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  1. Thank you very much Bournemouth for the info
  2. Would anyone know if there will be one this fall at the Chapala Marina and on what dates ? thank you
  3. Hi all! Departure by car from Canada to Ajijic is approaching fast. When we clear customs and immigration in Nuevo Laredo and after we pass Monterrey, what would be your best recommended route? A. Via Zacatecas or B. Via Matehuala Do both area have similar safe divided highways ? Thank you for your replies!!!!
  4. I'll have to brush-up on how I throw my ball... Lolll
  5. Wow! It is nice to know that Pétanque a nice socializing game for some is being played at Lakeside Thank you for the info and comments They will be 2 more players arriving in the fall !!!
  6. Are there people playing pétanque at Lakeside ?
  7. So it is close to Rancho Del Oro on the Caraterra Thank you
  8. Where in Lakeside area or Guadalajara, someone can have these ceramic house and address tile or sign personalized and purchased ? Thank you !
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