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  1. I am an ILOX prepay since March 2018. Live just West of San Juan Cosala. Made my fourth visit to the ILOX office yesterday with a translator. The girl working the desk actually spoke English. I expressed my concern that we still do not have service and she phoned the "manager" who is currently in Michoacán for a month working on services there. She was told he does not have any dates for us yet and to go ahead and ask for a refund that would take 3 weeks to get. We do not have service because they do not have the installers here to install the final part of the infrastructure. They are all in Michoacán. I then told her that I am planning to report ILOX to the licensing commission (Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Commission) for entering a contract of prepayment, then not following through. She immediately called the manager back. He instructed her to make copies of my contract and proof of payment so that he could follow up. At this I came a little undone. I refused this action citing the obvious.......all of this information is already in their system. In the meantime a customer came in and said the ILOX VO telephone just does not work. Contemplating my options............
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