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  1. Looking forward to the new thousand pesos bills. Hope they go into general circulation unlike the old thousand peso notes. SunFan
  2. Strange. I just made a Mercadolibre purchase this morning using Bancomer debit. Using Chrome and the Mercadolibre web site. Don't know why credit would be different. SunFan
  3. Maybe Vancouver but have you enjoyed the adventure in Montreal? LOL SunFan
  4. Relaxing on the Terrassa after an afternoon of gardening and I'm watching a crew of those tiny ants scurry along the floor. They must travel 30 or 40 times their body length in a second. How in the Hell do they manage that? I can't believe their legs move that fast. Any ideas? I've also am puzzled by some of the recent findings in Quantum Mechanics if anyone can tackle that. I'm sure glad I've acclimatized to this prolonged isolation. SunFan
  5. Super. Thanks a lot. I know the lumber store well. SunFan
  6. My cordless drill just gave up the ghost in the middle of assembling stretcher frames for my wife. The chuck is jammed wide open. Is there anyone local who repairs small power tools???? TIA SunFan
  7. Luz (sp) the optician at the LCS accepts old eyeglasses and provides them to those who can't afford glasses. SunFan
  8. I have been a patient since she opened her practice. I have had crowns, fillings and inlays done very successfully but I agree I would not use her for implants. She did three for me. One molar snapped at the Titanium screw leaving a portion of he screw still imbedded in the implant. It cannot be removed (or at least she can't remove it). I am now missing a molar. SunFan
  9. Bit snarky today are we? Can you see at trend in the numbers presented by Bisbee Gal? SunFan Weekly case increases between July 2nd and Oct. 8th in Chapala. Data from Official Jalisco State Government Covid site, https://coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx/ Date Cases New Weekly Cases July 2nd 33 - July 9th 36 3 July 16th 37 1 July 23rd 41 4 July 30th 43 2 Aug. 6th 52 9 Aug. 13th 61 9 Aug.
  10. Seems like the virus is just now hitting Lakeside. The worst mat be yet to come. SunFan
  11. After months of no activity I tried my ilox phone line yesterday. Same problem - my call is dropped completely after a couple of minutes. What are other users experiencing now? SunFan
  12. Does anyone know who officially "approves" the installation of topes? SunFan
  13. Two years ago they were one hour sessions for 500 pesos. SunFan
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