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  1. kam

    Great Burgers

    Thank you. I am sending them good wishes and really hope we can all stop rumor mongering.
  2. Such kind women and true professionals.
  3. kam

    Great Burgers

    Are you sure? No mention of that on their FB page.
  4. We are slothful beings, fond of lounging in our at home attire. Thus, Elegante's "Taste of Thanksgiving" take out was perfect for us. An ample well-prepared meal - turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, roll, green beans. $150.
  5. Willie Nelson "Old Fords and a Natural Stone." Great song, I agree. Roll on.
  6. Eric - in all respect, why are you often incined to raise a fuss? No hobbies?
  7. This year has been quieter in centro Ajijic.
  8. Williamsburg Pies, do a search on thi board for number.
  9. Ernesto Barron - very responsible, hard working, knowledgeable, perfect English (grew up in the US) - a really fine young man and an excellent gardener. 331-267-9364
  10. Maybe you would be wise to invest in some compassion - perhaps sell off a few of your entitlement chits
  11. yep, a lesser goldfinch song https://birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/lesgol/sounds
  12. Brad Grieve did our inspection - we were very pleased
  13. I can't help with an apartment but I do want to highly recommend Ernesto - a good landscaper and a good guy!
  14. Scallions is just fine - not fancy, but friendly and with ample portions of well prepared food. As for El Sombrero, I am sure that the owners ("Gosha's owners) can figure it out, this is not their first trip to the rodeo.
  15. When I've been unable to buy fresh or frozen, I "reconstitute" dried cranberries with orange juice and zest, boiled down with a little sugar and chiiled. Good..
  16. kam


    No! Costco works with Trident Seafoods. I grew up in the Pacific NW, even fished in Alaska one summer. That sockeye is NOT farmed.
  17. Harry, You need a tiny bit of computer help (Cmputer Guy, maybe)
  18. And there are any number of adorable dogs available at The Ranch and Lucky Dog ready to provide someone with a best buddy.
  19. And he doesn't even charge for all of the advice he gives us. Gracias, Mike😎
  20. Wookie - thank you for being such a compassionate person.
  21. kam

    St remy du lac

    St Remy is pretentious and only okay.
  22. I think that is most likely Christinia Park (Sp?) in Chapala and Lisa is a 4-alarm Snake, not a reporter. IMHO of course
  23. Listed on Trip Adviser as vegetarian/vegan - check there for phone number and more information.
  24. kam

    Pale Restaurant

    Back in your corners, kids. We are talking about food now and food rules. :😏
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