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  1. Sorry to hear that HJ.
  2. yeah, you did. How about a little less vino tinto and a little more good sense?
  3. within 24 hours of the day we have all given up hope
  4. nope, it is just an overlong rambling sentence
  5. DUH, not true. My husband and I got our first and second vaccines with our old CURP cards. New form was required for the booster.
  6. Optometrist - Thursday, 9 - 2 in the Eye Clinic; Sign-up is required.
  7. yes, Ken, same here (also in centro)
  8. I've wondered about this, too. Don't mind Crabbypants, if it isn't in his ballpark, it isn't important.
  9. Membrillo, cocina & café. Desayunos todo el día. Lun a Dom 7:30 a 23:00. Tel. 333 25911 88.
  10. I feel much more sympathy for a dog wearing an unattractive sweater and being called a "fur baby" than for dog going for a run with a beloved friend.
  11. Have you even tried to contact the sellers yourself? Or is that in "other duties as required" in the job description for all readers of this board?
  12. I would prefer to let the charities take whatever profit is gained, rather than further line my pockets.
  13. kam

    Frozen Pie Shells

    Williamsburg Pies has closed their business. Darn.
  14. I agree. They are quite inexpensive new and a used one is more likely to have problems.
  15. RIP, a compassionate and helpful human.
  16. Maybe split shifts? Not all people work a strict 8-5. Seems silly to argue about.
  17. I am going to have knee replacement surgery soon and would like to rent a medical ice machine. Has anyone rented one here? Name and number please. Thank you.
  18. We paid $800 at Ajijic Hospital/Clinic - amount also quoted us by private doctor. You may need to do a wider survey or check your facts before posting.
  19. Thanks for the tips - I love yams and have had a difficult time finding good ones here.
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