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  1. FSCKing more pc correctness, do you really want this?
  2. https://www.vonage.com/personal/features/enhanced-call-forwarding
  3. https://wp.magicjack.com/account-management/how-can-i-transfer-my-magicjack-number-to-another-provider/ says otherwise
  4. from a FB post: ILOX update FB post/Tom Kessler 07/16/2019 (19 hours ago) All, if I were going to lead this project again, the only regret I have is that when it was said the prepaids would have priority, it should have been qualified with the statement: "conditioned upon Ilox being able to keep their crew and asset utilization up at reasonable levels." That means, where they've built out an area, they can install, at least 2 - 3 per day. But they weren't able to do that. so they've had to adjust to keep things financially viable. Right now they're in Raquet Club, then they'll go to Riberas, then probably back towards Joco. They're working hard. They've had some crew turnover. Because there have been issues, and the installs are a few months behind, they are reluctant to commit to specific dates. That may also be a Mexican cultural thing, but thats all it is. If you have prepaid and are unhappy, go to the Ilox office and fill out the refund form and they'll have you a check cut within one or two days. Otherwise, they are working hard to catch up on the installs and good progress is being made. Refunded accounts will go to the end of the queue. Believe it or not, they are prioritizing, just in ways that keep asset and crew utilization up. Your other options are to keep complaining. I don't know how that will work out. You might get a good answer. Or a refund check you didn't request. Or a lawsuit. My advice however is that you chill and enjoy this country for what it is. If you prepaid, you might reflect on the fact that payment supported a campaign that unleashed the great benefits of competition. Telmex is furiously upgrading the rest of lakeside with VDSL and fiber..Telcel Internet en Casa also said to work well now.
  5. http://dnsleak.com/ Check and make sure your address is in the USA, if any return a Mexico address, you have not configured the app correctly
  6. Where do you have the vpn running? Your computer? A router?
  7. https://www.lg.com/us/support Scroll to the bottom Says LG Chatbot
  8. scroll down the page, near the bottom, right side you will see the language selector
  9. https://www.solmexiconews.com/expats-millions-in-life-savings-disappear-from-mexican-bank-accounts/
  10. http://sanjuansufficiency.com/homemade-non-skid-paint/
  11. haha! when I bought the house, it had a lagunanet antenna, still have the sparklan interface, a spk-148, and antenna, does this still work? OHHH, connect: CIA, yea, no connection!
  12. CG Thanks for the info. I'm a bit skeptical about some of the manuals available from the internet, those generally are consumer oriented and not necessarily something a large company would roll out, specific to their needs and wants, their specific requirements. Only time will tell
  13. OK, CG, I'll bite. Is there access to the modem via webgui, like with telmex modem, and are you able to turn on/off services, ie dhcp, wifi ?
  14. Dear resident of the Jocotepec and Chapala area. Ilox Telecomunicaciones informs you that our office for customer service will be located at the following address. 54 Corner of Revoluci├│n and Victoria street- int. 3C,Col. Centro, Ajijic, Jalisco, 45920. The opening of the office will be in approximately 2 weeks to give you the best service. Atte: Team Ilox Guadalajara. ... [Message clipped] View entire message
  15. Well, for starters, how about a website from the Chapala government, that details specific goals, wants, needs, and some form of feed back from the population. There was, at one time a contact within the muni, a liason person, that you could email with your problems, haven't seen anything about that. Problems are abundant, but there is NO means to a resolution.
  16. What about those who DO NOT facebook, pretty sad to have a single contact point, that is questionable about information they share.
  17. Samual's Place same side of the street as 711 in Riberas,towards Chapala, Samual speaks english and is a hard worker.
  18. Most modern computers have an ethernet connection available, looks like a telephone jack connection, but maybe the distance from the modem prevents using that, and thats why you are looking for wireless.
  19. See if this helps: https://casapinasma.com/2017/´╗┐02/27/updated-how-to-dial-in-mexico-v-2-0/
  20. https://casapinasma.com/2017/02/27/updated-how-to-dial-in-mexico-v-2-0/
  21. Has anyone else been receiving numerous calls, stating they are from DIF? Over the past week, we have received several calls, the last one, was last night, they speak very rapid spanish, we have told them we don't understand, and ask who they would like to speak with, most of our end of the conversation is ignored, tried being polite, but that doesn't work.
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