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  1. address given in the original post. Google it.
  2. Eric, it is clear you are very worried about this and want others to either share in your worry or offer you reassurance. It is not working, you need to relax about this and take normal precautions to avoid contagious illness.
  3. The posts are nearly 2 years old. Probably too late for advice.
  4. Susanna Rodriguez Anguiano- Constitution 13-B (Ajijic) 376 766-4240 eli4162@yahoo.com.mx
  5. kam/spam?? Oh, I get it. That Pedro, always ready with scrap of fake news or a ready riposte.
  6. Who is this "we" you reference? Also, it is very unlikely the CG needs to boost his business by posting here. I suspect some people just irritate him into response. Kind of like how he obviously irritates you (who does the math on someone's posts?) and how you obviously irritate me.
  7. My order, sent to Sol y Luna/Laredo took 8 weeks. My next order, sent directy to our Mexican address, took 8 days,
  8. Gracias for all you do for the community🤠
  9. kam

    New Restaurant

    Darn steep at the top and we are not discussing effort but ability.
  10. kam

    New Restaurant

    GG - Food was very good, service excellent but a couple of things - there might be an elevator somewhere (?) - otherwise, it is a steep hike to the top.. I had a cane, a helpful spouse and a stubborn interest in getting there but it was a challenge. Also, it was cold - wear a sweater. Chairs are fine for me and the kids/owners are so damn sweet and the food is good.
  11. kam

    New Restaurant

    We had lunch there today - excellent food and service.
  12. Yes, the Barrons are excellent. Highly recommended.
  13. I don't understand why GH has chosen this particular hill to die on, except maybe because it is there. Maybe he just needs a snack and a nap.
  14. kam


    Oh heavens, we cannot afford it on anythng other than a special occasion, I have neither the discretionary income nor the ego you assume I have. We have had a few occasions that we enjoyed at Elegante.
  15. kam


    It is usually nearly full when we have gone. Could it be those folks don't follow this board???😱
  16. kam


    We like Elegante. Food, service, all good. Yes, a bit pricey but worth it. They do have specials,
  17. The granero next to Gossips in Ajjic. They mush up perfectly.
  18. Thank you - it is not that they are out to screw you, necessarily - it may just be poor math skills.
  19. Second for Barons. Reliable, professional, very good people.
  20. Okay, let's be clear. I am not producing a proof of age ID to buy a straw. A straw! What is wrong with just drinking from the glass? Life gets more complicated the longer I am in it.
  21. Yes, we have colorful costumes and dance.
  22. As horrible as having no empathy or no willingness to ever concede a point?
  23. Buses can be difficult for some even before they make their purchases (the high step up and abrupt accel/decelleration). Maybe time to look at an issue with eyes other than your own.
  24. This is the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe - not just in SA or Ajijic but throughut Mexico. As with other fiestas, the Virgin is honored for 9 days but this is the feast day.
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