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  1. TelCel is donating Mexico-wide in support of earthquake relief efforts...for every.single.peso WE donate, TelCel will donate an additional FIVE PESOS...through the Carlos Slim foundation...just think how FAR your cash donation will go! Donated today at the TelCel store in Laguna Plaza. 1f49b.png?1f49a.png?2764.png<3

    Imagine...ONE bottle of water becomes SIX bottles of water, ONE package of diapers becomes SIX...and so on and so on and so on.

    There's a desperate race to save survivors under a collapsed school in Mexico City. Hope is fading to find many more survivors in the rubble throughout CDMX and environs.

    This fund raising initiative seems to be one of the best so far. Carlos Slim is a Mexican billionaire, and philanthropist, who...once again...RISES above for his country. 2764.png<3 2764.png<3 2764.png<3 Please consider donating through TelCel.

    We need to...Do all the good we can,
    By all the means we can,
    In all the ways we can,
    In all the places we can,
    At all the times we can,
    To all the people we can,
    As long as we ever can...right?

    Earthquake relief TelMex.jpg

  2. 16 hours ago, John Shrall said:

    Andres worked for me last year. I won't comment on his work at this time as the job he did for me may not be reflective of his current work.

    I would advise all to be wary and skeptical of his sad stories. 

    Yeah okay...BUT...he's just trying to support his kids John..."sad stories aside..." I am HAPPY that work is coming his way. I hope that the new folks who are taking a risk with him ight be happier with his work than you were. And if they're NOT...that'll get around too, right?


  3. I.AM.HAPPY!! I posted this to several ex-pat facebook groups in Mexico as well, and this fellow has found THREE painting jobs since yesterday...one for three months...inside and outside...and two short term...but hopefully this will give him more references, and they might lead to more work...right? You know, I have seen SO MANY folks comment with words similar to "...beware of scammers..." yep...I wasn't born yesterday, and I DO realize that there is an element of healthy and necessary skepticism in this old world...BUT...I will err on the side of accepting a risk and helping a fellow human being feed his kids. Yep. Always.

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  4. 2 hours ago, ComputerGuy said:

    No, I am saying that they get paid a lot more up there, and get accustomed to what some would call "the good life"... and when they come back here, pay is lousy, work is scarce, goods are harder to come by... and they want more, but they don't seem willing to "go for it" and make it work. This is not a blanket condemnation; this is in reference to those who live this way.

    Mike...truly...this is NOT "this guy." He is NOT expecting "the good life" here. He simply wants to support his kids...HERE...in his native country...for so much LESS than the earnings he could make in the US.  Give the guy a break.

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  5. 38 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

    We are unfortunately going to be dealing with this, perhaps more often than we used to, because of the many people who have returned from up north. It is very difficult to make a judgment, when the person seems sincere and troubled.

    My favourite was a woman trolling the streets of Chapala some years back, looking for money to get a coffin for her husband. That was a new one on me. My least favourite was a waiter at Brissi's, before they moved to their current location, who had a story very similar to that of Sr. Nuñez. We gave him food, and offered him work. He was lousy at everything, even though he claimed to have spent 10 years in California doing every aspect of construction. We paid him for a day's work, and expected him back the next morning to continue. He disappeared for a week. When he came back, it was pretty obvious that he had simply drunk his way through the money.

    Unfortunately, incidents like these have left me completely skeptical, and when the doorbell rings, I ignore it most of the time. I didn't used to be this way.

    You know Mike... I am skeptical too. But at the end of the day this man is looking for work, and regardless of his story ,  he is simply trying to support his children. I'll accept the risk of getting scammed if it means there's a possibility to help someone genuinely in need.

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  6. 8 hours ago, John Shrall said:

    Andres worked for me last year. I won't comment on his work at this time as the job he did for me may not be reflective of his current work.

    I would advise all to be wary and skeptical of his sad stories. 

    "Sad stories" aside, the reality is that he is raising these children alone and is actively seeking work John. I am sorry that you were less than satisfied with his work for you last year. For others who might be seeking a painter, he has several excellent local references to provide to you, all of whom you can telephone to double-check. I hope this man finds some work soon.

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  7. 14 hours ago, tombo said:

    Andres Nuñez not long ago did excellent work on a difficult painting job for us. With recent rainy weather and two children going back to school, this single dad is giving a special offer this month on painting jobs--20 pesos an hour. Bonus: he speaks good English. His phone: 331-742-83-92.

    Thanks Tombo. I hope he finds work soon. I have also posted in several facebook groups, with a couple of cautiously optimistic results.

  8. Post for local friends here. 

    So. I have not picked up a hitchhiker within the past 40 years...for good reason, as an old woman alone, right?

     Driving back home from Chapala today, I picked up a hitchhiker, who was with his seven year old son. 

    What a story! This man has recently relocated to Mexico from Florida, where he worked for many years as a house painter. 

    He has two children, a seven year old son and a five year old daughter. Three months ago, their mother died of stomach cancer. 

    Now this man is struggling to raise these children alone. He.needs.work to support his family. He has several references attesting to his house painting skills, both from Florida and locally. 

    If you have any plans for painting in the foreseeable future, could you please consider this man? His name is Andreas Nunez. He can be reached at 331 742 8392. I have his permission to post.

    I have provided some temporary help...but this gentle man simply hopes to WORK.

    No "nay-sayer" comments...please.


  9. My Spanish teacher is...WONDERFUL!!

    She has two spaces for her small group Spanish lessons in west Ajijic, for Mondays from 10 am to 12 noon, beginning on October 2nd. Lessons take place beside the pool at her beautiful home at Fraccionamiento La Cristina #1, which is 4km from Colon, in the centre of Ajijic.

    She charges fifty pesos per hour, each class is two hours, and tuition fees are payable in advance for one month at a time.

    If interested, please contact Noemi directly at VillaLaffitte@gmail.com, OR ph no 376-766-0641.



  10. Look at this beautiful puppy!! My friend Teresa is fostering him right now, after he was rescued from a garbage can. (What is WRONG with people!?)

    She is fostering him, but with several animals of her own, she is hoping that some kind person might be interested in giving him a forever home. She estimates he is about six weeks old.

    If you're interested in adopting, you will likely need to participate in a loving "vetting process" with Teresa

    As part of the adoption process, I will happily pay for neutering this precious puppy as soon as she's old enough. 

    Please contact Teresa directly at teresalimon35a@gmail.com 

    I hope that we can find this little one a home 

    puppy teresa.jpg

    puppy teresa 2.jpg

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  11. "In Florida I was able to bring a sample Parson's dining chair in to several upholstery shops for quotes for work while using my own fabric. A typical Parson's chair has only an upholstered seat and back.  I was quoted quotdere from $190 USD to $325 USD per chair, labor only.   That is how I learned that the cost to reupholster those simple dining chairs wasn't worth it. I could go to Ikea and buy the same chair,  new, for $69 USD.  I was hoping for the same ballpark info from these forums."

    Ideally, you would need to go TO the upholsterer  here...this is not like Florida...which is partly why we LIVE here, right? ;-)  The upholsterers here won't come to YOU for a "ballpark figure." Bring your pictures to Oscar. He's a GREAT upholsterer. I have been PERFECTLY satisfied with his work.


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