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  1. I'm breaking down after 3 months without a cigar. Isolation is getting to me. Is the Fathers day assortment still available Pedro? SunFan
  2. OK I guess I'm the one to ask. If I may ask what are you planning to do with "bulk mustard powder"? SunFan
  3. SunFan

    Tomato paste

    Out of stock at Costco, along with cubed tomatoes and tomato salsa. SunFan
  4. Only .14 inches in SAT. Disappointing. SunFan
  5. Remember its a marathon not a sprint. Hope springs eternal for a good rainy season. SunFan
  6. They're recognizable by a white band on their wings. SunFan
  7. I paid 150 pesos for installation. I too thought it was included as i was one of the "prepaids". SunFan
  8. You only have two choices - TelMex and ilox. TelMex provides only twisted pair copper SDLC service. I got 1.6 mbps max on Jacarandas Privada so I was eager to switch to ilox. 70 mbps hardwired and 30 mbps wifi with their crappy modem. SunFan
  9. Not about Mexico and political. Deleted and closed.
  10. I would trust Happyjillin's advice. He's dealt with antique furniture for decades. SunFan
  11. Ah I see, present versus past tense of "to read". SunFan
  12. Dan If its a Frac its an AC and is required to apply for reopening. SunFan
  13. I reported that mail was being forwarded from iShop's Laredo warehouse to our location in SAT. What did I misunderstand? SunFan
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