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  1. 9 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    And after 2 weeks CV will still be here.  And will it only be two weeks?

    You want to see some serious unrest in the Mexican community, just try this.  Working people and small businesses have reached the point of desperation and desperate people can get very angry.  Hard for all you expats with your pension and SS checks to understand the damage this has already done to our Mexican neighbors and small businesses.  Try harder.

    Their own numbers show CV is at a very low level and changing slowly in most rural and small towns of Jalisco.  This is primarily a disease of city people and care homes everywhere.

    (edited to remove factual error, thanks Mostlylost.)

    Huh? I am one of the expats mentioned and am acutely aware of the economic hardship this virus has created, as are many of my fellow expats- you know, those unfeeling folks who have ponied up a portion of their SS checks to support one, or two, or three of the feeding programs in the area. Don't patronize me to promote your own agenda, it won't work. Try harder.

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  2. Why is it assumed that those of us who don't use Facebook are scared (or scared sh*tless as OtoC so tactfully put it)? I am  well aware of data mining in all sectors of my electronic wanders and, yet, I still don't use Facebook. Why not? Well, as I once got in a whole bunch of trouble on this very board for expressing, I think Mr. Zuckerberg is a d***

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  3. 15 minutes ago, gringohombre said:

    It's still the most STUPIDOUS (inventing a word here?) thing that anyone in position of authority could do. So if you are an alcoholic and  want to beat your wife, you will be detoured by drinking a 12 pack of beer instead of a half liter of tequila?  PLEEEEZE!!! 

    Attaboy, you tell Mexicans how to run their government! I sure they are waiting to hear what Mr. Mio Tinto Mucho has to say.

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  4. 2 hours ago, tsktsktsk said:

    I thought you had mellowed a bit. I was incorrect in that assumption.

    It ain't over until you admit you were wrong and beg forgiveness - even then, it might not be over.

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