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  1. The installers just finished. A professional job. 30 mbps down, 26 up on WiFi. Now if its reliable I can dump my 900 peso a month iLox. SunFan
  2. Interesting. Telmex just knocked on my door to ask if I wanted to have fiber installed. I said yes because I was still paying for their service. They're working on it now. I had switched to iLox 3 years ago because all Telmex offered in Upper Chula Vista was twisted pair and abismal download speed. Lets see if their speed is comparable to iLox. SunFan
  3. Don't forget the IVA. The real cost is over 8%. SunFan
  4. Emile Badawy was a great person. Loved by all. His passing is a major loss to the Lake Chapala Society where he served as volunteer finance manager for fourteen years. He will be sorely missed and long remembered. SunFan
  5. From experience I'm not big on Mexican appliances. I suspect they're built to lesser standards than NOB and Europe. Six years ago we bought a top-of-the-line Whirlpool front loading washer/dryer set from Tio Sam. After two years the washer threw an error code indicating the circuit board was toast. Out of warranty after one year of course. Whirlpool technications two two months to agree on the problem. We were taking our clothes to the local laundry. Whirlpool could not source a replacement computer. For over 5,000 pesos the best they could do was install a circuit board from an older model that lacked 4 of the newer cycles. In future i would buy from Costco where at least you get more than a taillight guarantee. SunFan
  6. Not us Leafs fans.....too painful. SunFan
  7. Back to the original question..... We bought a top end Mabe gas stove and kept it three years before we replaced it. In fact threw it in the trash. It had no insulation so was inefficient and the exterior got so hot we had to use a towel to work the controls. Their engineers cleverly put all the control knobs on the top, front. After a month some of the button controls popped out on the floor from the heat. The final straw was when the outer glass door on the oven exploded and showered my legs with pieces of glass. SunFan
  8. Its too hot here. I actually perspired in the shade yesterday afternoon. SunFan
  9. "They've realized that COVD isn't that bad." An unbelievably callous comment to the wives, husbands, children of the million that died in America and millions more worldwide. SunFan
  10. I agree. Many foreigners I speak to have an inflated opinion of how much impact and significance they have in Mexico. Keep motoring and keep your head down.. SunFan
  11. For some unknown reason traffic was great today - Weds. Around 10:30 AM I sailed past the five lights at Superlake and Walmart, drove through La Floresta and was only stopped briefly at the Tianguis. I shoulda bought a lottery ticket! SunFan
  12. I just have her email - yolym.ll62@hotmail.com SunFan
  13. You might phone the LCS. They used to sell stamps in the office. SunFan
  14. A concession agreement between the Frac and the Municipal government is a contract that stipulates the Municipality agrees to concede provision of services such as street lighting, water and garbage collection to the Frac. The Municipality of course continues to tax properties for services they no longer have to provide. Neat eh. SunFan
  15. Very powerful. Thank you. My father-In-law, who was a second father to me, suffered from a calcified esophagus after radiation cancer treatment twenty years before. He couldn’t stand a feeding tube. After consultation with his Priest, He booked himself into an Ottawa hospital and stopped eating until he died. The memory haunts me still. May I die a more peaceful, and managed death. SunFan
  16. I wish I had that issue. These days I find the 500 peso notes fly out of my hands at Walmart, Superlake and most restaurants we dine at. SunFan
  17. Well that clearly explains the intelligence of my Beagle. The lights are on but there's nobody home. SunFan
  18. Yes, I've used NEXGUARD on our two dogs for the past four years with good results. Between food, Vet visits, grooming and flea meds, dogs are expensive members of the family......but worth it to me. SunFan
  19. Solar hot water heating is probably the best investment given the cost of propane. I would guess the payback is well less than two years. We put in 22 panels @ 240 watts ten years ago along with solar hot water. We then gradually switched out all our gas appliances (except the BBQ and pizza oven) for electric. My Northern friends are in disbelief when I tell them I spend 25 pesos a month for electricity (with a pool and landscape lighting) and 2,000 pesos annually for propane and it will only get better with AMLO at the helm. SunFan
  20. Yes. Horrible Chat service. Spent 20 minutes convincing them I was a legitimate subscriber. SunFan
  21. With Mike Riley gone I need help installing ExpressVPN on my NetGear V6700V3 router. Can anyone recommend a tech specialist who can help? TIA SunFan
  22. Damn, I was just going to sit down and watch the game I recorded last night. I've been avoiding sports news all morning and now Pedro gets me with a body check. SunFan
  23. I agree (not with the moral part). I've never had a repair done but their sales service and product selection is first rate. A go-to store. SunFan
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