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  1. I went to visit the lighting store in SAT beside the Sunrise Restaurant and it was GONE. Does anyone know if they've moved or are out of business and can anyone recommend a favorite lighting store? TIA SunFan
  2. The Lake Chapala Society English language Library might be interested. SunFan
  3. Going to visit the Opal mine in Magdalena next week. Any suggestions on things we should do or avoid? TIA SunFan
  4. I'm OK with ilox up the hill in Chula Vista. SunFan
  5. The whole project is just insane. A bike lane as wide as the ones for cars and trucks? Left turns and buses stopping now impede traffic? As Happyjillin pointed out - what happens when an ambulance can't pass because traffic is backed up in both directions and cars can't get off the road? SunFan
  6. Is that wifi in the home or an ethernet cable to the modem? SunFan
  7. 70 Mbps is at the modem. Wifi deteriorates the signal to 40 Mbps. Ilox and Telmex modems are apparently poor quality and broadcast a weak wifi signal. SunFan
  8. That was powerful. SunFan
  9. In the eight years I've lived down here I would guess; (and I mean guess) - gasoline and propane have doubled in cost - restaurant meals are up 60 to 70% - groceries are up 50% - I don't know about rents. I own but electricity and water are probably up 50% - property taxes up 20 to 30 %. and as tycobb said all of this offset by the peso decline SunFan
  10. and the Police will be in the Walmart parking lot soliciting donations as well. Be generous, they are not paid well. SunFan
  11. I'm the Upper CV customer Computerguy is referring to. After 8 years of 1.6 Mbps "service" from Telmex I can't tell you how delighted I am with the lightning ilox speeds. I have three other neighbors on my street who report the same speeds. I have experienced one outage (a slowdown to Telmex speed) a week ago. The ilox NOC responded in literally seconds and the issue was fixed in a couple of minutes. Impressive technical support. I could use some feedback from other ilox customers. I've heard their VOIP phone service is a bit spotty and before I port my Telmex number and cancel their service I wanted to hear that ilox now had fully reliable phone service. Any feedback please? SunFan
  12. Yup definitely Upper Chula Vista where I too used to suffer with 1.6 Mbps speeds from Telmex. Even YouTube would buffer. Now I'm Netflixing with 30 mbps with ilox. Whooohooo. SunFan
  13. Sounds like that ends my hope of saving my Canadian number. I think I'll just bail on MJ. SunFan
  14. MJ didn't suggest a charge would be involved. They kindly said they regretted losing me as a customer. Lets see what happens when ilox is asked to port a Canadian number. I haven't cancelled MJ yet. SunFan
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