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  1. I don’t remember. Sorry. If I get a chance, I’ll dig out my passports and let you know.
  2. I do it-use US PASSPORT going and Mxn coming home.
  3. Always give keys to a trusted neighbor/friend and/or your maid. Have your instructions, phone numbers who need to be contacted, info about your pets, etc. in a prominent place like your refrigerator. A few years ago there was a company called Vida Alarms here. But they didn’t have enough customers to continue. It was a “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” business. Since I live alone I try to always have my cell phone with me just in case. Even if you don’t live alone, having emergency contacts is important. What if both of you are in an accident, for example. Who needs to be notified?
  4. Gee, seems you are going through some tough times. I don’t know if I know you, but sending positive thoughts via the UNIVERSE.
  5. EEk, How are you doing? It’s been a long time! Good luck with your book.
  6. That’s the only hot cereal I eat and it’s not sold here. If someone is going to the U.S. and is willing to bring a box or 2 down for me, I will be MUY AGRADECIDA.
  7. What a great idea! I'll try to get to the plaza tomorrow.
  8. There is a restaurant La Bodega in Ajijic, but not on the carretera. And not furnishings etc. I don't know of any such store on the carretera. Good luck.
  9. Fred, do you know if the one in Joco will accept folks from Chapala?
  10. When I wanted to enroll about a year ago in Chapala, they said I am too old! Is that "kosher?"
  11. Yesterday I bought a LOT of items and took them to the kiosk in the Ajijic plaza. I think the Chapala plaza is also accepting items.
  12. Just saw in a local newspaper that the female teacher who has been accused, was just sent to jail even though her case was not adjudicated yet.???
  13. I (female) came here alone in 1995. I live in the heart of Ajijic. I wouldn't change my life if you paid me.
  14. There is a man in Ajijic who is a "curandero." He is called Katusa. He lives on Galeana, a little below the LCS "library, the Wilkes School," on the east side of Galeana. Last time I passed his house, there was construction going on. I think it is for a temescal (sweat Lodge.) In Ajijic, there are many locals who respect their indigenous roots.
  15. THere is a bi-lingual psychiatrist at Mascaras. Good luck. Anxiety is a bummer!
  16. Hi, Eek. I remember you from a looong time ago. Yesterday was my 22 year living in Mexico and I am still in love with Ajijic.
  17. I went to the Tianguis at around 10:15 and there was no booth where Anita always was.
  18. Will there be Spanish-speaking volunteers at the Tianguis? Is Tulu still there? I have witnessed many local people asking where to go to get their newly-adopted pets checked up and/or neutered. I never had a pet in my life till I moved here. Thanks to Anita and crew, I was able to get advice to be a good puppy mama. I'm sure I was not the only" pet people" who were helped.
  19. Some years ago, a friend of mine here had a stroke that affected his speech and language. Since there were no English speaking S&L therapistsat that time, , he ended up having to go back to the US. He had excellent health insurance here but they were unable to provide an English speaking therapist. I know there is or was a S&L therapist here who works (or worked) in one of the private schools. I don't know if she is connected now to an insurance company, but I doubt it. With S&L issues, it is best to start the therapy very quickly. Dr. Justina has a PHYSICAL therapy facility, but not Speech and language.. Good luck, I hope your mom gets the help she needs quickly.
  20. I bought my hearing aids at Costco in Gdl. The tests they do are way more sophisticated than the test I had with Polo. My experience with Polo was very disappointing. My experience at Costco was excellent. The staff there is very helpful. Any little problem I have had with the apparatus has been handled quickly and graciously.
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