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  1. I can't find any information about this. As registered non resident Canadians living permanently in Mexico, are we permitted to bring Mexican plated cars to Canada for temporary visits? Thanks for any information, or for direction to reliable sources.
  2. Oscar Castellanous, 333 676 4552 500 pesos for an airport run. Bilingual too.
  3. I have been a patient of Dr Pinto's in Riberas for several years...always very happy with his services! 376 765 7793. His office is located in a mini plaza just across the street from Mom's Deli.
  4. Sad to read this. I used Viluma recently, to replace four sliding patio door screens, two 8 ft by 10 ft broken patio door windows, and to install new locks on all my sliding windows. They did excellent work, and I would definitely use them again.
  5. I have searched, but have not been able to find anything here. Can anybody suggest a business Lakeside that might prepare Canadian income tax returns? Thanks in advance!
  6. Just sayin'...this is a post from TWO YEARS AGO...what are you asking for?
  7. Westenders at Lake Chapala is an active, vibrant, popular facebook group. Really. 😊
  8. Alberto Farias 331 706 9407 EXCELLENT tradesman!
  9. Does anybody know where/if winners have been posted?
  10. Thinking about those, but they're so expensive! I have ten sets of floor-to-ceiling sliding patio doors to secure. Siiigh. Sometimes I think of just bricking them all up! 😉
  11. THANKS Chillin! I'm doing mosaic rocks with children.
  12. Does anybody know where I can purchase thin-set mortar? Also searching for silicone glue. Advice appreciated!
  13. Can anybody tell me...what is this type of ceiling called?
  14. Pemex just west of Arileos Restaurant west Ajijic now pumping... 30 cars coming from both East and West in line.
  15. I gassed up at Pemex 1 km east of the main traffic light in Jocotepec this morning...long lines, but premium and diesel still available.
  16. Has anybody else had this problem? My Samsung Galaxy is peppered daily with several loud voice ads...driving me to utter distraction! I have tried changing volume settings, but that has been ineffective. Looking for advice how to make them stop! Thanks for helping...one.nerve.left!
  17. Seguro Popular will be replaced... https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/amlo-announces-new-integrated-health-system/?fbclid=IwAR3lgKv-hpMddtfrDceH0QkJuj-AbOu6qGluD6HAiSFY2FlPky8833iGGBQ
  18. Well, WONDERFUL for YOU, Arroyos, that you have not been cheated all the time you have lived here. But to say that ''I think the problem related to the above comments is that YOU PEOPLE come down here and expect to be cheated by Mexicans'' minimizes the reality that MANY others have dealt with. It is NOT that we ''expect'' to be cheated by Mexicans. Not at ALL. In my few years experience here, the vast majority of Mexican people do NOT cheat us, and treat us with the same respect with which we treat them. BUT...there are DEFINITELY exceptions to that hope...and your sanctimonious post does not change that. Cheating exists. Clearly. And it is incumbent on us all to...simply...be aware...so PLEASE...don't ''preach'' to us...WE have been here for a long time too 😉
  19. Local friends! Another friend's husband painted this last year. The little girl lives in San Juan Cosala. We are trying to find out who she is! The painter would like to gift this painting to her family...they do not use Facebook. Posting this everywhere I can think of please help if you can. ❤️
  20. Looking for a business anywhere lakeside to have some wooden rods cut to size for a little more security for sliding patio doors. Any advice appreciated!
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