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  1. SunFan

    Cairns or Westies

    Chris/Harry If you haven't already done it check all the animal shelters Lakeside. You never know what you might find. We were looking for a couple of mutts - MSDs and ended up unknowingly with what the Vet tells us are a purebred Beagle and an Australian Cattle Dog puppy. Anyone want an Australian Cattle Dog puppy....my ankles are raw and my shoulder hurts from throwing balls? LOL SunFan
  2. SunFan


    Thank you Harry for all your efforts on behalf of the Lakeside community. SunFan
  3. SunFan

    The lake level

    With the water level so high what's happening with sewers and septic systems on lakefront properties? SunFan
  4. SunFan

    Interest free "loans."

    Our Frac withholds services and adds interest to outstanding maintenance fees. Of course the issue is when can you collect. Very often its only on the sale of the property (if the Frac is consulted) In the case of land it can be held for generations. With land as well withholding services is meaningless Mexican courts limit collection of unpaid fees to a maximum of 2 years. Balance that with the legal cost of collection or liens. We've found the best method of handling morosos is attention to persistent collection contact. SunFan
  5. In Toronto I used to actually BUY water hyacinth and water lettuce each spring for my Koi ponds. SunFan
  6. SunFan

    CHAPALA, a failed city??

    Alan there are almost 300 homes in Chula Vista. If 3,500 pesos per home were an average predial that's the million pesos to the Chapala treasury right there. SunFan
  7. SunFan

    CHAPALA, a failed city??

    I live in Chula Vista. That Frac, like many others here at Lakeside, provide through homeowner maintenance fees their own street lighting, water, road maintenance and landscaping. In exchange for our property taxes Chapala provides Policing and of course all the other services to be found at City hall like building permits. I estimate conservatively that Chula Vista residents send over a million pesos a year to the Chapala coffers for essentially no services. Add to that what the 20 or so other Lakeside Fracs contribute and one indeed wonders why basic street maintenance can't be accomplished. SunFan
  8. SunFan

    Traffic Rule Question

    I saw an ambiance pick up another whacko scooter driver around noon today at the foot of Chula Vista. No charges laid. SunFan
  9. SunFan

    Dr. Candy Dental

    She hasn't moved. I was there just two days ago. SunFan
  10. SunFan

    Fund raiser for local star

    Yes yesterday. SunFan
  11. SunFan

    Ilox Update

    They started in early August. Course you can always stay with good old reliable Telmex. SunFan
  12. Its the DIF (Jalisco) card you use not the INAPAM (federal) SunFan
  13. SunFan

    Plastic Bags

    With all due respect I think the Europeans are leading and the U.S.A. is catching up.
  14. SunFan

    Snake ID

    Hey no problema. i have no inclination to approach, catch, fondle, keep, eat, sell or transport a snake. SunFan
  15. It's that time again. I got three years out of this blanket until a Coatamundi decided to walk across the blanket last week at 3 AM and shredded it in two trying to claw its way out. Any advice on who locally has the best price and service theses days for a replacement? TIA SunFan