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  1. I'm looking for used Earth Boxes. Please let me know if you have some for sale. gradford4019@gmail.com
  2. Echoing Mitch. Just picked up my car from them last Tuesday. Their quote was low enough that I didn't bother to get others. They claim 4 coats of paint and 4 coats of clear coat. SunFan
  3. I just went through that intersection again today. It felt like a demolition derby - cars coming at me from all directions trying to turn East. West, North and South (yes South) SunFan
  4. Pedro. you still haven't learned how to skate? and you call yourself an Albertan. SunFan
  5. Looks like they've put up traffic lights at the East end of Walmart. This should be interesting for traffic flow. SunFan
  6. Yes, I'm losing PBS Detroit during the newscast every evening. SunFan
  7. With AMLO at the helm I would guess my vaccination date will be in August. Any other estimates? SunFan
  8. Many thanks. I should have known it's just like street numbering system here. SunFan
  9. I just received a misdelivered package of seeds from the Post office addressed to someone on Privada La Mora in San Antonio Tlayacapan. I'd like to drop it off to the intended recipient but I can't find the street on Google Maps or the Tony Burton maps. Can anyone give directions please? TIA SunFan
  10. Are your really sure the cup is absorbing it and not you? Is it puff, puff....sip, sip or puff.....sip ,sip, sip? SunFan
  11. I'm sure the comments will be "interesting". https://interactives.lowyinstitute.org/features/covid-performance/ SunFan
  12. Oh no! How will we ever be able to give directions in Riberas with that landmark gone? SunFan
  13. Really! iLox has fixed their VOIP issues. SunFan
  14. Who knows but he was asked to clean them and repair if necessary. SunFan
  15. Hysop p I've used Baker Creek for years and would recommend them as well. I have many packets of fresh seed from Baker Creek - tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, etc. PM me if interested in trying a few dozen. SunFan
  16. He didn't do anything for my remotes - a Shaw and a Sony. SunFan
  17. Chula Vista considers the potable water delivered by it's two wells to be its most important feature. Well water is chlorinated automatically and water tests are performed regularly by a CONAGUA certified lab in Guadalajara. We and our guests have been drinking the water for the nine years we've lived here without ill effects. My only regret is without another source we use the same well water for bathing and irrigation. SunFan
  18. I’m trying to get away from Shaw services. I’ve been informed iLox throttles IPTV traffic resulting in an unacceptable level of buffering. I currently enjoy great streaming services like Acorn and Netflix with no buffering. Is there anyone with actual experience? Does a VPN worsen the situation? TIA SunFan
  19. Looking forward to the new thousand pesos bills. Hope they go into general circulation unlike the old thousand peso notes. SunFan
  20. Strange. I just made a Mercadolibre purchase this morning using Bancomer debit. Using Chrome and the Mercadolibre web site. Don't know why credit would be different. SunFan
  21. Maybe Vancouver but have you enjoyed the adventure in Montreal? LOL SunFan
  22. Relaxing on the Terrassa after an afternoon of gardening and I'm watching a crew of those tiny ants scurry along the floor. They must travel 30 or 40 times their body length in a second. How in the Hell do they manage that? I can't believe their legs move that fast. Any ideas? I've also am puzzled by some of the recent findings in Quantum Mechanics if anyone can tackle that. I'm sure glad I've acclimatized to this prolonged isolation. SunFan
  23. Super. Thanks a lot. I know the lumber store well. SunFan
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