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  1. I'm sure this has probably been covered before, but I must not have been using the right key words in my search. Next month I'm bringing my granddaughter and her best friend (pre-teens) back with to stay for awhile and then accompanying them back to the US. I had heard that I would need written permission from their parents to present at immigration. That makes sense, of course. But I'm seeing contradictory information about the form of that permission. One place says that the parents must fill out forms and then go to the nearest Mexican consulate for apostille. Another site says we onl
  2. Looking for a knowledgeable consultant who can help with the selection of an appropriate router and installation of software (VPN?) here in the Chapala area. Trying to put together a reliable way to stream US content (Netflix, Amazon, Acorn, PBS, etc.) Anybody know of anyone?
  3. But people calling or texting us FROM US to our Mexican cell number would have to pay international rates or have an international plan through their provider, yes?
  4. Yup, we're talking WIFI. I have a router and it is set up according to instructions, but.... You're quite right. I think I've reached the extent of my troubleshooting expertise and need some help.
  5. Having problems with streaming US content (Amazon video, PBS, Acorn TV) - no problem with USTVnow or Netflix. We're using a separate router, set up with US IP addresses(per unblock-us), but cannot reliably stream content; sometimes possible, but usually not. In previous visits to the area, we've used the same setup with no problems (other than the normal lags in available speed.) We are in the village and are using TelMex DSL this time, but don't think this is the problem - download speeds are regularly 8 to10Mbps. Resets of the modem, router, ROKU box don't solve the problem. Looking for
  6. Thank you both very much. I'll check them out.
  7. Looking for a place that will print photos--prints or digital--to stretched canvas. Used to be able to do this at Walmart's (or most any major pharmacy) photo center back in the US. Obviously, the Walmart here doesn't offer that service. Has anybody had large quality prints done anywhere in the area?
  8. Yeah, this has been pretty much our philosophy, but we would have been in trouble the other night. One of our very kind Mexican neighbors rang the doorbell to let us know that our garage door was open. We didn't understand what she was saying at first, so she went and got another neighbor to shout through the door that "la cochera was open." Not sure how that happened--lightning, some short, whatever, but it made us very aware that we need to both see and hear who's at the gate. Had our neighbors not been observant and persistent, our garage would have been open all night, along with access
  9. With high walls surrounding our house and garden (which we appreciate), we're unable to see who is at the door when someone rings the doorbell without our first opening the door. I've searched the forums for information about choosing a security camera and intercom, and I've found some information from some of you, but we would like to have some more up to date information. We are not looking for an alarm system (our big dog barking helps with that), but merely a means to tell who is at the gate. We've seen some simple combinations on Amazon and can arrange to have something brought to us, b
  10. I saw Dr. Arturo Santos in Guadalajara last summer. He's a retina specialist, highly qualified, with advanced fellowship at Johns Hopkins eye center. I have macular degeneration and receive avastin injections to my left eye here in the US on a regular basis to slow the degeneration process. I only saw Dr. Santos on one visit but was very impressed with the advanced equipment, highly-trained staff, and his own evaluation. While my retina speciallist here in the US is considered to be on the "cutting edge" of working with AMD, Dr. Santos' equipment and techniques appear to be light-years ahea
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