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  1. I remember watching the last Stanley Cup victory by my hometown Maple Leafs............was that 51 or 52 years ago. SunFan
  2. It will be fascinating to imagine what the whole Lago Chapala area will look like in 30 years time. We're sure a long way from sleepy lakeside fishing villages already. SunFan
  3. Hey ComputerGuy, I took a fiber splicing course about ten years ago.....now if only I could climb a pole with spikes. SunFan
  4. OK I'll bite. What is a Mexican Wedding Shirt? SunFan
  5. You're thinking of the work done by Bob Howe and the insidelakeside,com members who refurbished (rebuilt) 64 benches on the Ajijic malecon. Problemchild made a very generous offer to kick start the benches in Chapala but I think made the mistake of entrusting money to the local government. He should have purchased the materials and held them and let Chapala supply the labour. SunFan
  6. Pedro/Ned Small. Is that you yet again? SunFan
  7. You realize of course you Fishing Club folks are just creating more competition for the large mouth Bass in Lago Chapala. LOL SunFan
  8. Love it. I'll bet that works. SunFan
  9. But in my senility I'm like a five year old waiting for Christmas. SunFan
  10. Hardly worth putting freshly ironed clothes over a wrinkled body. SunFan
  11. A helicopter made at least two trips to the Lake yesterday afternoon. Dropped a tethered bucket a couple of hundred meters off the shore in Riberas and then took off North bound. SunFan
  12. Sounds onerous. I did my renewal about 4 months ago using the LCS services. Left at 9:00 AM. About 14 of us went in on a chartered bus. It was as if reservations were made. The only hold up was waiting for all 14 of us to be processed. Took about two hours then back on the bus to lakeside. SunFan
  13. Shouldice in Toronto is world famous for hernia repairs. When I had a bilateral done there 25 years ago half the patients were from out-of-country. The procedure is done with only a local anesthetic They asked me if I wanted a mirror so I could see the procedure. I respectfully declined. I was walked off the operating table and on a stationery bike later that day. Best of all the entire cost was covered by Canada's universal health care. SunFan
  14. Jonny I agree, Your first amendment rights give you the ability to spew your venom all over this Board. I trust the moderators and site sponsor are happy with the level of discourse you've encouraged. SunFan
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