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  1. Near Paninos in San Antonio...sorry...geographically challenged!
  2. I purchased thirty two FABULOUS hand made hand painted blue and white talavera cupboard knobs at Talaveras House in Riberas. So many BEAUTIFUL colours and designs available.
  3. Miguel Lemus Martinez, 12 passenger air conditioned van, 331 659 1017
  4. Alberto Farias, 331 706 9407, have used his services for four years now, always satisfied!
  5. Seeking a skilled tradesperson to remove stains and reseal a granite counter, recommendations from your personal experience appreciated.
  6. Christmas Arts and Crafts fair in San Juan Cosala this Saturday December 7th from 11 am till 5 pm, on Porfirio Diaz, near Viva Mexico restaurant. WONDERFUL local vendors, including Mexi Kids Mosaics...made by children living in San Juan Cosala. Buy local for Christmas...help our friends and neighbours. ♥️♥️♥️
  7. Dra Claudia Camacho is currently on maternity leave. We are all waiting patiently for her return to practice.
  8. Antonio Regolado can help you too...knowledgeable, fair and honest guy in Ajijic selling used vehicles...reach out to him on Facebook. Suerte!
  9. Amazon delivery has been EXCELLENT during my four years here... straight to my house within days...never any problems.
  10. Viva Mexico in San Juan Cosala...BEST Lakeside... and available as a standard choice on their menu.
  11. Thank you SO MUCH!! Success!!
  12. Looking for a local source to purchase 5/8 inch MDF, and have it cut to specifications. I have had it done frequently at Mister Hammer, but they are so busy these days that I need another source. Suggestions appreciated!
  13. I do glass on glass mosaics as well, but I need a different substrate for a heavy outdoor project. 😁
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