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  1. Jonny I agree, Your first amendment rights give you the ability to spew your venom all over this Board. I trust the moderators and site sponsor are happy with the level of discourse you've encouraged. SunFan
  2. I noted that someone, I assume a moderator, deleted Jonny's sexist and insulting response to Sputnik's original request. I believe he said something like "what other duties" would the employee be required to perform. And he and others find this amusing? SunFan
  3. Unbelievable reaction. Jonny pervades almost every post. You find him amusing? He is very intelligent but.... SunFan
  4. I have to agree with Kyle I'm an 8 year resident here and an occasional visitor to this Board. There is something strange about someone who persists with Jonny's types of posts. It's intimidating to posters and destroys what might otherwise be be thoughtful threads. His posts are not amusing. Is this the image of Lakeside Chapala.com wishes to project to visitors to the web site? I hope not. I'm off this Board. SunFan
  5. Sam is getting tiresome and annoying flogging his cure-alls. SunFan
  6. Clever Harry. I like the approach. SunFan
  7. What model? What generation? TIA SunFan
  8. About a year ago I got a CFE bill that showed no output from my solar array. The current and previous readings were the same. Thank goodness I had enough accumulated kWh to cover the deficit. The reading was corrected two months later. I would hate to have had to go after CFE for a credit resulting from their screwed up meter reading. SunFan
  9. Organic Vegetable Growers Club meet the second Weds of every month at 10:30 AM at Min Wahs restaurant. A seed bank is available. You want Genovese Basil. SunFan
  10. What a terrific idea. Seems like a great initiative for the new Mayor's wife. What does Harry B. think about the logistics? SunFan
  11. Just heard from a close friend who crossed the border at Laredo Weds nite around 6:00 PM. Took him 13 minutes he said. SunFan
  12. I'm embarrassed. I'm on the LCS Board and didn't know they provided that service. I imagine that's handled through the Optician who visits there each week. Thanks SunFan
  13. My wife just had cataract surgery on both eyes and now has 20/20 vision, Lucky duck. To whom can we donate her many pairs of old eyeglasses. I know they have value but can't remember where to donate them. TIA SunFan
  14. You're upper middle income and you're surprised? This was a tax cut for the "middle class" was it not? From an uninformed Canadian SunFan
  15. But jonnyintruble one never trolls for bass or river trout. What a character! Sunfan
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