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  1. I'll take a seat in the wine cellar. Looks like a kind offer, hope all goes well.
  2. Sumofabit


    The link provided by the OP takes you to a look-alike TelMex email log-in page that asks for your username and password to enter. Of course it is an attempt to get that information. Funny is that no link on the page works including the free activation one. The weebly.com host of the link is a free service one, untraceable without a court order. I am going to report them and you can too.
  3. They say that one of the first signs of dementia is the inability to recognize satire and/or irony. I am doomed.
  4. Some people have lived and endured in parts of the country where there are few Americans. I think few care about spoon-fed experiences.
  5. It all depends on how many times you have been a victim of the, "Let's screw with the gringo" game and what the fees for assistance amount to. I would really like to know what the fees are to facilitate common visas and such. I think that information would produce a lot more business than assuming what the costs are.
  6. One man's rape is another man's capitalistic orgy.
  7. I wouldn't know. I get insurance that covers my liability operating a car in Mexico.
  8. As a cancer survivor, I think if I were re-diagnosed Lakeside, I would want a ticket to Houston and an appointment with an oncologist there.
  9. Can't prove a negative, sir. MexPro says: Drivers License, or Named Driver Liability-Only Coverage Drivers License Policies, or Named Driver Policies, provide the named drivers on the policy with Liability coverage which follows the driver to any vehicle. This policy is designed for the insured who drives multiple vehicles in Mexico, does not require any physical damage nor theft coverage, and wants to have only one policy that covers the driver for liability no matter which vehicle is driven. Limits can extend from $50,000 to $300,000. Get your info from them, I do. https://www.mexpro.com/mexico/drivers-license/
  10. Gosh, I carry a driver's license pollcy that covers me for liability in any non-Mexican vehicle, get a distress call to come get someone home by driving them and their car to the border, and now I must get proof that the owner's car is legal? Rubbish!
  11. Most buyers seem to be a bit more sophisticated on the difference between liability and insuring a car for damage.
  12. Anybody can get Mexican liability insurance that covers them in foreign plated vehicles regardless of its ownership. It is called a Driver's License policy and I get mine with 500,000 USD limit per accident for $131 USD a year from MexPro.
  13. This is only part of the story the OP knows nothing about: A USA vehicle is supposed to be exported from the USA before it is imported to México. This is a little known and often overlooked USA law. It requires the services of a customs broker on the USA side, and the vehicle must be present. This requirement has been widely ignored, but not anymore. Sept. 1, 2014, The Mexican government has issued new rules for permanently importing used cars from the United States. The biggest change is that the individual importing the used NAFTA car into Mexico must first prove that the car has been formally EXPORTED from the USA following US CBP laws. This means that the US title on every used car permanently imported into Mexico must be first stamped “EXPORTED” by US CBP. This stamp can only be applied after the car has been inspected by the US CBP. No more importing a car without going to the border. SOURCE: http://rollybrook.com/nationalizing.htm
  14. Should you be flying out after driving in, turn in your tourist card of course, but if asked where is the car, simply say to the mordida hound: I rode in with a friend. The TIP was is in my wife's name. What's a TIP? Again, the only tie to a TIP is the original tourist card's 180 days.
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