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  1. mexjerry

    Auto Body Repair

    Samual's Place same side of the street as 711 in Riberas,towards Chapala, Samual speaks english and is a hard worker.
  2. Most modern computers have an ethernet connection available, looks like a telephone jack connection, but maybe the distance from the modem prevents using that, and thats why you are looking for wireless.
  3. mexjerry

    Help with long distance calls

    See if this helps: https://casapinasma.com/2017/02/27/updated-how-to-dial-in-mexico-v-2-0/
  4. https://casapinasma.com/2017/02/27/updated-how-to-dial-in-mexico-v-2-0/
  5. mexjerry

    DIF Phone calls

    Never applied!
  6. mexjerry

    DIF Phone calls

    Has anyone else been receiving numerous calls, stating they are from DIF? Over the past week, we have received several calls, the last one, was last night, they speak very rapid spanish, we have told them we don't understand, and ask who they would like to speak with, most of our end of the conversation is ignored, tried being polite, but that doesn't work.
  7. mexjerry

    Ilox Update

    Awesome job, well done. more cudos, I'm sure will follow, when complete.
  8. mexjerry

    Directions to Home Depot

  9. mexjerry

    Pet Peaves

    people that post stuff for sale, and don't respond
  10. Best Western Navojoa, accepts pets
  11. mexjerry

    Northbound refugees in Chapala

    So, some previous posts suggest. Your friends jump off a cliff, they die, I should do the same? And as far as classifying an individual who enters ANY country, as an illegal, what else would you suggest to call that undocumented, illegally entered person?
  12. The celebration of life for Susannah Kelly will be on Monday, July 16, at 1pm at the Funky Finn event center. It is located just past Adelita’s restaurant to the next corner and turn left. Anyone is welcome to share stories or memories after the brief service conducted by the Canadian Legion. Snacks and refreshments will be served. Her son, Raj Wakhale, will be there. Please come and celebrate a life well lived! Gracias,
  13. mexjerry

    Installing a computer extender

  14. mexjerry

    CFE solar credit system update

    Here's a translation: The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) desisted from relying on the General Distribution Provisions by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), so it will now be easier for homes in Mexico to generate their own electricity. On April 25, 2017, the CFE filed a request for protection in which it argued that its income could be affected by the new provisions established by the CRE. However, he announced that he gave up on this one. In an interview with El Financiero, Victor Ramirez, executive director of the National Solar Energy Association (Anes) said that although the struggle was long, the CFE, thanks to the impetus from legislators of all parties and the CRE, resigned the lawsuit, giving certainty to the market. "Now anyone can install panels on their roofs, sell the energy to CFE and CFE is obliged to buy the energy as long as the specifications indicated in the interconnection manual are met," he said. Ramirez said that today, Anes associates have three interconnection contracts through the total sale scheme: two in Chihuahua and one in the state of Oaxaca. "There are some projects that are beginning to be built, both in terms of total sales and turnover," he added. After CFE's protection, investments for distributed generation of 200 million dollars were halted. The executive dismissed the CFE's decision as a consequence of the political transition. "Legal proceedings are not automatic. Today we see it but surely the withdrawal came last week or last week," he said. With the publication of the General Provisions of Distributed Generation, which specify the new contract models that users can use for the production of solar energy in photovoltaic panel installations below 500 megawatts, the Anes expected annual growth to reach 19 thousand megawatts in 2030.
  15. mexjerry

    CFE solar credit system update

    Perhaps, a photo, with relevant info highlighted, maybe helpful. I have solar, and I see NO area that explains my generation, and what I have used. Thanks