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  1. I can't speak for Ida but I am being responsible by my own lights - to say more would be political.
  2. I'm with Ida. By the way, isn't this ...sort of...you know, political?
  3. kam

    Split peas

    Granero - they were fine, cooked well.
  4. Again Farmacia Christina.
  5. You doubt it....is that like knowing it? Best not to judge unless you actually know it.
  6. Last time I was at the hospital (to have surgical stitches out), I was told it was going to be "emergencies only" so I would check in at your closest clinic before trekking out to Joco.
  7. We do this as do most people I know - it is is not particularly unique. However, it does not cover the many people who do not have regular employment or employers willing to help out. Rony, I like your idea.
  8. yeah, I think many of us were under that impression, Sturdley.
  9. kam

    Sound Lost

    likey thing for above
  10. kam

    Sound Lost

    He doesn't like the President of the US and has been outspoken about it.
  11. Yes! It smells so good.
  12. Ordered a pizza from Purple Garlic last night as we have many times before. The pizza arrived promptly, still warm, but the delivery person had no mask or gloves. Okay, we were super hungry and ate it anyway but I just wanted to say (in case I..you know..don't make it), the pizza was not that good..not worth..you know.
  13. Eric, it would be helpful if you were asking for advice, to just state the question and flag it in your subject line. These "teaser" subject lines you use are irritating to some readers and will probably cause you problems, as they have in the past.
  14. of course you should get the flu shot, the "regular" flu is no picnic and, in your age group, why risk pneumonia?
  15. Why would you think those who aren't interested in having a Facebook account are "afraid" of it? yeah, not afraid, just think Zuckerberg is a THIS IS MOD 5. NO BAD WORDS
  16. Do you know one thing thing about this poster's situation or health? If not, stop being so judgey.
  17. I am hoping to go to the plaza and get an ice cream cone. Anything after that is a bonus.
  18. Seguro stll sees patients enrolled under Seguro. I had surgery through Seguro 6 weeks ago in Joco. This was before the alarm bells all sounded. However, I will not go back for follow up visits as it is an emergency only facility now. Unless I had a genuine emergency, I would not visit any doctor at this time (and I do have a private pay doc who I like a lot). I am (ahem) staying home as instructed.
  19. Oh for heaven's sake, you just wanted a damn haircut - you are not Mother Teresa or Rony. You are just a vain old fool who wanted a haircut. Own it.
  20. Thanks, Chillin (I have no more thingeys left today) but I appreciate your straight talk.
  21. There are not enough thanks in the symbols to express my gratitude for this post.
  22. Or, contribute to the local food banks or give directly to folks in need. As with so much else (what you eat, where you eat, what you do or don't drink, what type of mask you wear), it is a personal choice.
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