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  1. I'm NOB a couple of times a year so it hasn't been an issue of convenience to keep my Canadian drivers license and I think the cost is a good investment should I one day return to Canada and wish to drive gain. Car insurance - Q - How long have you had your Canadian drivers license? A - Oh I just got it when I came back to Canada. Ah ha a new driver. Do we have a policy for you! SunFan
  2. I've had one for 7 years geezer. A Canadian drivers licence is handy ID to have on occasion. SunFan
  3. I did have it mailed to a friend's address in Toronto and he mailed it down here. I don't have a residence in Canada but did switch my drivers licence address online to my friends home. SunFan
  4. I did it 5 years ago. Online. Now I have to return to Ontario after 10 years to have my photo taken. SunFan
  5. As one of the "ratty" ones I must agree with Ferret. I must also find out what meds Tom uses to maintain his patience. SunFan
  6. Personally I would like to know when its going to rain next in SAT? Oh, and when does the 24 hour Oxxo close? SunFan
  7. Clueless, you really do fret over the most trivial matters. SunFan
  8. And your question again is? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Common it depends on what you're doing of course. SunFan
  9. Perfect. It should be open by the time I need to renew in 2022. SunFan
  10. For Sale Google Pixel 3 128 GB Black Color (model was announced September 2018) $350 USD or pesos equivalent 128 GB storage Unlocked for Verizon. Used on AT&T at Lakeside Comes with charger Immaculate condition. No signs of wear. Purchased April 2019. Check eBay for comparative value…….. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Google-Pixel-3-128GB-Just-Black-Unlocked-AT-T-T-Mobile-Great-Condition/123842417673?hash=item1cd5955409%3Ag%3AL5gAAOSwK9ZcLOZ7%3Asc%3AUSPSFirstClass!33461!US!-1&LH_BIN=1&LH_ItemCondition=3000 Contact George at 376 766 3792 or 332 494 2886
  11. My banned items were; a ceramic serving plate - I could break it into pieces and use as a weapon; fishing lures - the hooks could be used as a weapon a disposable salt grinder (with salt) - no explanation. I was told its on the prohibited list as of Nov 2018 I think the Terrorists won. SunFan
  12. NLU Please give it up. You're getting really tiresome. I can understand why you were cancelled. SunFan
  13. Does anyone have an update on their installation progress? Hopeful in San Antonio. SunFan
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