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  1. DeborahM


    My son was charged 800 pesos this evening, for a yellow taxi from the airport to Jocotepec.
  2. DeborahM

    Pancho's Grand soft Opening

  3. DeborahM

    Beg Barter and Buy Page

    Really Al? It's a VERY popular page...not large and unwieldly at all...and they are definitely still accepting new members...it's a GREAT resource for buying and selling Lakeside.
  4. DeborahM

    Beg Barter and Buy Page

    You definitely need to be on Facebook to join. I really LIKE the page, and have bought and sold MANY items there.You could pm the admins through Facebook...Michael and/or Lorraine Kulig. Good luck!
  5. DeborahM


    We LOVE visiting Mazamitla, and do so often. I will host some young folks from Canada next week, who are interested in zip lining and renting an ATV to explore. I have googled, but just wondering whether anyone has actually done these things, and can offer some advice re contacts. Thanks!
  6. DeborahM

    Coming home

  7. DeborahM

    Lamp repair?

    I need to have a special lamp repaired...would appreciate any recommendations for a tech. Thanks!
  8. DeborahM

    Need feedback abt good hotel

    Positive vote for Nueva Posada!! Stayed there when I first arrived...LOVED it!
  9. BIG shout-out to Robert's body work and painting shop in Riberas! After TWO ''hit-and-runs,'' I needed body work completed on both sides my 2016 Cross Fox. Driver's side had extensive damage to the quarter panel, with deep scratches all the way down the length of the car. Passenger's side rear door was badly damaged in a previous hit and run. My car was beginning to look like it had been through a war zone. Time for repairs! I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but I didn't. ( I visited four repair shops Lakeside for estimates.The estimates I received for the exact same repair work to both sides of my car ranged from 28,000 pesos to 34,000 pesos. I had all the work completed at Robert's for less than HALF the lowest estimate. I picked up my car on Saturday, and am absolutely thrilled with the expert repairs and painting. If you need body work done, tuck this business card away. Next time I back into a light pole (yeah, a regular thing in my spatially challenged life) they'll get my business.
  10. DeborahM

    Funeral home contract

    New contracts are 11,000 pesos. Recently purchased.
  11. No more secrets. I will save some of my Frida and Diego 500 peso notes. The newly released notes have replaced them
  12. DeborahM

    Start your engines, Ikea is coming.

    Almost as addictive as Pinterest for insomniacs! 😉
  13. DeborahM

    Start your engines, Ikea is coming.

    SERIOUSLY!? WHY would you say that!? They're ENTERING the Mexican market. If they want to do well here, I'm sure their first store will be a Mexican flagship. Having said that, I recognize that their move here is tremendously controversial. I will continue to support local artisans and furniture producers...BUT...I can also see the value of mass production of less expensive alternatives...a double edged sword, for sure. Ummm...and with regards to YOUR comment ''Tiny,'' I have shopped at Ikea in Canada MANY times over many years. Have been HAPPY with so MANY Ikea products...particularly linens etc. I believe that Ikea does NOT send their ''rejects'' to Canada. Your comment is SO not humorous...on SO MANY levels...but glad that you thought that it might be. You like controversy .eh?
  14. DeborahM

    School uniforms/sponsorship

    THANK YOU!!! Have contacted SAFE.
  15. DeborahM


    Yes of COURSE she plans to consult with professionals here in Mexico. I am simply asking for input from so many of the knowledgeable folks here.