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  1. The app says 16.50, don't know when that was updated pemex near Hotel Pescador 16.52 pemex at Aldama 16.65 pemex Riberas 16.70 Chapala 16.65 Pemex @ 7-11 top of the hill 16.66 Ixtlahuacan 16.70
  2. For those that are NOT technology challenged, the app "waze" has this feature
  3. Libre office is FAR superior to any windfroze product
  4. Felipe, next to Telecable, Riberas
  5. Guy west of casa waffle has mesquite, burns very good. I bought from the guy on the libramiento, that he says is oak, it does burn
  6. Sonia I'll attempt to post a screen shot. I took a look at your site verbage, using firefox, from my perspective, there appear to be lots of extraneous code. The current thinking on website design, layout and such is to separate design from content, it makes it much easier to rework and adjust.
  7. another satisfied user of Radiosity. $15 US a month, and they offer trials. I would stay away from any of the locals offering streaming service, unreliable and, in some cases very expensive
  8. maybe a little reading is order https://www.eff.org/press/archives/2005/10/16
  9. A google search for cell phone spying, will open your eyes, as well as a search for web browser spying.
  10. Well, No, suegarn, I have issues with this. Would you be agreeable to have some one monitor your everyday activities? Would you, Suegarn, be willing to have someone monitor your movements? Your conversations, your life?
  11. Good idea, but only 12 followers, the last post was 55 minutes ago, the one previous, April 23
  12. So, from this statement, you advocate for continuing the propagation of fake money. And by implication, that the Transitos are ALL corrupt. Such a well thought out strategy on how to live here.
  13. Last weeks Reporter, He has died.
  14. How do see if you have a surplus, is it on the bill someplace?
  15. I have 13 panels, and last month paid for the previous two months, $46 p. We have a pool, the pump runs for about three hours per day, numerous electrical gadgets running. If your interested in tracking usage, check out http://123solar.org/ I have this running on a raspberry pi, connected to the inverter, and access it thru a web browser. Heres a screen shot:
  16. http://www.spanishdict.com hijo natural de natural son of
  17. Another satisfied customer. The workers show up on time, are dedicated and know what needs to be completed. We have had as many as thirteen working here at my house. jerry
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