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  1. I was just told today that a different eye doctor put a covering on the eye like a contact to wear overnight and didn't start putting in eye drops until after removed.  I go in to see her next day.  Maybe every doctor different.  Also said he thought it was going to be like lasik eye surgery and it is not.  That you have to remove clothes and put on a gown and you are semi unconscious when do surgery.  That you go to a recovery room afterwards.  Is that the way she does also. It is good to be prepared.

  2. On ‎1‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 5:45 PM, Willie said:

    Dr Rigaberto Rios......Alta Retina.....766 1521....Ajijic

    Just had both of my eyes "done".....trifocal lens implants....incredible..I can see without glasses for the first time in over 60 years - even after having had lasik...this is the BEST!!!!!

    Great caring service!

    I am going to Claudia but getting trifocal lens impants also. I had lasik about 12 years ago.  What was your vision after lasik and did this surgery make your vision even better yet. My poor eye is 20/90

  3. I bought a car in the states and they sent me the paperwork by email. I then notice it has to be notarized hopefully only one stamp at top. I am not so sure has to be a US notary it just has to be a stamp showing they are a notary. What was the place that was pictured. What is that located by. Hopefully their's is not $50. usd for signature and stamp.

  4. what is the cost to have you do most of the leg work.  If you are from United states do you even need fingerprints.  I just need birth certicate and bank statements.  Is some places only 6 months of savings to show $22,000.  I have had Social Security plus rent payments of over the needed amount for over a year.  How does the Mexican consulate view income going out for rent etc.  Sure many have side expenses they pay here or back in the states.

  5. The thrift store is open now thru the holidays maybe closed on Jan. 1.  I asked them where Have Hammer will travel was and said next store.  They thought closed until 2nd.  I am hoping they have pictures of some of their work.  Ones I have seen in thrift shops are quite tiny.  Fine for my kittens but want it so they will have it when they get bigger.

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