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  1. You know what really sucks? Getting or spreading Covid.
  2. Who do you hire to install a ground floor gauge? We have decided to become a little (or a lot) less trusting after realizing our gas guy was gouging us.
  3. If Mr Jillin hasn't recommended it, it is really of no significance. When will the rest of us learn?
  4. kam


    My husband was there this morning picking up breakfast treats - and they are true treats.
  5. kam


    We got 2 great sandwiches - one was short ribs, the other salmon. Excellent bread and generous fillings. Can't wait to try the cinnamon rolls.
  6. The shot that is difficult to get is not the shot you received. That was a Trivalent flu shot, the flu shot under discussion here is a Quadrivalent flu shot. The Trivalent covers 3 types of flu, the Quadrivalent covers 4 types.
  7. I will give up my "place in line" to any health care worker, first responder or other essential worker - I am pretty damn swell but not necessary.
  8. Two wonderful things - martinis and fries - go Kyle!
  9. We are keeping a close watch on the small community of leaf cutter ants who have built a mound in my milkweed garden. They are good, cheap entertainment.
  10. Wow! Is anyone ever going to pull the plug on this windbag - he gets worse all of the time
  11. kam

    New Restaurant

    too much time....too little humor...poor impulse control.
  12. kam

    New Restaurant

    yes, and it sure is a keeper - good food, good service!
  13. Taking to yourself again?
  14. Boy, your sweet sunny disposition has really taken a hit of late - we know you hate sharing the board with the rest of us but try to be nicer. SNORK
  15. Not just narcissistic but grouchy and confrontational. Not an attractive combo.
  16. ..and mine as well. Shaming is a bully stunt.
  17. Yeah, but he got to bloviate a whole lot - he lives to bloviate.
  18. Thank you, I had guessed a broom of some sort - we had Scotch Broom in the Northwest U.S. and I am allergic to it. Although this is a new record for me for allergic reactions.
  19. Yes, worst allergies ever. Cetirizina during the day, Benadryl at night, still coughing and sneezing. What are those yellow plants?
  20. We order from Cocinart and love every bite but, in my mind, there is no such thing as too much butter 😁
  21. Thank you Bisbee Gal for your informative posts and jillin, naptime for crabby boys.
  22. I would have thought you would keep your judgie self in check. snorkity snork snork
  23. I use a service as well, for 3 hours once a week. Yes, it is more money than I paid when I handled the hiring, etc. myself but I don't l want to do that again. The service pays insurance costs, as well as annual bonuses, etc. They also supply all equipment and cleaning products. If the cleaner is not satisfactory, they find a capable replacement. It works for me.
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