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  1. Our "new" house was in dire need of serious cleaning before we could move in. It had been vacant for 6 months before we bought it and, after we bought it, a platoon of handymen trooped through making minor repairs, painting, etc. It was scary dirty. We hired Lakeside Home Services (766-5360 or cell 045-3312825020) and they did a fantastic job. Every inch of the house sparkled. Furthermore, Enrique (who speaks good English) remedied a couple of problems left behind by previous workmen. We cannot praise them enough!
  2. I have also read Serenity's previous posts. What concerns me is the unnecessary and unhelpful personal attack cbviajero posted.
  3. Yes, I went to his office and met with him.
  4. There is one in Chapala - Antonio Ruiz. He just completed my will. Hmmm...
  5. kam

    Reuben Sandwich

    Reubens are one of my favorite foods in the world. C2s are only okay. Cocinart's win hands down/
  6. Tell me more about Barbara Rotthaler's magic scorpion and insect remedy - it sounds like something we should have on hand. Thank you.
  7. I want to highly recommend Cristobal Angulo Marquez, a carpenter who just completed work in our kitchen. He exactly duplicated existing cabinets - which were unusually constructed and with an unusual paint job. He also did a few smaller jobs with speed and accuracy. He is reliable, reasonably priced and gifted. Spanish only. 766-1161 or cell 333-441-2147.
  8. We are interested but in the chairs only. Are you willing to sell them separately? At what price? Thank you, Kathleen

  9. Red slipcovers - size? price? We are interested - Kathleen (kam)

  10. We bought a house! Now, we are looking for a carpenter to build some kitchen cabinets - nothing really fancy, just solid and well made. Can anyone help us with recommendations? Thank you.
  11. kam

    OPA Again

    For the 3rd time, we have tried to buy from OPA during their posted business hours and been told "we don't have anything left." No mas. We liked their food but, really folks, figure it out.
  12. Thanks, El Saltos, my spouse and I often post on, and use, Trip Adviser and, yes, we live here. We also use it when we travel here in Mexico and in the U.S. Why not? It's all opinion.
  13. Richie's is a gem. The best burgers, fries, salads, etc. I've never understood why, despite the #1 Trip Advisor ratings, locals aren't lining up.
  14. I really enjoyed AbueLinda's (Linda Harvey) Tianguis to Table Cooking Class. She is a great chef with a keen knowledge of the foods and the history of Mexico. Find excellent ratings on Trip Adviser http://www.tripadvisor.com.mx/Attraction_Review-g499405-d7622803-Reviews-Abuelinda_s_Cusine-Ajijic.html
  15. Can anyone help me with the correct phone number for Terry's Tianguis? The number given in an earlier post is incorrect (perhaps outdated) and Google and the phone book were no help. Thank you.
  16. If you have an iPod and and a docking station, you can download a white noise of your for under a dollar.We've used a waterfall noise for years.
  17. kam

    Raisin bread?

    I bought a loaf of raisin/walnut/cinnamon bread today at the Deli on Colon - they have terrific bread there.
  18. kam


    We really enjoy the food from Opa - when it is open. Twice now, we have gone there for a meal and found it closed (both times during their stated business hours). Sorry, Opa, that's just not a good way to run a business.
  19. kam


    I am beginning the quest for a Christmas ham and would very much appreciate recommendations for a good source. Thank you,
  20. Is this still happening? Is the cafe still open? I went by yesterday, hoping to pick up a couple of tickets, and the place was locked up and dark, no posters or anything.
  21. After six wonderful months on temporal visas, we have decided to apply for permanente visas. I have questions and apologize if this has been covered previously. 1. Do we need to apply from the US or can we apply from here? 2. Can we obtain the necessary application papers here, even if we choose to/have to apply in the US? Thank any and all for you advice and help.
  22. Yes! Our favorite - always good quality, great atmosphere and reasonably priced. We will be joining them with 3 of our expat friends for Thanksgiving - yeah, we're thankful, none of us cooks!
  23. ...what all of the poiicia activity on lower Javier Mena was about this afternoon?
  24. We went there after the first recommendation. Wonderful lunch, 2 platters chiles rellenos with rice, beans, warm tortillas, one beer and one huge lemonata - 140 pesos. It really is a main meal and delicious.
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