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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for Ferret! THANKS so much!
  2. I am a Canadian non resident living in Mexico, planning to spend a few months in Canada visiting friends and family. 😁
  3. IS there such a thing? 😁
  4. I can't find any information about this. As registered non resident Canadians living permanently in Mexico, are we permitted to bring Mexican plated cars to Canada for temporary visits? Thanks for any information, or for direction to reliable sources.
  5. Mike, can you recommend a better modem to buy? I'm travelling to Canada this week...would love to get something while I'm there.
  6. Oscar Castellanous, 333 676 4552 500 pesos for an airport run. Bilingual too.
  7. I have been a patient of Dr Pinto's in Riberas for several years...always very happy with his services! 376 765 7793. His office is located in a mini plaza just across the street from Mom's Deli.
  8. This is why I'm looking for solutions. 😩
  9. Sad to read this. I used Viluma recently, to replace four sliding patio door screens, two 8 ft by 10 ft broken patio door windows, and to install new locks on all my sliding windows. They did excellent work, and I would definitely use them again.
  10. Hmmm...tech savvy people...what do you think of this? It just popped up in my feed, and I'm curious whether anybody who IS tech savvy (I am not) might consider it a worthwhile investment. I do have a WiFi booster, but it does absolutely nothing, and Ilox is still a long way off for us in the west end. https://consumerbags.com/lp/en/superboostwifi/d3/?geo=Mexico&cep=8vpU2XkY7VxQ2Fi6acxS4FlCrVdoCPIVY4ZlGP9iPPf5bu6CNZ_HFNQ9cQ1Z_p8-KRBogO4yS9qslSsHuEdvJSviDQHRS6CZTHj5w-4FV_xzVXbrjEXpNuG-NFJqvzWKcZX29ycch3sHmDHOYa_EqrZeYGp6taohveY5d_BBzLQAuNhmKqfnNk00F_kCXVub0O6oJyoi-XwZqKsIW8sh0958RdARoIFZ-iKZ95IyLbCwE9NqQvffRswSZNimiWY-xgdTdFH2gqKhM4Am7vJ42oUdgPYQ4Iux0cX0gWIaMYqXwTO241AQOCs5qFdSumq85LX9AUXytxRcJJ9gPiVZhmCahC0RYNGz5xUAMZ6U8vbITWN53WunQjNVGrSaJ2Wx_p_SURbqfqjBU8XyL6d7PjsxpKWIYy6dQHfSrQMFNeN7lxrwz1rlzNmlZ4YKVzycrRjW9ce-Yce9bRAnCDH0HX735m4It1llVXMuZ0pKWBAL4J0XyC5BaMziXQH6fOzO&site=tegna-kingtv&thumbnail=http://cdn.taboola.com/libtrc/static/thumbnails/59cfc419ae62a420015513d4afc58128.jpg&title=New WiFi Booster Has Internet Providers Running Scared in Mexico&platform=Desktop&campaign_id=campaign&campaign_item_id=204086885
  11. I have searched, but have not been able to find anything here. Can anybody suggest a business Lakeside that might prepare Canadian income tax returns? Thanks in advance!
  12. Just sayin'...this is a post from TWO YEARS AGO...what are you asking for?
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