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  1. SunFan

    Fund raiser for local star

    Yes yesterday. SunFan
  2. SunFan

    Ilox Update

    They started in early August. Course you can always stay with good old reliable Telmex. SunFan
  3. Its the DIF (Jalisco) card you use not the INAPAM (federal) SunFan
  4. SunFan

    Plastic Bags

    With all due respect I think the Europeans are leading and the U.S.A. is catching up.
  5. SunFan

    Snake ID

    Hey no problema. i have no inclination to approach, catch, fondle, keep, eat, sell or transport a snake. SunFan
  6. It's that time again. I got three years out of this blanket until a Coatamundi decided to walk across the blanket last week at 3 AM and shredded it in two trying to claw its way out. Any advice on who locally has the best price and service theses days for a replacement? TIA SunFan
  7. SunFan

    Looking for an electric range

    We just installed an induction cook-top two months ago and we love it. Far less electricity used than resistance burners. no waste heat, just a wipe cleans up spills and a true simmer. Prices have been dropping recently and induction is now on par with good quality gas ranges and cook-tops SunFan
  8. SunFan

    Old Books

    50 year old text books are probably of no value today. Ask the Garbage Truck guys how they recycle paper and cardboard. SunFan
  9. SunFan

    Ilox Update

    Tom again my appreciation for all the hard work you've put into this project. Your professional calm and dedication in the face of criticism was most impressive. I see everyone's jumping on the bandwagon now that there is no risk. SunFan
  10. This is a wonderful learning experience for Mexican kids. I understand the turnout is very high every week. My congratulations to Roberto and Wayne. SunFan
  11. SunFan

    Northbound refugees in Chapala

    Unbelievable! SunFan
  12. SunFan


    They're sold in Paz. A little over 300 pesos for a twelve pack. Not a bad smoke and as you said still hand made. SunFan
  13. SunFan

    Fiber optic cable in Riberas

    Just got the following email from ilox...... "Estimado residente de la zona Jocotepec y Chapala, Ilox Telecomunicaciones se congratula en informarle que el proyecto de construccion de red de fibra optica en su zona es un hecho e iniciara con las instalaciones a finales del presente mes para poder brindarle los servicios contratados. Ilox Telecomunicaciones agradece su confianza y apoyo para el logro de este proyecto. Atte: Equipo Ilox Guadalajara. Dear resident of the Jocotepec and Chapala area, Ilox Telecomunicaciones is pleased to inform you that the optical fiber network construction project in your area is a fact and will start at the end of this month to be able to provide the services you hired. Ilox Telecomunicaciones thanks your trust and support for the achievement of this project. Atte: Team Ilox Guadalajara." SunFan
  14. SunFan

    Mirasol Fracc

    Chula Vista refers to the almost 50 year old Frac surrounding the golf course in SAT. It includes both Upper (East of course) and Lower West of course) SunFan
  15. SunFan

    Mirasol Fracc

    As an owner I feel Chula Vista is well manged and well directed by it's Board. SunFan