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  1. Please, can somebody identify this beautiful tree, currently in bloom lakeside? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Alberca...just hoping for a CURRENT local purchasing contact...
  3. Please... does anybody know who sells these locally? Thank you for any leads.
  4. I have an LG Mini Split A/C, which, until recently, has worked beautifully. Recently, in this oppressive HEAT, it's no longer working. I have paid two technicians to assess and fix...NO luck, after six thousand pesos expenditure...would SO appreciate advice for repair.
  5. Is there a way to block calls from certain numbers on a Tel Cel account...and block texts? Thanks for any advice.
  6. A tad past thirty, LOVES cooking (hosts dinner parties at my house ;-) ), music, takes pleasure in exploring the area, including Guad (he'd enjoy connecting with somebody interested in going into the aviation museum there), just trying to find his way around and connect socially with folks a few decades younger.
  7. Okay...so...I.am.old. I'm happy with that, so far. BUT...have a younger son spending time here...he needs social contacts, especially for after his mother settles into bed at 9 pm...any suggestions re where to go, perhaps during an early evening?
  8. Thanks for your advice...and I think this is a WONDERFUL idea!
  9. Thanks! It was FABULOUS!! Thanks for posting these. How do you insert a video clip into a post, and does it need to be in a specific format...techie luddite here!
  10. Seeking advice from folks in the know! Does anybody have a hot tub connected to solar panels? If so, I would appreciate chatting with you!
  11. Hmmm....I signed up too...happy to note there is no obligation to do so.Am I correct in understanding that the service will cost FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS USD for new users when initiated? And...what is "Option six?"
  12. Ken, your five rooster rocks will be finished this weekend. The largest stones we have are only 3 inches or so...please let me know whether this size will be suitable for you.
  13. Up and running well in west Ajijic...
  14. I'll present the challenge to them this weekend.
  15. Ate there again Thursday evening...exceptional creamy pasta!
  16. We had an inventory of 108 randomly painted stones plus 41 special order stones. We had planned a three hour sale, and were sold out within 90 mts. We earned a total of 9300 pesos, and divided among three artists' families, each family received 3100 pesos. The minimum wage per worker here, especially for unskilled and semi-skilled labour, is a little more than 80 pesos....PER DAY. Can you IMAGINE how happy these young artists are today, to bring this money home to their families? YES, they will eat well this month...and hopefully for many more months, as we continue to paint together. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the other generous benefactors, Donna, Judy, Chris, Deb, Shirley, Leela, Nancy, Christine, Erin, Lisa, Judy, Pat, Judy, Loren, Lee, Debra, Meta, Janet, Jeri, Cindy, Lori, Bill, Elena, Nancy, Kathy, Jill,Carol, Lynn, Bill, Poli. Thank you also to those wonderful people who donated art supplies so these hard working and talented children can keep on painting! Thank you also to those of you who submitted special orders...we'll have those ready for you by the end of next weekend. Next week, a second group will start with us...watch for our next sale in the Ajijic Plaza at the end of next month! GRACIAS a todos!      
  17. Fund raising initiative for children involved in Operation Feed in San Juan Cosala. These talented kids have been very busy painting ROCKS with us...all kinds of rocks, owl rocks, ladybug rocks (in many creative colours!), Mexican and Canadian and American Flag rocks, heart mandala rocks, kitty rocks, Catrina rocks...and so on...and so on...and soon. <3 Their first show and sale happens TOMORROW from 10 am till 1 pm at the Ajijic Plaza, beside the butcher shop on the corner. The kids are SO excited! Smaller rocks will sell for 50 pesos each. Larger and more detailed rocks will sell for 75 to 200 pesos each. Rocks are painted with vivid acrylic paints and sealed with several layers of clear acrylic. (They will last best in shaded areas of your garden or patio, though, as the hot Mexican sun may still infiltrate the coating and fade the paints.) :)) This fund raiser will help these children contribute their own hard-earned money to their families, to buy food and other essentials. We hope you can come to the plaza tomorrow to meet some of these wonderful young folks, and to support their find raising efforts.
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