewhat desperate and their price reflected it. We now have cleanouts to mark the two tanks. SunFan
  14. And of course if you die or get better at home or are asymtomatic you don't count either. Almost no testing. SunFan
  15. I am also a resident in Upper CV. A few years ago I got a copy of the blueprints for my home built in 2006, from the office. The plans did NOT show the location of the septic tank despite showing the lot bounaries and swimming pool. It eventually cost $26,000 pesos to finally locate and clear a septic problem. An intake pipe had subsided and caused a bottleneck. The tank was over 40 meters away in the opposite corner of the lot from where the waste pipe ran down from the house. Like most homes here setic tanks don't have visible clean outs. I wish you good luck. SunFan
  16. SunFan


    Victoria and Red Rhubard fron NOB seed sources grow just fine here. They like lots of Sun and will last for years. Watch out for too much water. Rhubard grows best un the ground but will still do well in containers. SunFan
  17. 1.5 centimeters in SAT overnight. A good omen for the rainy season? SunFan
  18. Is it open again on a limited basis? TIA SunFan
  19. My point is that there will be no rapid end to the pandemic even with precautions still in place. A large majority of the population will become intected unless a vaccine is quickly available worldwide which is unlikely. SunFan
  20. What did I miss? I was merely suggesting that without a vaccine the precautions in place would still allow the virus to eventually reach a herd immunity level. SunFan
  21. I suspect the way things will unfold world-wide is that the C-19 will continue to infect populations over many many months until a) an effective vaccine is available worldwide or b) a herd immunity is achieved with 60 to 90% of the poputation having been infected. The precaustions merely flatten the curve to better enable the health system to cope (or not). SunFan
  22. How would we know how many cases there are at lakeside when no testing outside of a hospital is being done? In the US 80% of C-19 infections are treated at home so wouldn't be part of the count if the same % appears in Mexico. I suspect we're in for a real shit storm when it finally hits given we're already in God's Waitingroom. SunFan
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