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  1. EXCELLENT repair guy at Papeleria Kenya on Morelos 103 in Jocotepec, he fixed my HP paper feed problem.
  2. Long, sobering article, I hope that you think it's worth sharing, written by Tom Thompson of Barbara’s Bazaar. As a local businessman, father, grandfather and husband I am extremely concerned that 'we' in our little village are not doing enough to maintain the social distancing needed to head off a crisis the likes of which already hit Italy, Spain and now the USA. Why anyone would assume that little Chapala will be exempt from the travesty of Covid-19 I don't know but it seems there are a lot of business people who aren't too worried. All the countries with the most tragic results of Covid-19 have one thing in common, they waited too long to apply strict social distancing regulations. There are semi-success stories developing in some parts of the world (even the USA) where social distancing was applied earlier and curtailed social spread. Since we in Jalisco have not had any testing to speak of, we certainly do not know how many asymptomatic cases we have here. 4 days ago the Governor gave a positive report of how the first 5 day 'stay home' effort showed signs of being effective.. He stated that it was applied by approx. 40% of the states residents. He showed how, if it was 80% applied the 'peak' of social spreading could be slowed drastically. Two nights ago the Federal Sec'y of Health asked that the entire country apply an extreme social distancing policy for one month. He ordered that all "non essential" businesses be closed. All beauty shops, bars, gyms, etc. only essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. (and for some reason he thinks restaurants are able to accommodate people safely). Last night the Chapala mayor also asked everyone to stay home and for non essential businesses to stay closed. Three days ago on a morning dog walk I witnessed 6 foreigners all gathered around a table in the plaza at one of the outdoor cafes .. really I thought? Those waiters just got exposed to 6 strangers and the diners also to the families of each waiter .. they grab your coffee cup, serve you then you grab the same cup or plate .. doesn't it hit anyone how easy transmission will be if it is found locally? Yesterday, I ventured out for my weekly grocery shopping, I wanted fish, so I went to San Antonio. What I witnesses there scared the bejesus out of me...a waiter from the popular restaurant (yes they were open!) in that strip walked out of the restaurant with a $500 peso bill in his hand, he went next door to the meat market, used his bare hand to open the door.. (one through which had passed many many people that day) he came out a minute later, using his bare hands again, now with the change in it and promptly went back to the restaurant to give the clients their change. Not one thought was given by this young man to how much contamination he could be exposing himself to and thus the restaurant clients. At the supermarket the young girl fingered her phone between handling my fruit and veggies.. only the bag boy looked like he knew where he was and what he was doing, gloves and a mask! In that little complex of shops there is another little eatery alongside the fish market, they had a group of 5 bicyclists from GDL, all sweaty and eating taquitos (finger food by nature) .. imagine what they could have left behind for the next guest or for the employees .. no sanitizer in sight.. In discussing this with my daughter she exhorts that many of these small businesses cannot remain closed.. I tell her, they risk losing a month's income or years of economic ruin, if we in Mexico lose the same percentage of victims to the virus as is expected in the USA. A little pain now, or a big price to pay down the road. It is hard to convince her otherwise and I am sure she speaks for a lot of Mexicans. I am writing you to ask that each one of you do everything you can individually to respect the "stay home" policy and that you NOT support any business that is violating the public calls to observe this stay home plan for the month of April.. it is being done for our common good. Also, when the time comes to help some of these businessmen's families, I hope you will all pitch in with donations to food banks that are being formed as I write this. When I am aware of a functioning one in our area, or individual cases I will use this medium to inform you. First things first .. an 80% compliance could head off a disaster. It is obvious that restaurants who think they are being careful have no idea what that entails.. no reason for Real Estate, Sex Shops, gift shops, hardware stores nor beauty shops to remain open .. sorry but those are not essential. We, as the adults in the room, have got to show how to survive this pandemic..stay home. When you need to go out, act like you have the virus.. We all love this little town .. PLEASE do all you can to encourage your favorite restaurant and bar to just take a break .. stay home.. It should be apparent to everyone that there is no medical infrastructure here to overload .. we're all off to GDL if we need a respirator ,, good luck there, eh? An ounce of prevention.. as they told us when we were young .. Share this, delete it, whatever you feel appropriate, I would never forgive myself if I kept what I saw in the last 3 days to myself as cases start spreading and people we know die .. hopefully, I am wrong and this worldwide pandemic will just skip Ajijic, I hope so.. This translates in English to "Your Safe Distance", cute..but its not just a carton, it's a reality during the Covid-19 pandemia.. PLEASE WEAR A MASK IN ALL PUBLIC PLACES AND MAKE SURE IT COVERS YOUR FACE AND MOUTH!! Tom Thompson Please everyone be careful, I want to see all your smiling faces in the future! Facebook Copyright © 2020 GotStuff, All rights reserved.
  3. What a SPECTACULAR photograph!
  4. Operation Feed is no longer taking orders for masks. They are concentrating now on sewing masks for the villagers in San Juan Cosala.
  5. THANKS for this! Gov. Ramirez is providing excellent leadership through this crisis.
  6. That was four hours ago. This is changing hourly now. We need to watch the YouTube live feed at 7 pm!
  7. Subscribe here, update tonight at 7 pm. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvzHrtf9by1-UY67SfZse8w
  8. Subscribe to the youtube channel Gobierno de México. A lawyer friend just posted that there will be a live streamed national government broadcast there at 7 pm this evening. I am simply passing on what I'm getting.
  9. Several Mexican friends have told me they received messages this morning direct to their cell phones from the government of Jalisco telling them of the mandatory stay at home order. Things are developing hourly now. They've said there will be a you tube video posted at 7 pm tonight announcing the new restrictions. Hard to know WHAT to believe.
  10. Lopez Gatell, the Mexican govt epidemiologist, announced in a press conference yesterday that starting today the entire country will be in a 1 month long mandated quarantine. Only essential businesses will open such as grocery stores and drugstores, and only services essential to public safety will operate like CFE and water. Here's a rough translation of what was said in the press conference word by word. I am also posting the link to the press conference, in Spanish, of course. He closed the conference with this statement: "I want to be clear and immediate again, this message will be followed by an official government notice stating all the specifics." There will be a live feed YouTube presentation on the government website at 7 pm this evening. “The Task Force working on this amounts up to 350 years of experience in the public health sector, including two doctors with national science awards. Today, we speak to you, the citizens, and share the following technicalities: 1) The prevention and control measurements that the Mexican government has established have been designed by a group of specialists. These measurements have been correct, pertinent and opportunist. All of these measurements have been made based on scientific data and comply with the recommendations made by the World Health Organization. These measurements have been communicated repeatedly, and have now been established in the countries legal frame, to be formulated and written on paper at the highest level. The call that we make to the Mexican citizens today, is for you to reflect, and lets be very clear, we require for you to follow and reinforce these measurements, it is our responsibility, and it is our obligation to comply with this measurements and to be consistent. All of us need to take care of ourselves, and take care of each other. We all must cooperate in order to flatten the curve of this epidemic. Hereby, we require you to adapt to all the preventions measurements instructed, not just the ones that are directed towards personal safety, but to follow the prevention measurements directed towards community safety. As long as we are successful with massive immobilization of the country, with a high reduction of workforce activity, scholar activity, and the concentration of masses in public settings, we will all be benefited by minimizing the speed at which this virus is being transmitted. This is our last chance to flatten the curve, and this requires to have a country wide immobilization and to stay home. This is our last call, we must all stay home. We speak to you directly: STAY HOME, STAY HOME. Stay home, because staying home is the only way we can slow down the pandemic. Our curve is halfway to going from a slow transmission stage to a rapidly increasing transmission stage. We are in a period of accelerated rise in daily confirmed cases. It is impossible to avoid this epidemic. We are currently living through phase 2, and we are very close to entering phase 3. One of the highest risks that will come with entering phase 3 will be the lack of hospital beds. Hospitals will be unable to help citizens, and deaths that could have otherwise been prevented will occur, due to insufficient hospital beds. That's why, I repeat the most important message, the only way to flatten the curve TODAY is to stay home, country wide, everyone, during a stipulated period of 1 month. Let me reiterate that this does not mean that the accelerate rise in cases will be prevented. But we will be able to slow down phase 2, and once we get to phase 3 hospitals will have enough bed to take care of everyone in need of medical attention. It is our responsibility, at a government level, in the private sector, in the public sector, and in the social sector, to STAY HOME. In order to reach the potential these safety measurements have, we must reinforce that the public, private and social sectors MUST ADAPT to these measurements. The government is doing its part, by suspending ALL ACTIVITIES, in exception for those activities that are essential to human life. Such as grocery stores, energy services, water services. Essential services. No one is to overvalue their work, or feeling like their work isn’t valuable. Whats important is to stay home, to reduce the number of people infected. That is why, it is absolutely necessary, for the Private and the Social sectors to follow these measurements with a force, and with clear determination, to not undermine our efforts. I want to be clear and immediate again, this message will be followed by an official government notice stating all the specifics." https://www.facebook.com/638583082/videos/10158415693908083/?hc_location=ufi
  11. Yes! You can also email Carol Curtis at OperationFeedSJC@gmail.com OR Janine Kirkland at J9Design@mac.com Thanks!
  12. Moderator, I'm not sure exactly where to post this. If it is in the wrong place, would you please move it to wherever it belongs? Thank you for allowing the post. Things are very hard right now for the villagers in San Juan Cosala. Operation Feed is taking mask orders. Janine Kirkland and Carol Curtis are coordinating mask sales and delivery. The women ventured to Chapala to buy more material and elastic and are sewing like crazy. 50 pesos per mask or contribute a 100 pesos and they will give you one and give another mask to a villager. The value of masks: 1. People move away automatically when you are wearing one 2. The mask reminds you not to touch your face. But now the science is saying masks for everyone may be doing some good. If you want to order masks, let us know. Next delivery will be Monday. Please contact Carol Curtis or Janine Kirkland directly via FB messenger. Operation Feed is also preparing to help another 100-150 villagers who have lost a way to earn a minimum amount of money. Families that sold food outside their homes, who worked as waiters, who worked as handyman, etc. To purchases a month's food, we need to raise an additional 40,000 pesos. We are aware of the needs of everyone, including the animals, and know that many of you are supporting your gardeners and housekeepers and other charities. That makes it hard to ask for your generosity, but it would make a big difference if you could donate a small amount to help San Juan Cosalá. http://www.operationfeedsjc.org/donate.html
  13. THANK YOU! This has been swirling around all the local facebook pages all day. Even though it may become true eventually, people will be SO relieved to read this.
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