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  1. At the bottom of the Aduana page beside the date is also says: "información vigente" which means current information. This was stressed to us by the person we called. Others can call and ask at the number provided vs arguing what we perceive. Then please share as anything can be possible. By discovering what other areas are doing we all learn. For example in Chapala people discovered past years may count towards a PR visa as was being done elsewhere. Then with asking it was discovered it was true and Chapala INM got on board. We can all learn by sharing what is happening throughout the countr
  2. Thanks... I will try again and will post words. We carry these words in our car and her number. http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/aduana_mexico/2008/vehiculos/141_11213.html InicioVehículosAutomóviles Imprimir Plazos del permiso Los plazos del permiso son los siguientes: Para mexicanos en el extranjero El plazo que se otorga es hasta por 180 días en un periodo de doce meses; este caso, los seis meses son improrrogables y se computan en entradas y salidas múltiples efectuadas dentro del periodo de 12 meses contados a partir de la primera entrada a territorio nacio
  3. Being a Permanent Resident with a foreign plated car I personally, while somewhat stressed over the issue, will not panic. Very recently when my wife called Aduana 01 55 58 02 0000 ext 61361 she spoke in Spanish with Mariana Gonzalez, Operaciones Aduanera. My wife used my example, a foreign plated car and Permanent Resident. The call was about 5 minutes. Mariana stated if Permanent Resident and legally in Mexico, car is legal and it can not be confiscated based on what I have posted. She stated in my situation our car is legal. She directed my wife to the following web site which states in bot
  4. A car that is worth less than approx $2000 wholesale (black book) hardly worth driving back as far as Canada and then flying back here based solely on the financial aspect. Of course other factors may come into play other than financial.
  5. A Canadian friend two weeks ago phoned dealers in Texas (2010 Ford Fusion hybrid) and they won't do it unless previously registered in the US as was mine. They just drove to Vancouver to sell it and fly back Monday. Those with older cars should note, car is tied to passport and when passport renewed, history goes away. I know people who became Inmigrado and citizens and they just kept old car here.
  6. Kevin cars sold in Mexico are almost never allowed to be imported into Canada. Safety and emissions are usually different. I am 99% sure you could never do this. If you want a Canadian registered car to drive to and keep in Canada there are some available here in Mexico.
  7. We have leather and considering the dust very practical. Liverpool in May will have a huge semi-annual sale. In addition to the special sale they will have further specials on floor models. Our discount totalled 40% when we agreed to take sofa, chair and love seat. Made in Guadalajara and after a year can say very good quality for $2500 for all 3 pieces. They likely still deliver to lakeside for free.
  8. For those not aware, one carries their Canadian vehicle registration in the car and it is the size of about two credit cards, folded in half. The plates "expire" and not the registration. Each year upon renewal you get a small sticker to place on the rear plate indicating the month and year it expires and also a small sticker that has adhevsive and one attachs inside the registration. There are not two separate documents. The registration does not expire. That would be like saying your house which you own is immediately no longer yours if you did not pay your property taxes. Their is no separa
  9. Prove it. I have confirmed with San Zavier to them it is not an issue. So, prove it is an issue wth L and L. Stop the myths!
  10. Not true at all. Many stay way beyond their visa. If you had experience is this area as I have had you would know you drive out of the US without checking. NOTE: there is no equivalent in the US to a FMM for Canadians or Mexicans. And, if anyone makes it difficult it is the US and now Canada who require Mexican's to have a visa even to change a plane in say the US. When leaving the country though no checks you out. I know as my wife is Mexican and we just returned from the US. Similarly, a Canadian leaving the US, no one checks you out. Obviously, many Americans have no trouble with them Me
  11. Do you really think they log in tens of millions of FMM's every year? Many come her by car and drive out and never hand them in. Others as I noted loose them and I bet they are still not in Mexico.
  12. When time to leave just go to the airport and if they say a fine, say you have no money. The fear-mongers and skeptics will have you running to see Immigration at the airport now and talk about all kinds of negative scenarios but little can happen. Ask for real examples of what happened to one who overstayed their FMM. Or simply say when leaving, you lost it. Many loose them and and I am sure they left the country as planned. You will not have to pass GO and go directly to jail but I am sure some live music at LCS would be cool too. John
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