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  1. Juan is reliable, responsive and honest. SunFan
  2. isn't that you, top row, third from the right? SunFan
  3. Not very scientific but I measure warm months by the number of nights I need to have the ceiling fans on in the evening and in the cold months the number of nights I have to have supplemental heating. The last two winters I have not had to turn the heaters on at all and the spring fan days have always been about the same over the past ten years. I'm happy. SunFan
  4. I hope you bought a few lottery tickets on the way home from the accident. SunFan
  5. Brings back memories. My family used to put up preserves every fall. The least favorite job I was assigned as the youngest was peeling the Pearl Onions. What a chore for a few small jars! SunFan
  6. Looks like a full house. Do you have to compete for a seat? SunFan
  7. Just 3/4 inch in Chula Vista. SunFan
  8. I'm having trouble understanding the OPs problem. I've lived in Chula Vista for ten years and served on their Board for three. I have never had a water issue and drink and cook from the tap. The water comes from two wells, 200 meters deep. The water is tested daily by staff for proper chlorine levels. Quarterly, the water is tested by a CONAGUA certified Lab in Guadalajara for contaminants - arsenic, heavy metals like Mercury, etc.. Have you spoken to Lucy at the Office about your problem? You may have another issue. SunFan
  9. Thank you. I learn something every day. SunFan
  10. Wow, that will cost Pedro more than a week's worth of cigars or a bottle of his beloved Mescal. The least I can do is match his donation. PM me with your location or can I drop off a donation at the shop? I remember, when I first visited the LCS campus 10 years ago, seeing the HHWT volunteers and students working away. I was impressed. One of the reasons I joined the LCS. SunFan
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