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  1. the full text of the court ruling is here: https://www.scribd.com/document/511055321/Boone-Circuit-Court-Order I would call special attention to the expert witnes Stephen E. Petty, P.E., CIH, testified as an expert witness His quote"Masks are worthless, he explained, because they are not capable of filtering anything as small as Covid-19 aerosols." The key word, aerosols, you "think" your mask protects you? Go, put on your mask, ask to use some hairspray, spray paint, something in a pressurized can, spray it in a room, with your mask on, do you smell what you sprayed, your mask does not work.
  2. lcscats Members 2.6k Po Your statement (an assumption, buy your own admission)regarding"masks don't work https://www.scribd.com/document/511055321/Boone-Circuit-Court-Order
  3. here's another: https://zoom.earth/storms/dolores-2021/
  4. Chillin How does that having anything to with the dialog ongoing? About like asking if you have tested positive for HIV, have you had that test, asking for a friend
  5. I like that response "uncountable". His "decision" certainly has had an effect on the nation, as well as the world, however, I think you need to broaden your view as to his "decisions", with regard to how it "affects" the world, as whole. Just my two centavos
  6. Thanks Chillin I'm sure there is a complement in there, somewhere, but to bring in "mentally challenged", well, you might want to seek some help
  7. Drink much kool-aid lately? AlanMexicali Your certainly entitled to your opinion, and I respect that, go away? not likely
  8. So, lets call it like it is, a moron. I did not mean to disparage the color. Ask this question, " how many patients have you, Docter Fauci, treated is this pandemic?" I await the response, but I suspect it will be nil or some other insignificant number.
  9. BS, I like that, fits in with what you've spouted, notice that you, yourself called that into the conversation, not I. So beanroy, I am GUESSING, your response is regards to Chillin. Chillin, IQ has NOTHING to do with the amount, or lack thereof of intelligence, it has all to do with the science.
  10. So, lets call it like we see it, agreed? Just a MORON. Happy Now While he MAY have more creds, doesn't excuse the flip/flops. A scientist would weigh the benefit to outcome, while he MAY have done so, his fip/flopping is no excuse, ask a doctor that has some experience in treating REAL people. You are able to pick your poison, either you believe this, this, it escapes me. Or you believe what the SCIENCE says. A scientist, he is not, a shill for big pharma, got it. Follow the money, is the way to go. There are some alternative prophylactics, that address dealing with covid, but you will not read about it, following MSM, Why? because of the MONEY. So Chillin, your response.
  11. Just an FYI for those that may not be familiar with destructive insects. About two years ago, new kitchen cabinets installed, new doors and jams thru out the house. Upon door jam removal of one bathroom, there was very significant damage from termites, the only thing holding the jam to the frame, was paint, totally eaten thru, about 18 inches from the floor, looked good from standing next to it. We did have Rene, from Fumigation, come and inject, around the perimeter, shortly after the new cabinets where installed. Fast forward to today, new cabinets installed,about two years ago, rosewood exterior, plywood and pine used for substructure, a corner cabinet, back wall is infested with termites, this was constructed using a plywood as the back support structure, and I suspect, untreated for termites. And here comes the forewarning, the carpenter shops, in my estimation, are a MAGNET for termites, have the damn cabinet built with termite resistent material, if not possible, have the constructor treat it with some form of resistance. Fumigate the damn thing BEFORE you bring it into your home, no telling if there are insects present, within the material. From my understanding, rosewood is not favorable to termites, but the surrounding structure may present an invitation to dine, they like soft woods. Rene, with Fumigation, is set to arrive Tuesday, and give me an assessment.
  12. POLITICS, I call BS. He's a world renown talking head, that supported China's research.
  13. At 604 Santa Clara, A lady by the name of Charlene used to live there, she may have been a real estate agent, haven't seen her in awhile. The FSCKING## alarm has been going off for a second day, all day, all night. Does anyone know this person, and if so either provide the info to me, or get a hold off her and let her know about the alarm, we're all sick and tired of it.
  14. I disagree, rhetoric has everthing to do with the current situation. Definition of rhetoric 1 : the art of speaking or writing effectively: such as a : the study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times b : the study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion 2a : skill in the effective use of speech b : a type or mode of language or speech also : insincere or grandiloquent language Applying the above criteria to what has been stated, ie covid, via THE CDC, NIH et al, and I would call out item 2a and 2b. For your reference, have a look at numerous publications regarding rhetoric pertaining to the covid, might want to go several years back, say 1970 - 1990, dealing with AIDS/HIV, what you will find, numerous sources claim, HIV originated in Africa, all propagated by a single individual, fed to select sources, and published as gospel, , what occurred was destruction, of an individual, a way of life and the beginning of a new style of medicine, and this is the result of your "rhetoric"
  15. An appropriate application of a diaper. a diaper's function is to FILTER and separate the solids, liquids, from passing thru, in other words, I would not like to consume the left over, would you? nuff said
  16. Go to: https://telmex.com scroll down till you find Asistencia en lĂ­nea This is an online help, direct to telmex, mexico You will need your telephone number, 10 digits describe your issue profit
  17. Mine says: this bill was for $50.00 Su medidor no registo consumo en este bimestre I do have solar, an sma invertor, and so many panels, I can't remember. So, I think, I generated more than I consumed, but the last billing cycle, my bill was $719.00 04 Dec - 04 Feb 21. So confusing
  18. So barrbower, sound like to me, you didn`t read the article. The basic gist, masks cause more harm than good. Has nothing to do with abortion.
  19. Well an internet search of the mentioned website returns many hits indicating, at best, a sketchy source. But good for you to a least do a search, many don't, and simply believe whats before them. I'm not a scientist, either, rather gather my information from many sources, and make an informed decision, as far as fauci, how many times has he waffled on masking, first it was two weeks to flatten the curve, now, after you get the shot, wear two masks, because one is not enough. When will he waffle again, for needing a third shot?
  20. Media Bias/Fact Check as an amateur attempt at categorizing media bias and Van Zandt as an "armchair media analyst."[2] The Poynter Institute notes, "Media Bias/Fact Check is a widely cited source for news stories and even studies about misinformation, despite the fact that its method is in no way scientific."[4] Alexandra Kitty, in a 2018 book on journalism, described MBFC as an apparent "amateur/civic outfit" and wrote that its founder's only qualification was a degree in communications. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Bias/Fact_Check The key words "armchair media analyst"
  21. The link in the OP's first post, is a known hoax website, the clue is the .gov at the end. A little tip, any website that ends in .gov, generally is unsafe for solid information, hell even Fruadci says to use 2 masks. I'm from the government, and am here to help and protect you.
  22. Looks good, low airframe/engine time, overhauled in my old home town, reputable shop
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