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  1. This has NOTHING to do with the original post. What's your point?
  2. Thank you SO MUCH!! Success!!
  3. Looking for a local source to purchase 5/8 inch MDF, and have it cut to specifications. I have had it done frequently at Mister Hammer, but they are so busy these days that I need another source. Suggestions appreciated!
  4. I do glass on glass mosaics as well, but I need a different substrate for a heavy outdoor project. 😁
  5. Thanks! Do you know where I can buy it?
  6. THANK YOU! Do you have any idea where I can purchase it?
  7. Looking for suggestions of where to purchase locally. This material is often used to line showers, so I'm told. Leads appreciated!
  8. Mosaics for Beginners! This intro level class...Mosaics 101... will give you the opportunity to create either: 1. One 12 inch mosaic heart 2. One 12 inch mosaic square or diamond with centre tile (either talavera, or from original art by Louise Neal Pedrosa) 3. Three 5 inch mosaic hearts All intro projects will be on a prepared MDF base, and will be suitable for indoor décor only. A wide variety of glass, border and centre tiles, embellishments and beads will be available, but you can also bring along some favourite pieces of your own to incorporate into your art. Classes will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, August 21st and 22nd, from 9 am until 1 pm, in Las Fuentes, which is 1 km east of Jocotepec, mountain side. Cost is 1000 pesos per person, and 100% of proceeds will go towards replenishing art supplies for Mexi-Kids Mosaics, a free program for talented children from San Juan Cosala to create and sell their own mosaic art, which is available at Yves Restaurant in West Ajijic and Casa Domenech at Zaragoza 109. Jamaica Mimosas and healthy snacks will keep you energized. More pics i n comments. 😁 A 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold your space.
  9. Friend Chris Robles and Ana Siller on Facebook...they will get you connected to the younger community here.
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